While other shows may have penetrated our consciousness more deeply or influenced comedy culture more profoundly, Key & Peele may have been, from episode to episode, the most consistently above average, rarely outright whiffing when it set its sights on a target. Due to the nature of the structure of “Can I Finish,” you get a quick look at so much of this universe so quickly. Launched on MTV with visions of multi-format dominance in 2007, Human Giant paired director Jason Woliner with rising comics/performers Aziz Ansari, Rob Huebel, and Paul Scheer, and quickly gained a cult following for its deep dark comedy. absolutely nothing follows your fated demise? SD. He has written for "Another Period," "Billy On The Street," NBC, Comedy Central, E!, and Seeso. HD This week's Kroll Show was a step up from the premiere . Though the original series had only 45 episodes, the group expanded into five feature films, comedy albums and even a hit Broadway musical, "Spamalot." Kroll, the fortunate son of New York-based corporate investigations billionaire Jules Kroll, co-created the Comedy Central sketch comedy series “Kroll Show” (2013-2015) and dabbled in … CC ", Season 1, Episode 16 TV-14 HD CC CC HD But the show was, of course, focussed on more than just that, additionally poking at other social conventions and attitudes with Schumer often willing to play the fool or take things to an uncomfortable place. But the show became more than alternate programming for FOX in the early ’90s, using a blend of big comedy hooks, mindfulness, dance, and hip-hop influences to expand the reach of sketch comedy and topple the idea that being a prime time network show meant you had to consistently play it safe. Today’s all about comedy: the best sketches, specials, and podcasts. SD. “A Very Realistic Military Game” was one of the sketches that broke out, and it’s easy to see why. “Social Bankruptcy” highlights that. CC HD 2. Kroll Show, “Dr. It’s been 30 years since In Living Color premiered and the occasion of that anniversary sparked a thought: while there’s little competition for Saturday Night Live‘s crown as lords of sketch comedy right now, the launch of that show did spark a minor arms race. From the mind of Keenen Ivory Wayans, In Living Color was the ultimate SNL destroyer, created to court a younger audience with a vastly more diverse cast and focus. Don’t miss the season finale of Kroll Show - Tomorrow at 10:30/9:30c on Comedy Central…. Season 1, Episode 17 TV-14 Los Angeles. Michael McDonald proved to be one of MADtv‘s most reliable figures across his 10-season run, and Stuart, a weird man child, may be his best-remembered character, popping up 38 times. HD In 1989, Ben Stiller joined SNL with a want to make short films but bailed after a little more than a month. But… but… despite getting substantial contributions from almost every member of the Avengers of comedy over the last 30 years (I mean, holy hell, from Myers to Sandler to Ferrell to Fey, Poehler, Fallon, Samberg, Hader, Rudolph, McKinnon, and on and on) and creating standout moments with impressive regularity, SNL can’t possibly claim that top spot. The contrasting styles between Tim & Eric‘s “Prices” and Mr. Show‘s “Fairsley Difference” are interesting. HD MTV in the early ’90s represented a gentle cultural rebellion. All of a sudden, new options rushed in, creating fertile ground for innovation and inspiration that’s still being felt. If you don’t like those sketches, suggest your own. What stands as the best of these shows across that 30-year span and how has SNL evolved, impacted, and been impacted by the changing landscape? Inside Amy Schumer, “A Very Realistic Military Game” Sketch shows tend to have moments. Homey don’t… oh, you know. particularly excels at bringing new life to the reality-show parody, as is the case with “Tear Down.” Host and creator Scott Aukerman, who used to write on Mr. Show, knows exactly how to kill a joke so thoroughly that it becomes funnier than before. Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or later, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 10 or later. SD. As for the actual Comedy Central series, it buzzed with energy and irreverence, running a thread from start to finish while, overall, building on the group’s awesome contributions to the early days of Late Night with Conan O’Brien. CC Creator and star Tim Robinson has described "I Think You Should Leave" as centered around the comedy of avoiding embarrassment. The Birthday Boys’ style drew comparisons to early Kids In The Hall and other all-timers as they gently poked at cliches like heartstring twisting human interest stories and rom-com fairytales across just 20 episodes on IFC. There are also no weak links in the cast — look at the careers carved out by its alums, working together or on their own projects. But things fell apart once Keenen departed and the rest of the family followed. CC David Alan Grier, Tommy Davidson, and Kim Wayans did a lot of the heavy lifting, but it was Damon Wayans, and not Carrey, that should be remembered as the show’s true star. SD. HD SD. C-Czar enrolls in "Dad Academy," Pretty Liz's pregnancy creates tension on PubLizity, and another unsuspecting victim is pranked with Too Much Tuna. But she is great in a different way from a lot of other sketch performers on the list, whether they are Fred Armisen, Nick Kroll, or Key & Peele. But there is more to it. Unfortunately, the show ended after two seasons, but the members of the group all went onto individual success while occasionally crossing paths with each other.