Nasreen visits Missy, and is distraught to find her dead body. I adored playing her. Missy returns home to grandmother Julie (Rita May) worrying about her money being stolen. As always, the course of true love didn't run smooth, and Aaron soon decided to split up with Missy when she decided that she could no longer go through with the pregnancy. Best friends Nas and Missy … If you wish to change your mind and would like to stop receiving communications from, you can revoke your consent by clicking on "unsubscribe" in the footer of the newsletter. However after seeing her mother she changes her plan, to Aaron's dismay. Like this story? Ackley Bridge (2017– ) Episode List. She described it as "so hilarious", adding that "it was absolutely freezing and we were hiding hot water bottles wherever we could under our costumes". Ackley Bridge's Poppy Lee Friar explains!". 16 Friar also commented: "she's very popular at school, especially with the boys who love her as she's quite saucy and sassy, but they know they could only dream that she would be interested in them. After Emma publicly denounces Tony as a pervert Chloe's father Nik arrives to sort things out and has a proposition for Emma which leads to a fight with Will whilst Chloe has a rude awakening, leading to family reconciliation. Teacher Emma Keane is also seen returning to the school. Nas is crying in the official trailer - is it something to do with Missy? Episode #2.11 3. Teacher Emma Keane (Liz White) finds out, and reports Julie's death to the social board, who puts Hayley into foster care. Missy is recently in a relationship with Aaron Turner, Nasreen's half brother. STATUS Emily Pyzer She explained that "felt a little close to the bone because it really was the end of Missy and Nas", and that there was a "lot of truth" in the emotions displayed in the scenes. Ackley Road was a rare example of Channel 4 remembering what it was there for - innovative, potentially controversial, television that reflected the country’s ethnic and cultural diversity. Aaron finds out, and angry that Missy did not consult him, he ends the relationship. After Emma publicly denounces Tony as a pervert Chloe's father … Ackley Bridge fans fear that Missy dies after getting run over, In another photo, Ackley Bridge's headmistress, Mandy Carter (played by ex-EastEnders actress Jo Joyner), is pictured looking tearful in a school assembly. She can rub people up the wrong way as her mouth can run away from her". Season: OR . Episode cast overview, first billed only. 's newsletter, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted's privacy policy, the cookies policy, and the website terms of use, and that you consent to using your data according to the established laws. Another person guessed: "Missy might be in a coma until the final episode, and then she wakes up right at the end? 7.7 (37) 0. However, feeling it is too soon to have a child, she arranges to have an abortion. She later confides in Nasreen, but tells her to keep it a secret, as there is no longer a legal guardian to look after sister Hayley (Cody Ryan). Missy then appears in Nasreen's imagination, where the pair discuss their friendship. 5. Ackley Bridge airs these scenes on Tuesday 14th August at 8pm on Channel 4. Student at Ackley Bridge When he surprises her with a firework display, she proposes to him. Missy first appeared in the pilot episode of the series, first broadcast on 7 June 2017. After they aired, Friar spoke to Radio Times, saying: "It’s very sad and traumatising for the characters as well as fans! "Ackley Bridge star Amy-Leigh Hickman: 'I hated drama at school! Missy is in Year 11 at Ackley Bridge College, which she is retaking due to dropping out for a while. When they return home, Missy confides in Nasreen that she plans to leave school again to join the fair. Directed by Robert Quinn. Missy Boothis Hayley Booth's older sister and is best friend to Nasreen Paracha. [1] On Missy's friendship with Nasreen, Friar stated that Nasreen's comments about Simone made "Missy's protective streak kick in and their friendship hits rocky territory", and that the contrast between their friendship and rivalry was "quite interesting" to portray. At a roller disco hosted by Tony for Ackley Bridge, Emma insults Tony on the DJ decks and Missy reveals to Nasreen she got pregnant intentionally by not taking the pill. After she falls and hits her head, she tells nas that she might be pregnant: And in the second, Missy braces herself and breaks the news to Aaron that she might be carrying his baby, leaving him stunned as they have been using protection. She stated that her favourite scene was the first scene in series one, episode one, where Missy and Nasreen are on the skip. [7], Friar's performance throughout series one was praised by Daljinder Johal of Desiblitz, who described it as "powerful". To get revenge on Nasreen, Missy orders Cory Wilson (Sam Retford) to have sex with Nasreen, and offers to have sex with Cory if he does it. It’s always sad saying goodbye to a character you’ve played but they always stay in your heart, so Missy is alive forever within me. With the help of Simone, Missy manages to regain custody of Hayley. After discovering she was pregnant, Missy decided to quit school and focus on her and Aaron's future. But will her words get through to her – and what path will Missy choose as she begins to fear that she might end up the same way as her mum? Want up-to-the-minute entertainment news and features? The third series of Ackley Bridge commenced on Tuesday, June 18 on Channel 4. PARTNERS FIRST SEEN With Poppy Lee Friar, Amy-Leigh Hickman, Cody Ryan, Samantha Power. Candice Murgatroyd is a pupil at Ackley Bridge College, although she it is known she has missed a lot of school due to her teenage pregnancy. 