I have found all the villains from previous books to be terrifying. Some may say he doesn’t have a soul from what we’ve seen of him so far. This shift is paired with a tonally much darker story and as such was definitely harder to read than the previous books, but still fascinating nonetheless. I ADORED the twist at the end, which thinking back was glaringly obvious right from the start, and I am so immensely grateful for it. Archangel’s Viper Found you on goodreads! Unfortunately, the angel with his wings of silver-kissed blue and eyes of gold was right. Many chose to navigate the conversion in an induced coma, except for certain necessary periods of wakefulness. You made me cry!…So bravo; great job with Archangel’s Blade.”, “Ms Singh continues to raise expectations with each book. It will rip your heart out, make you cry, and then put your heart back together stronger and more complete than it was before you read this book.”, “Powerful and evocative, Archangel’s Blade is Nalini Singh at her best.”. Archangel’s Blade is simply brilliant.”, “This book is packed with drama, suspense and romance. She fought for her happiness, tooth and nail. Time to talk books! “Angels’ Judgment” in Angels’ Flight (originally part of the Must Love Hellhounds anthology) Dmitri thought of the broken burned-out shell of a house he’d visited day after day, night after night, until so many years had passed that there was no longer any sign of the small cottage that once stood there. “No. Almost rated this 2 stars, but then we got to the ending and it was so retardedly cheesy that it's now 1 star. Gabriel then confronts Lucifer armed with his archangel blade. “Lose my wings?”. Surprised she’d found the guts to say that to him in spite of the terror that rippled through her, raw and bleeding, he raised an eyebrow. As always with every book in this series, Nalini gives us a little more info on the Seven. Refresh and try again. Programma Affiliazione Amazon Europe S.r.l. I think the present them is alright, but getting a flashback to 1000 years ago (literally) every time they are connecting is kinda like ugh. Though the despondent Lucifer urges Gabriel to kill him with it, Gabriel instead smashes Lucifer in the head with the butt of the archangel blade, knocking him unconscious. “In the intensely dark, violent, and romantic fourth Guild Hunter novel…Singh focuses on the 1,000-year-old vampire Dmitri, lieutenant to the archangel Raphael, and Guild Hunter Honor….Their relationship develops explosively and becomes one of equals despite the centuries of age difference….a heart-pounding and strongly emotional read.”, “Sooooo good Dmitri is so dark and wicked. Quarto libro della serie Guild Hunter vede protagonisti Dmitri antico e letale vampiro, amico dell’Archangel Raphael  e capo dei seven, il gruppo  di angeli e vampri che protregge ed aiuta l’archangel  a governare su New York.Lei è Honor, una hunter esperta di  lingue antiche sopravissuta al rapimento e alle torture di vampiri rimasti impuniti. He has edges. Archangel’s Blade by Nalini Singh Published September 6th, 2011 by Berkeley Sensation Author’s website: Photo and synopsis from Goodreads book page Synopsis: The severed head mar… Illium wasn’t one of Raphael’s Seven, the angels and vampires who had pledged their lives to the archangel, because he was anything less than piercingly intelligent. We’d love your help. There is a murder mystery plot, and some nice little cameos and interactions between established characters, but the developing relationship between these two and a deeper insight into. The stories were similar enough that it was easy to follow them both and see the connection. After reaching the Men of Letters bunker, Arthur hands the blade and Gabriel over to the Winchesters. The plot was one that was more predictable to me than the previous ones. Dmitri has been the only member of Raphael’s Seven that I haven’t liked. There's no other job I would rather be doing. Dmitri's arc has him pondering on a few things concerning Raphael and Elena here and there, from his viewpoint---and Honor hers; but otherwise, archangel … Hard Play Serie OKAY so listen, this author serves up smutty stuff in fantasy/sci-fi worlds, and I read it unashamedly, the worlds are so well-drawn that I can't stop reading, even though the naughty bits go a BIT far for my personal taste. Elena was the weakest of angels, her mortal heart nowhere near strong enough to survive the world of the archangels.