Williams showed his appreciation for Black women by emphasizing the importance of acknowledging their accomplishments. In 2013, Thompson coined the phrase via the hashtag #BlackGirlsAreMagic— now shortened to #BlackGirlMagic—to create an online dialogue centered on the achievements of Black women, in a society that has historically recognized very few of these achievements. feel it reinforces the "strong Black woman" archetype that Black women often confront. Nzingha Stewart's goal of the episode was for the Black girls watching "to remember that they come from strong stock, and they too have that seed of black girl magic inside of them just waiting for them to act on it. [24][25], On October 30, 2016 musician Solange Knowles and public scholar Melissa Harris-Perry took the stage at CEMEX Auditorium for an intimate conversation about the Black Girl Magic, in the discussion Solange and Harris-Perry touched on the merits of formal education, issues of geopolitical racism, family dynamics and more, all in the context of race and what it means to be an African American woman. Knowing my history and what my people have survived before me has made me stronger.”[29] In 2018, NPR ranked "Blk Girl Soldier" as the #144 greatest song by a female or nonbinary artist in the 21st century, writing that the song is "tinged with sadness about injustices committed ‘last century, last week,’ but infused with the beautiful power of those who fought and keep fighting."[30]. Jackie Gordon, a candidate for Congress in New York’s 2nd District, writes about being a mother on…. Holidays. [1], Clarissa Joan of Madame Noir wrote a series of articles called "Black Girl Magic Defined" that addresses the day to day experience of living black girl magic. Be the first to contribute! Serena Williams may be the best known Black woman athlete, and her accomplishments have garnered her praise, recognition, accolades, sponsorships, and veneration. [48], While many Black women support the concept of Black Girl Magic, some[who?] Solange, who pushes the agenda of Black excellence and has been very vocal about the issues of intersectionality in America, shared her thoughts on Black Girl Magic with Harris-Perry. The shirts have also gained some celebrity recognition, with prominent young Black women such as Willow Smith, Amandla Stenberg Ryan Destiny, Yara Shahidi, Zendaya, Lupita Nyong'o, Laura Harrier and many other incredible Black women and girls posting pictures of themselves on various social media platforms wearing their Black Girls Are Magic gear. The Black Girl Magic Awards Laurel and Annie find an upside to being bad wives, and Jenae Holloway hosts the Black Girl Magic Awards with her guests Emaan England, Lauren Sills, and Alexandria Prather. [19] Additionally, Essence has a segment of their website dedicated to celebrating the achievements of Black girls.[20]. Williams' objective was to make the audience as well as viewers understand that Black Girl Magic is not just a hashtag but it is a slogan that is connected to deeply rooted pain and unspoken historical events of oppression, discrimination and dehumanization. [1], "I say 'magic' because it's something that people don't always understand," Thompson told The Los Angeles Times. The erasure of the Black women who created and popularized the phrase rankled members of the community who constantly see Black women's contributions erased or minimized. [44] Reuters recognized Brianna Rollins, Nia Ali, and Kristi Castlin for their sweep of the high hurdles. Undercover: "The Legend of Bad, Bad Cleo Brown" was written by two Black women, Raynelle Swilling and Teri Schaffer, directed by a Black woman, Nzingha Stewart, and stars a Black actress, Zendaya. "[36] According to scholar Charlotte Theys, Formation is a rejection and reconstruction of the stereotypical black woman. The Colour Network presents The Black Magic Awards. Hosted by comedian Eddie Kadi and Heart FM’s presenter Annaliese Dayes. The article was retracted, but the negative message is pervasive. All three women proved the enduring spirit of Black people. [31] According to the artist, the song is written for "sisters like me, with skin as dark as the night that shines so effortlessly. [12] As its usage has grown, the expression has drawn criticism as well as staunch defenders. Essence and Beverly Bond are both trying to trademark the term. We’re stronger than our grandmothers, you know what I’m saying? New Year's Eve. [43] The Root featured athletes Maya Moore, Tori Bowie, Michelle Carter, Shamier Little, Ajee Wilson, Ashleigh Johnson, Alysia Montano, and Brittney Reese for embracing their Black Girl Magic prior to the Olympic games. Hosted by Capital Xtra’s award-winning presenter Remel London, the ceremony honoured 16 inspirational women of colour and celebrated their remarkable contributions to entertainment, business, sport, fashion, community, music and more. Award Win Active Date: Thursday, February 28, 2019 - 15:33. ", "Black Girl Magic Defined (Pt. Actor and activist Sean Patrick Thomas discusses why paid leave is essential to Black families across the country. [38] Additionally, Halliday and Brown argue that "Feeling Myself" by Nicki Minaj featuring Beyoncé is a "#blackgirlmagic anthem" that Black girls use to empower themselves.[39]. [8] Speaking about the song's video, Woods states, "The goal of the ‘Blk Girl Soldier’ video is to lift up the Black women throughout history and today who inspire me and who are doing brilliant artistic and activist work. In January 2014, Thompson began selling T-shirts sporting the "Black Girls Are Magic" logo that she created with her friend. [28] Woods draws on the popular understanding of Black Girl Magic as a quality of power and perseverance in Black women and girls that people "don't understand", yet she further enriches the concept by centering the historic contributions of Black female revolutionaries such as Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Rosa Parks, Ella Baker, Audre Lorde, Angela Davis, and Assata Shakur. [49], Rachel Dolezal received criticism for her appearance at a natural hair rally in Dallas, Texas. BET celebrates the accomplishments of Angela Bassett, Regina King, Ciara, Debra Martin Chase, H.E.R. The concept was born as a way to "celebrate the beauty, power and resilience of Black women,” as described by Julee Wilson from HuffPost, and to congratulate Black women on their accomplishments. [8] With footage of a contemporary #SayHerName protest, Woods draws a line from abolitionism through the civil rights movement and Black feminism to modern day political activism, linking these movements as expressions of Black Girl Magic. Whether your kids are returning to the classroom or learning…. The film celebrates the beauty that each woman possesses and talks about ways to overcome obstacles that are faced daily. Gear up because your family is about to ace school. Year this Award was Won: 2 019. [21] While the popularity of the shirts started among active social media users, Thompson was quickly surprised to see that people were also buying them as gifts for granddaughters, daughters, and nieces, as they felt that the message was encouraging for young girls too. [53], "Why everyone's saying 'Black Girls are Magic, "The Meaning Of #BlackGirlMagic, And How You Can Get Some Of It", "What Is Black Girl Magic? Black Girl Magic (#BlackGirlMagic) is a movement that was popularized by CaShawn Thompson in 2013.