These reports require strong writing and research skills. Problem-solving skills developed in college will help an anthropology graduate to assist U.S. citizens with issues as they arise in their assigned country. If you do not know a foreign language but are interested in international cultures, you might also consider a job teaching abroad. The pay for this career is strong, with a median salary of $57,700 and the top 10% earning over $103,000. 24 hours; 3 days; 7 days; 30 days; Pay. If this happens, you’ll need to decide what direction you want to take with your career and what you want to do in the future. “Chief Diversity Officer Salaries.” Accessed July 19, 2020. Growth: 6%. You could work as an environmental anthropologist, cultural anthropologist, or a physical anthropologist, among many other options. Salary: $114,800 Salary: $49,930 Anthropology majors also hone writing skills while recording ethnographies, writing field notes, composing essays, and researching theses. Because anthropology involves lots of research (and in some cases actual surveys), it seem logical that an anthropology degree is a good step to this job. If you are dedicated to the field of anthropology, you may consider a master’s degree in a specific area and complete an education that allows you to become a physical anthropologist, an environmental anthropologist, or a cultural anthropologist. The organizational skills of the anthropology major are also useful, as foreign language teachers often develop their own curricula and plan the details of their lessons. Prepares and delivers instruction in introductory. Diversity officers work to promote diversity in various organizations. Most of all, there is an expected growth of 13%, which means there should be plenty of options for people who seek a job as a career counselor. In this career, you have to work with a variety of different people; you also have to mold these people into high-quality employees. Degree: geography; or related physical or social science such as geology, meteorology, economics, statistics, sociology, The role of the Strategist at Human Branding is to provide strategic leadership across all aspects of qualitative market research projects, including project…, Successful completion of a full 4-year course of study in an accredited college or university leading to a bachelors or higher degree that included a major…. A foreign service officer works for the government, serving as a diplomat in a foreign country. This is a difficult job, so the best PR managers are rewarded with a strong salary. The career is also expected to grow by 9% as sociology is applied to other forms of research, including economics, surveys, and healthcare. Glassdoor. This career has a larger focus on the biological aspects of humanity, but anthropology can still be applied to the field. Of course, after studying anthropology, you will have a better understanding of various cultures. There is also the chance for excellent growth, which will largely be driven by increases in international trade and increased ties between different countries. Glassdoor. Education: Bachelor’s High school teachers earn a strong median salary, and if you stick with the career you could work yourself into the top 10% of the field, which earn over $97,500 annually. Anthropologists spend a lot of time learning about history, especially human history, making them wonderful candidates for careers as historians.