All you have to do is download the apk file and install it on your phone – and voila! The company has also launched an English version to draw English speaking app users. Hi Johnenry, Now, you should understand that each of these 10 Google Play Store alternatives fulfills a different need. Stay updated with the top stories of the mobile industry.

Kind of. Never download a paid app that is free on these stores without checking the developer’s name. Hence, making it possible to provide all the apps for us! It is only natural that recently, Amazon has developed its own alternative application marketplace.

The alternative app store TutuApp boasts of over 300+ million users and multiple language support. So there is no third-party fiddling in the process. I love it too much. While these Android app store alternatives may not provide you all of Play Store’s apps, they can come in handy in a number of ways. As for the statistics, the cross-platform app store alternative has over 4M+ monthly users active on its platform, a community of over 25K iOS and Android app developers,  and thousands of app reviews. @ =-), I happened to notice that nobody has gave any feedback about the blackmart apk I’ve used the app in alternative to the Google play store and its never given me any negative output, Hi James, Major mobile publishing companies like Disney, Gameloft ,EA Games, Nazara, Times Mobile, Hungama and main regional application developers are already part of Firstouch App Bazaar Ecosystem. With app reviews and lucrative deals sprawled across the above mentioned alternate app store, your app is a sure hit. All rights reserved. Just like TutuApp, we have AppValley next on our list of best iOS app store alternatives. Another long-term player in the app store business that is safe and easy to install is SlideMe. But what most (including app owners) forget is that this e-commerce giant also has an App Store that’s just as good as Google Play Store. For developers, these alternate app stores offer another stream of revenue. You can find GetApps in the App Drawer on Xiaomi Devices. If you are not technologically savvy, stick to the apps that you know and trust. Thank you so much for your kind words and our goal will always be to give readers the finest content. I like and use for my app needs. Obviously, developers will only want to venture here if they intend to release their creations with no expectation of profit. Besides hosting a free marketplace of multiple mobile games, web apps, and even videos, 1Mobile makes app search for end users extremely simple. Have you tried any of these app stores yet? I really use these websites since they all provide all the released versions of apps. It’s worth checking out for free apps, especially if you support the open source movement. And, the Google Play Store doesn’t allow us to download a backup of an app, instead, it automatically installs the app on your phone after downloading.

Here in this app store, you will get variety of multiple apps which are free as well as paid.

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go a long way harnessing organic user base. and app owners with how to target, price and sell your application. This alternative Android app store has a global reach and a decent user base. F-Droid is a free and open-source software that allows you to get apps for your Android smartphone or tablet. Considering that app stores for Windows and Amazon cover a significant portion of the market (400,000 and 340,000 mobile apps), this list of alternative app stores can help app owners tap on that unexplored user base. To sum up, Aptoide has a library of more than 1 million Android apps and is capable enough to replace the Play Store. Aptoid’s design goes in line with Google standards, and the experience is almost as good as the Play Store with a well-crafted user interface.

P>S> Never had aprob. Advantages of choosing an alternative to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store: Having explained the potential opportunities and benefits of third party apps stores in this list of app stores for app owners, we’ll take you through the best alternatives for iOS app stores, Android app stores, Chinese app stores, and many more different app stores.