By rbwaite in forum What Kind of Pearls do I have? The somewhat higher price is worth it if those are the pearl necklace features that you just cannot live without. Both the shape and the size of the pearls are highly important when it comes to the price of a necklace, which is why a very large South Sea pearl necklace could be valued at over $100,000. The Akoya pearl is one of the smaller-sized pearl types available, and is considered to be very versatile. Today, the Akoya pearl is cultured on pearl farms located in Japan, China and Vietnam. The most popular ones are pistachio, silver, and peacock Tahitian pearls. With full strand pearl grading, there will be layouts that combine many AAA Quality and AA+ Quality, or AA+ and AA Quality pearls. Shape – Akoya pearls are typically nucleated with beautiful round beads. The internal bead will appear to “flash” a yellow-orange color at you. A smaller segment of the Akoya pearl farming community (but no less impressive) is Vietnam. Which pearl necklace grade should you choose? Aside from their outstanding size, South Sea pearls also have the thickest average nacre of all available pearls. 2-3 Deep Inclusions Allowable for Full Strand. The cold waters of the Pacific Ocean are the Akoya oyster's special secret for how it creates its "mirror-like" luster. Both pearl type’s blemishes are very small however, and should only be visible upon close inspection. MATCHING -describes how well pearls are matched within a pair, or an entire layout. Overtone colors consist of pink, blue and green. Often this inflation of the grading scale isn't properly described, and many customers new to pearls and unfamiliar with the intricacies of pearl grading end up disappointed. Shop for Akoya pearl pendants here. Since the 1990s, a new class of round and lustrous freshwater pearls have emerged giving buyers the widest range of … These multi-color Akoya pearl necklaces were spotted at the Hong Kong Jewellery Show. If you are wondering what are the best pearls for you or for your loved one, we suggest you focus on using these beautiful gems to bring out the best features of the person. Shop for Akoya pearl jewelry sets here. An average akoya pearl is only 7 mm, while an average South Sea pearl is in the 12 mm range. Pearl Colors – Tahitian pearls are available in a broad spectrum of deep blacks with metallic overtones. F) Scaly Spot:  This is a clear, colorless inclusion called “uroko” in Japan; it usually indicates some kind of event or growth disturbance while the pearl was being formed inside the oyster. Deciding between these amazing types of pearls is extremely difficult because each of them has its own set of special features that make them absolutely stunning. My Great-Grandmother's Pearl Necklace....Real?