Want to browse the web privately? You can change your settings to allow ads on all sites. The AdBlock extension for Chrome works automatically, blocking ads on static web pages and online video sites like YouTube. Also, the debug data now includes the AdBlock 'paused' state. Learn more about why Chrome blocks ads in the Google blog. If you trust a site, you can add an exception to allow ads on that site. You can even have the app remove other web-page aspects you find distasteful, like social networking links, and protect yourself against some potential malware attacks. Free Ad Blockers vs. paid Ad Blockers Free ad blockers or paid ad blockers, which one … uBlock Origin is not just an “ad blocker“, it's a wide-spectrum content blocker with CPU and memory efficiency as a primary feature. One of its biggest claims to fame is its ability to speed up your web browsing experience and reduce your bandwidth by cutting back on all the needless clutter that comes along with some ads and trackers. Some users have reported annoying notifications that try to encourage you to purchase the premium version, but other than that, AdGuard has near universally positive reviews from its millions of users. By downloading and installing this extension, you agree to our Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy. We use some cookies to give you the best experience on our website. As one of the most widely used ad blockers in the world, we would be remiss if we didn’t at least give a passing mention to AdBlock. Open-source ad blocker The uBlock Origin is a free and open-source, cross-platform browser extension for content filtering—primarily aimed at neutralizing privacy invasion in an efficient, user-friendly method. Experience a cleaner, faster web without annoying ads. They cannot be switched off. While other ad blockers function well enough all-in, if you try to do that with Ghostery you may find many aspects of the web non-functional. We use some cookies to give you the best experience on our website. Adblock Plus comes by default with Acceptable Ads enabled, though this can be turned off easily at any time. All rights reserved. Once you download Adblock Plus for Chrome, it will appear in your browser menu. Use AdBlock to block all ads and pop ups. Disable AdBlock or Adblock Plus. If you want your favorite sites to continue working as you see them now, make sure to whitelist them. What really draws people to Ghostery over some of the other available alternatives is its deeper options for users. Upgrade your lifestyleDigital Trends helps readers keep tabs on the fast-paced world of tech with all the latest news, fun product reviews, insightful editorials, and one-of-a-kind sneak peeks.Digital Trends may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. The lightweight Chrome extension has additional options for blocking tracking and the installation of nefarious software like dialers, adware, and other malware. Adblock Plus blocks all annoying and intrusive advertisement, including pop-ups, pre- and mid-roll video ads on Youtube, tracking, and malicious malware. Capable of effectively blocking almost all ads across static web pages, video streaming sites, and social networks, AdGuard keeps an eye out for pop-up and pop-under ads, too. //www.google.com/tools/feedback/metric/report, Annoying ads with flashing graphics or autoplaying audio. Note that around five years ago, AdBlock Plus was accused of secretly offering to push ads through in exchange for under-the-table payments, which AdBlock Plus didn’t exactly deny. - Updated the contact information for the Hungarian and Hebrew filter lists. Learn more. You can change your settings to allow ads on all sites. You can turn off Chrome's ad-blocker easily. At the top right, click More Settings Advanced Site Settings Ads. Its whitelisting function lets you make sure your favorite sites still display ads so they can continue to operate and if you allow acceptable ads you can let a few through automatically to help sites that stick to the rules. It is worth noting, however, that when you install an ad blocker, that many of the world’s free websites, Digital Trends included, rely on advertising revenue to operate.