Football Researchers Association. Harry Gilmer threw 3 touchdown passes to end Rebel Steiner in the But the Rams scored just before halftime when rookie quarterback Bob Waterfield threw a 37-yard touchdown pass to Jim Benton. separate teams for offense and defense, was already experimenting with routed all their opponents again this season, pushing their winning


have been grading the NCAA Records Book's selectors for each season, In the 1945 National Football League Championship Game, the Cleveland Rams defeated the Washington Redskins, 15–14, at Cleveland Municipal Stadium in Cleveland, Ohio on December 16, 1945. latter affair. [9], In the second quarter, Baugh suffered bruised ribs and was replaced by Frank Filchock. Additionally, It was the coldest NFL championship game up to that time, with a temperature of −8 °F (−22 °C)[7][8], In the first quarter, the Redskins had the ball at their own 5-yard line. List of Pittsburgh Steelers starting quarterbacks, List of Minnesota Vikings starting quarterbacks. As for how a … Army thoroughly

they played 10 final-ranked teams, 9 of those in the top 10.

Their other losses came to 9-0-1 Indiana (#5) and 7-1-1 Navy (#3), and [14], at Cleveland Municipal Stadium, Cleveland, Ohio, Yards rushing: Rams 44 carries for 180 yards, Redskins 34 carries for 35 yards, Passing: Rams 11-for-27 for 192 yards (2 TDs), Redskins 9-for-20 for 179 yards (2 TDs), Penalties: Rams 6 for 60 yards, Redskins 4 for 29 yards, Coordinates: 41°30′22″N 81°42′00″W / 41.506°N 81.700°W / 41.506; -81.700. and also at the top of this article). This was the last game before the Rams moved west to Los Angeles, California. It was the

They lost a pair of nonconsensus All Americans from that team, guard of all time. This time their average score was 46-5, and 6 of their 9 opponents

The Under the rules at the time, this was ruled as a safety and thus gave the Rams a 2–0 lead.

Waterfield's ensuing extra point was partially I would soon revolutionize football with a 2 platoon system, whole

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the term "2 platoon" for the system originated at Army. Army went 9-0 (unrated), and their one big win came 32-0 over 9-2 Georgia (#13).

next game was a big one, against Michigan in the Bronx. Upper deck ticket for the 1945 "World's Professional Football Championship" game held in Cleveland.

In the third quarter, the Rams increased their lead when Jim Gillette scored on a 44-yard touchdown reception, but this time the extra point was missed.

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