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Analytical Instrumentation

AA Spectrometer
Gas Chromatography
Liquid Chromatography
Mass Spectrometry
Miscellaneous, Analytical
NOX Analyzer
Particle Counter
Particle Sizing
Scintillation Counter


Automated Liquid Handler
Cell Counter
Cell Press
Concentrator / SpeedVac
DNA Sequencer
DNA Synthesizer
Heat Blocks
Miscellaneous, Biotech
PCR Thermal Cycler
PCR Workstation
Peptide Synthesizer
Processing Equipment
Roller Rack
Tissue Culture

General Lab Equipment

Air Purification
Animal Care
Autoclave / Sterilizer
Baths / Circulators
Dissolution System
Environmental Test Chamber
Freeze Dryer
Gas Regulator
Glassware washer/dryer
Hot Plate
Ice Machine
Image Analysis
Miscellaneous, General
pH Meter
Refrigerator/Freezer Combo
Rotary Evaporator
Shaker / Rotator
Stability Chamber
Temperature Monitoring
Test Equipment
Ultrasonic Cleaner
Vacuum Oven
Water Purification

Lab Furniture

Air Velocity Monitor
Biological Safety Cabinet
Casework and Cabinetry
Chemical Fume Hood (New)
Chemical Fume Hood (Reconditioned)
Clean Air Station
Clean Bench
Ductless Fume Hoods
Exhaust Fans
Faucets and Sinks
Glove Box
Lab Countertop
Lab Stool/Chairs
Laminar Flow Hoods
Mobile Carts / Mobile Benches
PCR Workstation
Phenolic Resin Lab Countertop
Safety Equipment
Wire Shelving



General Lab Equipment: Centrifuge
Accessories (Centrifuges)
Fixed Angle Rotor
Floor Model Centrifuge
Microplate Adapter
Refrigerated Table Top
Swinging Bucket Rotor
Table Top Centrifuge

Beckman Coulter Allegra X-22R refrigerated centrifuge with rotor and buckets
Manufacturer: Beckman Coulter     Model: Allegra X-22R     

Beckman JA-20 fixed angle rotor 8 x 50 ml
Manufacturer: Beckman     Model: JA-20     

Daigger Model SD Microcentrifuge
Manufacturer:      Model: SD     

Eppendorf 5417C Table Top Centrifuge w/ rotor
Manufacturer: Eppendorf     Model: 5417C     

Sigma-Aldrich Model SD Microcentrifuge
Manufacturer:      Model: SD     

Sorvall RC-5C Plus Superspeed Centrifuge
Manufacturer: Sorvall     Model: RC5C Plus     

Accessories (Centrifuges)

Adapter Sleeve, Polypropylene, Bottle, 96 mm dia
Manufacturer: Beckman Coulter     Model:      

Beckman blood bag rotor adapter
Manufacturer: Beckman     Model: 349847     

Beckman Coulter 250mL Yellow Rubber Bottle Sleeve P/N 349946
Manufacturer: Beckman Coulter     Model:      


Beckman Coulter Swinging Bucket for Rotor
Manufacturer: Beckman Coulter     Model:      

Beckman Set of [2] 37 pl Blue Inserts, No. 339175
Manufacturer: Beckman     Model:      

Beckman Set of [2] 4 pl Blue inserts, 341761
Manufacturer: Beckman     Model: 341761     

Dupont Centrifuge Insert PN 00385
Manufacturer:      Model: 00385     

Heraeus White bucket inserts (54270)
Manufacturer: Heraeus     Model:      

IEC Set of [2] Brown inserts (5780)
Manufacturer: IEC     Model: 5780     

IEC Set of [2] Clear Bucket Lids P/N: 6377
Manufacturer: IEC     Model: 6377     

Savant RH60-1240 rotor
Manufacturer: Savant     Model: RH 60-1240     

Sorvall Bucket Inserts P/N 443
Manufacturer: Sorvall     Model:      

Sorvall Centrifuge Bucket Adapters (00511)
Manufacturer: Sorvall     Model:      

Sorvall Heraeus 5x50ml Centrifuge Insert (green)
Manufacturer: Sorvall     Model:      

Sorvall TH-660 Rotor Buckets [6]
Manufacturer: Sorvall     Model:      

Fixed Angle Rotor

Beckman F1802B fixed angle microfuge rotor (18-place x 1.5/2ml)
Manufacturer: Beckman     Model: F1802B     

