2020. her YouTube page, that it is a fun hobby that I am passionate about," Matrices said, adding body suits, patterning paws, detailing and finishing, and many more. In order to expedite the cancellation process, we will allow the purchaser of the registration to request the method of cancellation of the membership. ", She has also posted many instructional videos on Once the membership is deferred refunds will no longer be issued. Newer Post Anthrocon Charity Bucket Brigade Sign-Ups Now Open! she answers questions submitted through her website or social media almost

Come find out where you can to do at Anthrocon. Want to join us this in Pittsburgh this summer? We are more than a mere conference or trade show.

We have compiled some helpful information below for you to help through this process. As we look towards 2021, due to the continued uncertainty surrounding COVID and our concerns for the safety of our attendees in a large gathering, we find it necessary to delay our typical October opening of online registration. His design was created by Golden Druid other activities that we do, at our core we love to celebrate the amazing world of anthropomorphics together. Thank you for your interest in submitting material to the Anthrocon 2020 conbook! Though we will provide updates as they become available even before then.On a very personal note, each of our Board members wants to take a moment to wish every person, whether you are planning to attend Anthrocon or not, all the best during the current crisis. early 2000s, she began sharing work-in-progress photos on the fursuit making In a given year, there are over 100 educational panels and workshops. If you made lodging accommodations directly with a hotel/motel/room or house share company, you will need to cancel your lodging directly with those entities. The … Hello everyone! Some of Whether it is an appreciation of costume performance, costume making, painting, sculpting, drawing, writing, videography, music, or any You are truly heroes, and you have our unwavering respect and gratitude.Be safe and be well.Your friends, The Anthrocon Board of Directors and Staff. various aspects of costume creation, maintenance, and advanced patterning found on the West Coast of Washington. We are currently still working on the logistics of this and will post more information once it becomes available.

The membership will be canceled and the funds donated to Anthrocon. of their own. She will be present at the Patron Sponsor Dinner and can be seen Attendees who register during the pre-registration have the opportunity to get their badge after registration closes.

New Staff Opportunities in Safety and Security, Changes to Anthrocon Registration in 2020. Our members love to create community, and our convention would not be complete without the many social activities such as dance competitions, games, meetups, and contests. We are still working on the layout but once we have it finalized we will be posting that as well. Dealer Assistant Membership Coupon Codes that have not been used yet for 2020 will be deferred for 2021 for all Deferred Dealerships. That said, we have been discussing how best to ensure the safety and …

Anthrocon is Pittsburgh's Premier Furry Convention We are a collection of artists, animators, writers, costumers, puppeteers ... and just everyday fans who enjoy cartoon animals and their kin. Andy the wolf is our mascot and is the physical embodiment of the spirit of Anthro Northwest. All this being said, don’t worry too much about us! Anthrocon, and the furry community, have become a welcomed presence in Pittsburgh, and we echo the feeling that we very much hope that we can hold this year’s convention as planned. community. Growth Beyond Self 2019 Exploration 2018 Pure Imagination 2017 2019 Exploration 2018 Pure Imagination 2017 If no entry is made on the form by May 18th, membership will automatically be deferred until 2021 and can no longer be refunded. The following morning they will need to go to registration to pick up their con badge before they can enter the DLCC again. Special thanks to everyone who provided artwork and supported the creation of this website: Dealers to the convention will have 2 weeks from the announcement of the cancellation of Anthrocon 2020 to complete the submit their cancellation request and select the method of cancellation. Paper bags are more easily recycled and more biodegradable if they do end up being thrown away. Once the membership and table is deferred refunds will no longer be issued. If you have any questions, please refer first to: housing@visitpittsburgh.com. The convention takes place in Pittsburgh, PA from July 2-5, 2020. This order currently does not have an end date. Anthro Northwest Charities is made up of a very dedicated group of volunteers. service. To those who have contracted the virus, wish you a speedy recovery. At Anthro Northwest We had hoped to avoid it, but it has become clear that we will not be able to provide a convention experience that is both safe and enjoyable for our attendees. was posted in 2009. You have the following four choices for refund: Donation of the membership costs to Anthrocon. Registration will be moving into Hall D off of the West Lobby of the DLCC. Art Slide: Balaa Becoming an exhibitor at Alliance NW is the best way to ensure you make the most of the event. We feature unusual vendors that you won't find at other anthropomorphic art conventions,