. NBA.com: What was the voting process like at State Farm Arena, and how long did it take until you were done? The 21-year-old casted his ballot on the same floor he made his first NBA basket. Whether you’re talking about ‘Black Lives Matter’ or yelling ‘switch’ on the court, use your voice. I do respect his game. Notably, the center court logo is untouched, unless it’s slightly bigger/smaller, I can’t tell. Those kits were well-reviewed by just about everyone in the basketball community, Hawks fans or not. 2020 Hawks Mock Draft 1.0 Leave a Comment / Hawks / By Jake Gordon / August 31, 2020 September 1, 2020 With Atlanta once again suffering from the “luck of the draw” in the NBA lottery, they’ll choose 6th in this year’s draft even though they had the 4th worst record in The Association. FAQ. There were reports that the league was aiming for a December 22nd restart, but that seems very optimistic. In a season where his Atlanta Hawks were unable to reach the playoffs, Lloyd Pierce's activism off the court may have made him the NBA's outstanding coach of 2020… This week the franchise's ownership group, led by principal owner Tony Ressler, pledged $40m (£31m) towards bolstering the economic empowerment of Atlanta's minority communities. I feel like our organization did a really good job with that, allowing people to come in and vote. Sign up and join the NBA conversation in our Facebook group. "We know the many leaders that have come out of Atlanta…so it's now the tradition, the leadership has been passed on to different individuals, to different leaders, and that's important to me, I know it's important to our organisation, but it's also very important to the city of Atlanta and what we represent. Are there any players you’ve studied when trying to improve your game? The arena was much quieter when Reddish entered as a first-time voter for the presidential election two weeks ago. Mar 14, 2020; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; General view of State Farm Arena where a game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Atlanta Hawks was cancelled after the NBA season was suspended due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus. He can score the ball in many different ways so I really think whoever gets him is going to be super lucky and they’ll see that quickly. I’ve been trying to touch up on all aspects of my game. I went, met up with a couple of my teammates. It’s going to be whoever puts in that work. He spoke to NBA.com about voting at State Farm Arena, HBCUs, the toughest player he guarded during his rookie campaign and his anticipation for the 2020-21 NBA season. Q&A: WNBA veteran Renee Montgomery fighting to increase votes and uplift HBCUs, Q&A: Jimmy Butler opens up on 'best decision ever', Q&A: Alex English on importance of voting, social justice causes, Q&A: Andre Iguodala talks Heat culture and if the Warriors should trade their pick, Alabama point guard Kira Lewis Jr. boasts speed, potential, Warriors' Steve Kerr votes, then works Chase Center drop spot, Every new uniform for the 2020-21 NBA season, NBA, NBPA agree to extend CBA opt-out deadline, NBA players, coaches vote across the country, Mike D'Antoni reunites with Steve Nash as Nets' assistant coach. ", See the NBA's best plays and stay up to date with the latest news. The 2021-22 Atlanta Hawks aren’t 100 percent in playoffs-or-bust mode, but it’s clear they want to win. When the Miami Heat came to town in February, it was Reddish who provided the most impactful moment of the game against the eventual Eastern Conference champions. In what ways have coaches such as Coach K at Duke and Lloyd Pierce in Atlanta helped you grow in understanding issues outside of sports? We look forward to it. Atlanta Hawks: How Long is Lloyd Pierce’s Leash? "I think there's a lot of critical areas of importance to address and the best way you do that is through leadership and through civic engagement with your leadership and we really feel that we have an ability to engage our community and assist our community in voting. Want every headline right at your fingertips? "They made a huge commitment and pledge to not only support and provide resources for the minority communities of economic empowerment - small business, entrepreneurs here in the city of Atlanta - but really a commitment to be engaged, to stay engaged, to partner our organisation with a lot of individuals here that are trying to do that, that are trying to bridge the gap of economic disparity here in Atlanta," Pierce said. Only way we can really go right now is up. That’s the biggest thing I got from both of them. That definitely means a lot to us because we’re pretty much traveling during the season 24/7. But as I got older and started becoming Cam Reddish, I liked who that is so I’m cool with that. You were once the top high school prospect in the nation. 21 Questions the Atlanta Hawks Must Answer this Offseason. Unfortunately, no one knows quite when the Hawks will be debuting their new court. The Democrats last won in Georgia in 1992, but increased participation among minorities and younger voters, particularly in Atlanta, are expected to create a close race. Trae Young is one of the up and coming young players in the league and is just 21 years old. He averaged 16 points with 49-40-83 shooting splits throughout his last 12 games, and to call that a vast improvement from his first dozen would be an understatement. "As you're dealing with a pandemic and as basketball has been taken away from us, as things have been taken away from everyone else, we saw a lot of racial and social injustices occurring in our country," Pierce said. The 21-year-old casted his ballot on the same floor he made his first NBA basket. The biggest flaw is the new yellow font on the dark black paint. Keep track as teams announce their new uniform designs. I definitely think we improved a lot as the season went on, and I think we’re building chemistry day-by-day. Cam Reddish votes for the first time at State Farm Arena. He’s one of the NBA’s best two-way players and with that being one of your goals, is he someone you’ve studied this offseason? When I was a kid, I was a huge Kevin Durant fan. How the Atlanta Hawks Can Win the 2021 Finals in 3 Easy Steps, John Tessitore Draws Clemson Offsides, Joe Tessitore Makes the Call. NBA.com is part of Warner Media, LLC’s Turner Sports & Entertainment Digital Network, The arena was much quieter when Reddish entered as a first-time voter for the presidential election two weeks ago. How much of an impact do you think these arenas can have on fighting issues such as voter suppression? I think it was positive. We were able to work out individually and tighten up our games. Yeah, I definitely think it’ll make a huge impact because a lot of people that normally don’t get the chance to vote or wouldn’t even try to vote have a better opportunity since it’s more convenient. Pierce's efforts could play a crucial role as America chooses between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, with the state of Georgia potentially proving to be a crucial battleground. The head coaches in Orlando - and their assistants - wore shirts featuring the logo of 'Coaches for Racial Justice', an organisation Pierce set up - and became the inaugural chairman of - during the league's stoppage. Just like everything else Atlanta Hawks related, it feels like forever ago since the team unveiled their new jerseys. Last year, the rookies said you were going to have the best career. Even though it’s a talented class, I imagine you still want to prove that prediction right? That gives everybody confidence. State Farm Arena is the largest-ever voting precinct in Georgia.