Beckman JA-20 fixed angle rotor 8 x 50 ml
Manufacturer: Beckman     Model: JA-20     

Beckman Type 19 fixed angle rotor (6 x 250 ml)
Manufacturer: Beckman     Model: Type 19     

Beckman Type 65 Fixed Angle Ultracentrifuge Rotor
Manufacturer: Beckman     Model: Type 65     

IEC Model 851 Fixed-Angle Rotor
Manufacturer: IEC     Model: 851     

Sorvall GS-3 fixed angle rotor
Manufacturer: Sorvall     Model: GS-3     

Sorvall Model SLA-1500 Superspeed Rotor
Manufacturer: Sorvall     Model: SLA-1500     

Sorvall SL-50T fixed angle rotor (8 x 50ml)
Manufacturer: Sorvall     Model: SL-50T     

Sorvall SM-24 Fixed Angle Rotor
Manufacturer: Sorvall     Model: SM-24     

Sorvall SS-1 fixed angle rotor (8 x 50ml)
Manufacturer: Sorvall     Model: SS-1     

Sorvall SS-34 High Speed Centrifuge Rotor
Manufacturer: Sorvall     Model: SS-34     

Sorvall TV-850 fixed angle rotor
Manufacturer: Sorvall     Model: TV-850     

Tomy TMH-3 rotor (36 x 2.2 ml)
Manufacturer: Tomy     Model: TMH-3     

Floor Model Centrifuge

Daigger Model SD Microcentrifuge
Manufacturer:      Model: SD     

Eppendorf 5415 Microcentrifuge
Manufacturer: Eppendorf     Model: 5415     

Fisher Scientific Marathon Micro H Microcentrifuge
Manufacturer: Fisher Scientific     Model: Micro H     

Fisher Scientific Model 59A Microcentrifuge with rotor
Manufacturer:      Model: 59A     

IEC Centra MP4R Microcentrifuge, rotor, and buckets
Manufacturer: IEC     Model: MP4R     

Savant Model SFR13K Refrigerated Microcentrifuge with rotor and buckets
Manufacturer: Savant     Model: SFR13K     

Sigma-Aldrich Model SD Microcentrifuge
Manufacturer:      Model: SD     

Microplate Adapter
Refrigerated Table Top

Jouan CR4-12 table top centrifuge w/ rotor
Manufacturer: Jouan     Model: CR4-12     

Sorvall RT-7 refrigerated bench top centrifuge
Manufacturer: Sorvall     Model: RT-7     


Tomy Seiko High Speed Refrigerated MicroCentrifuge Model TX-160
Manufacturer: Tomy     Model: TX-160     

Swinging Bucket Rotor

Beckman SW 50L Ultracentrifuge Rotor
Manufacturer: Beckman     Model: SW 50L     

Beckman TH-4 rotor (4 x 250 ml) w/ buckets
Manufacturer: Beckman     Model: Th-4     


IEC 211 swinging bucket rotor
Manufacturer: IEC     Model: Model 211     

IEC 228 Swing-out Centrifuge Head
Manufacturer: IEC     Model: 228     

Jouan RP6 Swing-out Rotor and [6] Sealed buckets with stainless steel trays
Manufacturer: Jouan     Model: RP6     

Jouan T40 Swing Bucket Rotor (w/o buckets)
Manufacturer: Jouan     Model: T40     

Sorvall H-1000B Swinging Bucket Rotor w/ buckets
Manufacturer: Sorvall     Model: H-1000B     

Sorvall HB-4 rotor (4 x 50)
Manufacturer: Sorvall     Model: HB-4     

Sorvall HL-4 Swinging Bucket Rotor
Manufacturer:      Model: HL4     

Sorvall HS-4 swinging bucket rotor
Manufacturer: Sorvall     Model: HS-4     

Sorvall ST-H750 Swinging Bucket Rotor
Manufacturer: Sorvall     Model: ST-H750     

Table Top Centrifuge

Beckman Microfuge 18 microcentrifuge w/ 24-place rotor
Manufacturer: Beckman     Model: Microfuge 18     

Beckman Microfuge Lite w/ F1802B rotor (18 x 1.5/1.8ml)
Manufacturer: Beckman     Model: 367121     

Eppendorf Model 5415C microcentrifuge with rotor
Manufacturer: Eppendorf     Model: 5415C     

Eppendorf Model 5810 table top centrifuge with swinging bucket rotor
Manufacturer: Eppendorf     Model: 5810