Maybe we are thinking of making a poor decision, or the path we are taking is going to be detrimental. V's after Ending is an eight-part DLC, known as Judge or Forgive. Alternatively, such an angel may be a representative of the guidance that comes from within you. Zen approaches the MC, who is now his manager, and professes his love to her. The other believers find Ray and forcefully remove him from the room, bringing him to the savior, as Ray cries that he will be back for the player. Such love may come from your spouse, mentor, or friend. In the subsequent chatroom, Jaehee worries Zen and the player since they haven't heard anything from them after they ran away from the event. As the player bids farewell to Seven, she is disconnected from the messenger. 2 years pass, and V and MC are now living together in the city, and V's now a musician like his mother. Due to the circumstances, the RFA is forced to move on to Plan B and they resort to sending the blackmail files to the prime minister's office anonymously. Read Dr. King’s sermon aloud to your family and children on this sacred time of year, and remember the dream we must realize in the days ahead: This Christmas season finds us a rather bewildered human race. Participate in less than 30% of the RFA chats between Days 5-6 of Ray's Route. Also, it conveys the comfort you need in times of need. Obtain Jaehee's route in Casual Story from the 1st Day to the 4th Day. Aware of the player’s influence on Ray, she asks the player to take care of Ray in her stead. The player then receives a call from Jumin, who is currently on a business trip and calling to see how she is doing. Are they still making light novels? Unknown is aware that V is investigating the cause of why the player joined the messenger, and he warns him not to go through else he will plan a "surprise" for RFA, particularly Seven. From the game branch onwards, choose the options that insist on going home instead of staying at Jumin's penthouse and do not persuade Jumin to take back Elizabeth 3rd. Thank you. Bad Relationship Ending 1 Summary : At least there's a surprise twistiness and a somewhat uplifting ending, though you'll probably have tapped out of the weepy schmaltz by then. He'll then start to unzip her dress, announcing how he wants to go farther in their relationship. Now let me say, secondly, that if we are to have peace in the world, men and nations must embrace the nonviolent affirmation that ends and means must cohere. But for the real cynical assault on the holiday spirit, the guy's business partners (Edward Norton, Kate Winslet and Michael Pena) – who all have their own issues, too – try to prove he's mentally unstable so they can sell the company. Yoosung then brings up how Jumin has been saying "damn" too much, expressing his discomfort towards it. Summary : ", Unknown: "That's strange. He admits to her that he's barely holding himself back. If you want to uncover what has been encoded in your destiny when you were born, there’s a free, personalized numerology report you can grab here. Although Seven is under strict orders from V not to reveal the address of the apartment, he goes over to Seven's place to get the address from him. Jaehee greets the rest of the RFA members with a "Hello...! This is one of the most powerful signs that good luck will follow your life. Avoid all kinds of distractions. While Jumin is not interested in the MC being in a relationship with Zen, he disapproves, as it interferes with running the party as its first priority. Obtain 707's story mode after the chat room "Visiting Zen" that occurs at 19:09 / 7:09 PM on the 6th Day, followed by the chat room "Very private visit" that occurs at 21:12 / 9:12 PM. They are talking about peace as a distant goal, as an end we seek, but one day we must come to see that peace is not merely a distant goal we seek, but that it is a means by which we arrive at that goal. He greets the player and argues with Jumin as usual. Men love darkness rather than the light, and they crucified Him, and there on Good Friday on the Cross it was still dark, but then Easter came, and Easter is an eternal reminder of the fact that the truth-crushed earth will rise again. In 707's story mode after the chat room "It has nothing to do with you" (which occurs on the 9th Day at 10:01 / 10:01 AM), "(Makes Seven fall down.)" Requirements: Emotionally defeated, Seven gives up on his job and looks for Saeran. So please pay attention! The player notices how annoyed he is at his work. There are three words for “love” in the Greek New Testament; one is the word eros. He joined Speaking of Faith at American Public Media in 2003 as a web producer and later online editor, and became a co-founder of On Being‘s move to independence in 2013 (as Krista Tippett Public Productions). He wakes up in a different life with a different job (he's a tire salesman now), married and with children, and after a fish-out-of-water period, Jack finds that he digs his new life – only to have the rug pulled out from under him and be sent back to his old existence. She passes out wine to the guests, as an apology. On the 6th day, the player is summoned by the savior and it is revealed that the player has rarely logged into the messenger. Celebrate his birthday not April Fool's day, persuade Zen that it's just a dream, don't make him adjust and turn himself like the other members, make him be himself, act like a normal person. C&R is preparing to sue the two for this deception. Jumin exits the stage and approaches her, kissing her hand and asking her to be his life companion. He then expresses his gratitude towards Yoosung and Seven for preventing a crisis from befalling the party. The witness, who happened to be the vendor of goldfish-shaped bread Zen had bought from on the 7th Day, describes his encounter with Echo Girl. Jumin ties up the player's wrists and has her wear a pair of red heels with tracking devices on them. He tells her to not look worried since he was able to sacrifice himself for her, and professes his love for her. Jaehee tells her that she doesn't have to worry and at least be happy that she has Zen on her side. From the game branch onwards, choose the options that blame Seven for his incompetence over helping out with the party and hiding the security system. Depending on your religious beliefs, the angel who visits you in your dream could be your guardian angel. After the player's cleansing, Ray visits her in her room. They tell the player that she was online since midnight and she didn’t pick up their calls and texts. Successfully progress through the Day 7 story branch by obtaining the 00:24 chat "Seven's Status Report" on Day 8. Christina, the manager of McDougal's department store, is determined to land the manager position for their Paris location. Also, consider what they are holding in their arms, and the kind of clothes they have on. It may be discouraging, with shortages of finances and food, and other difficulties such as a death in the family. He makes the surprising decision to introduce the player as his girlfriend as a final statement to his love life, and asks her to come up onto the stage, where he professes his devotion to her. Afterwards, in a subsequent visual story mode, the rest of the RFA members reveal their feelings regarding the cafe's opening. Meanwhile, Seven plans on saving V himself and asking Jumin to send bodyguards to the other RFA members to secure their safety. In the subsequent chatroom, Seven congratulates on the success of the charity event. He goes on to list everything he actually wanted in his dream home, and asks MC to go house hunting with him. Close to two years ago, my world was shattered overnight when I noticed something was wrong with my vision. It was titled, How To Interpret Your Dreams! A wife longs to be single again, so a Christmas angel grants her this wish, but before long, she realizes she made a mistake and attempts to win back the husband she loves. Obtain V's route in Another Story from the 1st Day to the 4th Day. All of these are important considerations. They have decided to stop receiving donations since they’ve already raised four times the goal amount.