In 2007 the band signed on with world renowned metal label Roadrunner Records and released their album “Lead Sails Paper Anchor” later that year. Delivering a high energy, riff heavy set, they battled through sweat and exhaustion to engage the crowd in some of their greatest hits and introduce some new material at the same time. Atreyu started their career playing an aggressive blend of metal doused in raw ethos and set a flame with searing guitar riffs, blood curdling screams, and thunderous drums. Atreyu was founded in 1998 by vocalist Alex Varkatzas, … Doors were at 6 and ATREYU didn’t roll onto stage until 10 and by this point I was over the show and the terrible performances. They have clear passion for Atreyu during the recognisable 'You Give Love a Bad Name' their infamous Bon Jovi cover. to track Atreyu and get concert alerts when they play near you. Atreyu entered into one of Victory record’ notoriously rigorous contracts in 2001, producing some of their most critically acclaimed material during this period.

It also marked their last release through Victory records. With their new album, The Curse, Atreyu have honed their personal style even more, exceeding all expectations and expanding the boundaries of metallic rock yet again. Atreyu Tour 2019- Tickets, dates & Schedule. The band’s profile started to rise shortly after, primarily due to several appearances in films (“Mr. Atreyu rocked! View the statistics of songs played live by Atreyu. The group released their first EP “Visions” independently in 1999. The band is strongly influenced by the expected heavy metal legends (i.e. But in February 2020 we will see their return thanks to Silverback Touring. 8 on the Billboard 200 and featured 3 singles, including the stand out tracks “Falling Down” and the Hot Topic exclusive “Becoming the Bull”. This EP like their previous one is incredibly hard to find and is also their first release to feature the implementation of two guitarists. MUCH LOVE! It was really cleansing." If I had known what I was in for I would have just shown up at 10 for Atreyu and not wasted my entire night. “A Death-Grip On Yesterday”, the third album by Atreyu exceeded the commercial success of their previous releases and was likewise revered by critics. Rock, All video content is provided by Youtube, and any questions, comments, or concerns regarding such content should be directed to Youtube. I was a bit worried about the show, as I know they've had some vocal issues over the years, but honestly, I think they sounded better than the records. Named after the lead character in the fantasy novel “NeverEnding Story”, Atreyu is a metalcore band based in Orange County, California, US, noted for crossing intense screamo stylistics with strong pop sensibilities. For this being their 20 year anniversary tour you would think they could get some better openers, staging, and crew to set up.