A spoof version of the logo, spelling "THREE" was used on BBC1 prior to their showing of Roland Rat: The Series. [29] Channel numbers for the BBC's HD channels also changed on Sky, to allow BBC One HD and BBC Two HD to sit side-by-side on channels 141, and 142 respectively on the EPG. The educational section of this commitment saw BBC2 broadcast a large amount of programming for the Open University, who co-produced programming with the corporation, and saw the channel broadcast BBC Schools programmes from 1983 until the programmes were transferred to the BBC Learning Zone in 2010. Apparently, the device now lives on as a coin-operated amusement in the foyer of BBC Television Centre. The subsequent presentation style was introduced on 19 November 2001 and kept the same figure 2, but in a yellow background and given a personality. The "2" then starts rotating around, and one at a time, three more "2"s (in the same style) appear, colored red, green and white respectively, before the blue "2" reappears. Samuel L Jackson, Afua Hirsch and Simcha Jacobovici explore 400 years of slavery. But maybe banana packing will do for now. Basically it depends on the variant shown. From 1 October 2008 to 2 October 2008, two of the idents were edited to have the official BBC logo instead of the BBC Two logo. At the 2012 Edinburgh International Television Festival, BBC Two was named "Terrestrial Channel of the Year". Music/Sounds: See 2nd logo. Celebrating the season and explaining the science behind the tones of autumn leaves. Soundtrack consists of a resonant bell-like chime, between lighter bells paired with breathy sounds, giving an eerie feel. Nicknames: "The Colorful TWO", "TWO", "Boring TWO", "Dull and Worthy", "The TWO Of Tepidity".

The ball then pans up to reveal an all-white 'TWO' logo, with a red dash above and a large green triangle stretching the entire length of the TWO above that. Surprisingly, it also has the exact same soundtrack as Powder.
Documentary telling the story of the Berlin Wall and its impact on Berliners' lives. Until then, holding slides with the logo were used to introduce programmes. As you can notice, the second part of the "T" is red and the first two parts of the "W" are green and blue. But after the success of the solid state 2, the clocks were also soon to become digital entities, leading to some subtle design changes. This is part of a series named How Do They Do That?

2001-2004 (2 and the Angel Makes a Tall Christmas Tree), Vintage (Christmas 2013, 2014 and 2016) (in Widescreen), 2016-2017 (Christmas 1990's, 2000's and 2010's), ITV Creates/2020 Idents (Black History Month). As the discs rotated inward, the "2" as you see above would form on-screen. Remote: The 2 comes to a remote and sprouts its arms. As well as programmes, BBC Two has also proved memorable for its numerous idents—various short sequences shown between programme junctions that serve as the channel identity. This was the final new ident before the channel's revamp in October 1997. Drip: The 2 slides around, trying to avoid the drips coming from above. A third colour was added to the BBC 2 clock to match the station's ident - both featuring the logo, lettering and line in white. Birth Night: The "2" is in form of a baby inside the body. In 1979, the station adopted the first computer-generated channel identification (ident) in Britain, with its use of the double striped, orange '2' logo. Britain In Colour – and UHF. A loud bubbling is heard when the '2' scares away the fish. [3], By 11:00 on 21 April, power had been restored to the studios and programming began, thus making Play School the first programme to be shown officially on the channel. The audio track is very minimal, with faint drums and a high-pitched, tweeting melody, heavy on repetition.   Louis Theroux meets the women legally providing sexual services to paying clients. After Margaret: The "2" is fixed on the door of 10 Downing Street.

Sticky Label: A twist to the "Logo" theme. This was also the final time BBC Two was known as "BBC 2". There were 3 variations where the kebab was in different stages of cooking.

[29][30], On 16 July 2013, the BBC indicated that it wants to launch Northern Irish, Scottish and Welsh variations of BBC Two HD; however, this would require the approval of the BBC Trust, with a proposal due to be presented within six months. This was seen before. "BBC Two wins terrestrial channel of the year". BBC Two Scotland existed until February 2019 when it was replaced with the national BBC Two feed in preparation for the launch of the BBC Scotland channel. Due to the impending launch of the new BBC Scotland channel in February 2019, replacing the opt-outs on BBC Two Scotland, no Scottish HD variant was required. From October 2013, BBC Two has shown classic programmes like Bergerac, Cagney and Lacey, The Rockford Files, 'Allo 'Allo!, and Are You Being Served?
The music is similar to, Zapper: It has a fly zapper shaped "2" on a wall, a fly becomes attracted to its light, and the zapper breakson contact as the fly buzzes away, leaving behind a smoke trail. Louis Theroux explores how some people’s most fervent beliefs can lead to conflict. A later variant was introduced in January 2002 in which the entire ident (save for the BBC Two logo) is flipped, fixing the problem that was seen in the original variant in which the "2" is the wrong way around for most of the ident. Prior to, and several years after, the channel's formal launch, the channel broadcast "Trade Test Transmissions", short films made externally by companies such as Shell and BP, which served to enable engineers to test reception, but became cult viewing. This was the final time the 2-cube was seen. Availability: Stopped airing September 27, 2018 as the new curve idents came. The channel stopped broadcasting the show after the 2019 edition due to the fact that the BBC opted for an internal selection in collaboration with BMG Rights Management. Adam Barker served as Acting Controller of the channel after Janice Hadlow left the channel in March 2014 and until Kim Shillinglaw began as the new permanent occupant of the post.