Bye Felicia. Today I drove 30 minutes to pick up an order that I had placed by telephone yesterday. If you are an authorized representative of Berkeley Patients' Care Collective. Learn more about joining our patients’ association, one of the oldest most reputable in the nation. No more from me. At that time I turned and said to him sorry for bothering or interrupting but he did not know what I meant and did not feel bothered. Our guide helps patients make informed choices about their own care, enabling and empowering them to know exactly what they are getting, and how it will help their healing and recovery. PCC has been extremely consistent in carrying these, and they've never been completely out-of-stock of either brands whenever I've visited. Screw you. Prepare to be impressed! I don't buy top shelf flower anymore but I still using some of my glass, so sometimes I'll cop some mid or bottom shelf flower. Their low is a mix of indoor or outdoor bud, and sometimes I'll grab some of their "grab bag" specials which is 4 grams for $20. Not ONE time have I ever been told that my face covering was unacceptable while being INSIDE the stores. Highest tax rate in south Berkeley. She then started staring me in the eyes really hard, trying to intimidate me, a short 70 year old attorney. I've got a handful of their collector cards they give out so you know the info about the, And there was another girl there, I forget her name, but she was extremely helpful when it came down to. I have read other Yelp reviews that also mention problems with their security. I'm super happy with my purchases. A note:- Tax is insane. is because one particular person, her name is Rosie!She's always been so attentive & helpful with not just helping decide what strain and dosage would benefit my health conditions but also with helping me figure out what's worth trying & what to not bother with. She is much bigger than I. My go to spot out here. Scammers and theives!!! They are the most beautiful and tastiest strains around. Thanks! Its a sham cuz i really wanted to get from yall but instead i will be going to hi fidelity for now on cuz at least they are super pet friendly, Overall I'd say this place is one of the better dispensaries I've been to, and being chronically ill for so long...that's saying a lot because I've visited more than my fair share but I normally don't leave reviews that often but the reason I had to (& leave 5 stars!) You must also have proof of identity and California residency, such as a California driver's license or state ID card. To this, you already know your bank will add their charges.- There's also some weird thing about having to round up the charge to the nearest $5, which I still don't understand, but they gave me $0.75 cash back (which does not account for any of the fees). We’re excited to welcome you to our family! Quite an impressive achievement! He tried to apologize the next day saying, "Bro...was that you with the dog? I have been a trial lawyer since 1975 and she had absolutely no idea what she was talking about. If I would have known I'd be paying $6 for literally nothing, I would have gotten some cash at my bank before going in. The Berkeley Patient's Care Collective has been providing safe access to high quality medical cannabis since 2001. I usually get my product from a delivery service that charges $99 per ounce (plus tax) but was low on money. Sarah assisted me during my pickup today and most definitely will return again. The PCC7 is an exclusive innovation brought to you by the Patient’s Care Collective, located in Berkeley, CA. Really hostile to a 16 year customer. Obviously lots of things have changed since 2012, legalization in particular. Personally, in the past year I've been smoking less flower and using more vape cartridges (PAX, Stizzy). I told him there is no shit here & to not yell at me like that.. So for an $18 box of gummies I paid 26 bucks!! Berkeley Patients Group is a leading cannabis dispensary and delivery service in Berkeley, serving Bay Area adults and patients Curbside Pick Up + Store Open … I explained that I had placed an order yesterday and that the security would not let me pick it up. You can assume those students are using, A Beginner’s Guide to Cooking with Cannabis, Cooking with cannabis does not start in your kitchen. A 30% upcharge!!! Eventually she came out and handed me my order. She said that she had no control over the security. The staple "Butter Brothers" and "Bhang Chocolate" edibles are available here just like any other average or large sized club. 2590 Telegraph Ave , Berkeley, CA, 94704. First of all, Lucy is a girl, she has had a littler & squats funny now, & she only had to pee. The back stabbing tender chastised me for interrupting his session or putting women down, but it did not happen and after shopping at PCC for the next three months, one night the security stops me and says I have been kicked out forever!!!!! She then told me that I could buy a mask. They took my business for granted. Same product across town at 7 stars is same price at $18. They did everything they could to prevent me from buying something. Don't forget to check out the Kushmills Triple Double Truffle. AGAIN, I WAS SITTING IN MY CAR WITH THE WINDOWS ROLLED UP WHILE WEARING A FACE COVERING THAT MY PHYSICIAN SAID WAS FINE AND ALSO WEARING THICK GLOVES. This one thinks they're a hospital. Contact Us Our patient service members are available from 9am-9pm everyday by phone and email to answer any questions you may have. Berkeley, My bonus money is in your computer and it is due to me. For one thing, your cannabis is an, Athletes, therapists, clinicians, and average folks report significant benefit from CBD in treating muscle spasms, cramps, and pains. To help companies make improvements in their products and services. Visit a college, and you will see the vapor lifting, twisting, and floating on the air. You can assume those students are using vapers for pleasure, to satisfy an oral need where, Vape pens are everywhere you look and smell. Obviously lots of things have changed since 2012, legalization in particular.