“Because we are delivering news across so many different territories, we are dealing with a vast array of different devices and connectivity speeds,” he says. The SDU is one of three strands of the public broadcaster’s Local News Partnership (LNP), run in collaboration with the News Media Association. Through the SDU, regional journalists learn the crucial skills needed to navigate today's data landscape. That “rich baseline offer” is essentially all of the BBC’s top stories and articles in that region in the recipient’s language, embellished with video and image galleries, plus the ability to listen to the World Service live or watch the BBC’s live news channels. Around two weeks of the scheme is spent getting to grips with 'the data fundamentals' of using Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets, which Sherlock said 90 per cent of data journalism consists of. “The thing we really hone in on is to make the core offering as lightweight and high performance as possible,” says Pembrooke. “The direction of travel here is not a direct person-to-connected TV experience, but more around the way in which your personal device, using linked data, allows you to have joined up experiences across the two,” he says. “We know we can do a better job at surfacing the video and audio content produced for radio and TV broadcasts on our online products,” acknowledges Pembrooke. It puts to use newfound skills in converting PDFs into Excel, how to analyse the data to work out patterns, how to produce stats, opening co-ordinates into Google Maps - and publishing the investigation as an interactive data visualisation on the Flourish platform to offer a national overview. Online every Tuesday and Thursday 1 to 10 December 2020. - BBC's Learning Portal Twelve local news journalists will receive data journalism training on the BBC’s Shared Data Unit (SDU) as the scheme returns in 2020. One of those is at news group JPI Media, overseen by Claire Wilde, news editor, data and investigations, JPI Media and one of the first secondees on the scheme. Tony Hall, the new Director General of the BBC, has called on BBC News to double its global audience by 2022 to half a billion. One of the BBC’s key advantages over many online media operations is its vast arsenal of original video and audio content. How the BBC Visual and Data Journalism team works with graphics in R. Over the past year, we‘ve fundamentally changed how we produce graphics. You can search an A-Z of the whole BBC News style guide by using the attached Word document below. It was set up 2013 to work on long-term investigations and produce daily data-led local stories. The Newsquest Data Unit training day is underway with an inspirational talk from the BBC’s Shared Data Unit #ddj pic.twitter.com/jlUkYEAXzQ. "This is a set of skills that allows us to build upon our abilities to scrutinise and hold authorities to account. The Future of News: The BBC’s Flawed Vision In January 2015, the BBC set out its vision for The Future of News. The Ugly The naive way to get a “large” dataset is to crawl the news articles by oneself. That hack day confirmed Pembrooke’s belief that most people will prefer to interact with a personal device, such as a phone or a tablet, rather than the TV itself. To date, 120 news organisations covering around 900 local news titles have signed up as partners to … “For example, when there were job cuts by Birmingham City Council and large employers in the region, we were able to create a storyline that aggregated the articles that had been written for the web site, using linked data, with the content that had been on Midlands Today, Birmingham WM, links from local press and opinions from social media.”, Although you can simply do a Google search to find related new stories, Pembrooke believes there is strong demand for curated storylines. Like the SDU and the JPI Data Unit, story packs are produced from nationwide data, including top lines and data for each area it covers, along with context, comments and case studies which reporters can use or take inspiration from to create their own regional story. As well as data projects and visualizations the team produces all the infographics and interactive multimedia features on the news website. Pembrooke acknowledges this is a tough challenge. But if there is a specific task that you can overcome, that will forever be in your toolkit.". This is the searchable version. The unit produces an exclusive data-led splash or hard-hitting feature for Newsquest titles across the country. Twelve local news journalists will receive data journalism training on the BBC’s Shared Data Unit (SDU) as the scheme returns in 2020. Reporters then learn to use open-source tools for a range of tasks, from removing errors in spreadsheets to visualising data, as well as more advanced tasks, such as scraping data from websites as a source. Please check that you are connected to the BBC internal network, Please check the link you are trying to access is correct. They work on a project of their choice while incorporating the skills they pick up along the way. Realising this, Pete Sherlock, assistant editor, SDU said that BBC wanted to help other news groups develop similar data units to provide public interest stories to its regional titles. Sign up to receive job alerts of your choice by email, or manage your subscription, Learn how to keep the wolf from your door, Highly respected parliamentary magazine seeks editor with at least five years' political journalism experience, Subscribe to our newsletter for latest news, tips, jobs and more, Alex Cook, director of specialist litigation firm, Helix Law, warns that thousands of residential landlords may be forced to sell their properties because of the long backlog of court eviction proceedings due to the eviction ban. “Our strategy is to offer a really rich baseline offer that is fully responsive and can be served in any of 30 languages and on any mainstream mobile device.”. But, historically, this multimedia content has been produced by specialist teams focused on specific media, such as television or radio. Full details and application forms can be found here - https://t.co/1pDuuqUtOx pic.twitter.com/S54L2WHFyM. It covers responsible use of FOI, spreadsheet examples of finding stories in a database and - to come - presenting data using case studies. At the same time, the BBC is tagging related content across radio, television and online. To date, 120 news organisations covering around 900 local news titles have signed up as partners to receive different forms of training and resources. It’s also incredibly important for us to ensure that the human interest element of our investigations is forefront, rather than the number crunching," said Morris. "Learning to code can be daunting, you don’t know where to start as it's a new language. What skills will journalists need in 2020? The BBC England data unit uses data to find, tell, and illustrate news affecting England. Robin Pembrooke, Head of Product, BBC News & Weather Online, discusses how the world’s leading public broadcaster is aiming to deliver a multimedia news experience to the vast array of devices in use across the world.. Tony Hall, the new Director General of the BBC, has called on BBC News to double its global audience by 2022 to half a billion. On the Together, they send out story packs based on national statistics derived from public datasets or FOI requests. JPI also offers reporters a three-part e-learning series on finding data for stories with an emphasis on open data. By a “responsive solution”, Pembrooke means a web page that adapts on-the-fly to the viewer’s device and the browser, so images fit neatly on the screen and video plays at an appropriate resolution. The BBC Local News Partnerships is now accepting applications for 2020/21 secondments with the Shared Data Unit. Although video is a core part of the proposition, it is integrated into a responsive embedded player that scales to the size of the browser.” This task is far from trivial, particularly as BBC News’ ambition is to serve everything from mobile phones to desktop PCs from a single responsive code base. Here are the Good, Bad and the Ugly ways of doing it. And what does this mean for hotels. Been there, done that! The current style guide for all BBC News output details many of the rules of spelling, punctuation and grammar, as well as issues of accuracy, fairness and impartiality. 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