5 Jun. Just hit 'Like' on our Digital Spy Facebook page and 'Follow' on our @digitalspy Instagram and Twitter account. MY GIRLS! She later regrets her decision, and admits what she has done when she sees Cory kissing Nasreen. Emma and Mandy try to persuade Missy to return to school with plans in place and Rashid suggests to Mandy, Sadiq and Javid they change the prom format to persuade traditional parents to let their children go and Emma contacts Nik, who … [12] Metro stated that "It seemed a poignant and tragic time to kill off Missy, for whom things seemed to have finally come full circle",[12] and HITC praised the "bold decision" to kill a centric character, stating that it "makes sense for Missy to be the character who passed away as the larger than life character was well-liked on the show and will have struck a bigger chord with the audience". Despite the negative reactions to Missy's death, many viewers praised the storyline for the ways in which her death was dealt with by other characters, such as Nasreen's anger and students setting off lanterns for her, the latter of which was described as "one of the most powerful Ackley Bridge scenes of all time". ", MORE: Years and Years' bizarre season one finale explained. Ackley Bridge fans were shocked after watching Ackley Bridge on Tuesday night, which saw best friends Missy and Naz get hit by a car, Years and Years' bizarre season one finale explained, Gordon Ramsay and his family celebrate special milestone. Supergirl star joins Walker, Texas Ranger reboot, DIGITAL SPY, PART OF THE HEARST UK ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK. MORE : Ackley Bridge spoilers: Adil Ray on Sadiq Nawaz’s future and the importance of diversity, MORE : Ackley Bridge spoilers: Watch Mandy Carter’s parents make an explosive entrance, Includes exclusive content, spoilers and interviews before they're seen on the site. She later becomes pregnant with his baby and tells Aaron, who is delighted. Ackley Bridge impresses fans with touching storyline, Channel 4 confirms series three of Ackley Bridge, Ackley Bridge fans are heartbroken over Cory and Naveed, Jo Joyner hailed the "queen of Ackley Bridge" by fans, Ackley Bridge fans are devastated after shocking death. She accompanies Nasreen to Oxford to attend her interview, and when Nasreen gets too scared about what will happen, Missy convinces her to attend it. One fan wrote in the comments section of the post: "Emma is back because she was like a mum to Missy and she needs to be told that Miss has died? In tonight's (August 14) penultimate trip to Ackley Bridge, viewers were left heartbroken by Missy Booth and Aaron Turner's split but touched by Missy and Nas Paracha's friendship. Episode 1.2 Year: 2018. Missy hides her upset at the thought of Nasreen leaving and their lives changing, and decides to support her instead. Duncan Lindsay Friday 10 Aug 2018 11:22 am. Rashid finds a way to persuade the stricter parents to let their children attend the school prom but Mandy's cash problems refuse to go away. Grandpa Murgatroyd (granddad) Sam Murgatroyd (cousin) Jamie (son) Nadine Murgatroyd (aunt) Reece Murgatroyd (cousin)Jack Murgatroyd However, feeling it is too soon to have a child, she arranges to have an abortion. The pair make up with each other, and while walking home, they are hit by a speeding car driven by Anwar Wazir (Antonio Aakeel). Everything happened up there, laughs, confessions, tears, gossip." [3] Their friendship was described by Channel 4 as "at the heart of the show", with Friar stating: "We were quite lucky as mine and Amy's chemistry is great, we were lucky enough to meet once before professionally, so it was really easy to translate our friendship from real life on to camera". The pair get hold of the money, and on the way home, Nasreen comes out to Missy as a lesbian. Her child's father was originally believed to be Jordan Wilson, but after a DNA test, it was revealed that the father was in fact Jordan's older brother Cory. In order to fit in with Alya's group of friends, Nasreen begins wearing a hijab and shuns Missy. Nas and Hayley both look broken, Missy is not in the trailer after tonight?" The programme ended with them both lying on the ground, and while they were both conscious, teaser photos for the next episode, which were posted by Twitter page Ackley Bridge TV, have left many fans speculating that Missy doesn't survive her injuries.