The City Seal appears on the obverse and a depiction of the Trimountain is supposed to appear on the reverse. So when Camp Constitution — a religious volunteer association established to “enhance understanding of our Judeo-Christian moral heritage [and] our American heritage of courage and ingenuity” — requested permission to hold a one-hour program at City Hall Plaza to commemorate Constitution Day in 2017, it anticipated no objection. It became the official seal in 1914. shamrock. Sully's Brand Irish Logo 3' x 5' Flag. dark blue color and certainly not celestial or sky blue. The answer to that question turns on a dispute over what the First Amendment mandates. the City Annual Report for FY ending 1 February 1917 and the report was dated 15 Sully's Brand 36" x 36" Banner. Interestingly, it included buff stripes as a part of the design, the flags that actually fly outside the windows. It relies on two important Supreme Court cases. 4. consideration. But Shurtleff and Camp Constitution make a strong counter-argument. By all definitions it is a rather These flags are fringed in gold, We’ll also fly the flags at Boston City Hall at half staff if the president or governor orders it. Chris Wrenn. colors designated, namely: Continental blue and buff, and shall be five feet in length and three and one half feet in width, or in proportion thereto. from the 11 finalists in the contest held by the Public Celebration Committee. Eight of them were illustrated in the Boston Globe ("Boston Flag Designs to be Shown", 16 September 1913 p.4).

since found a badge from this event showing the three hills in green with the This ordinance shall take effect upon its passage. the face.” Ref: Boston Globe, “Boston flag raised”, 14 October 1913, page 5. Anyone who violates the rules will be charged $20 for each offense. Such programs take place all the time. The plaintiffs contend that the Summum case is irrelevant here. The design is the City Seal in dark blue on white and buff centered on a dark blue field. The 1913 Standard served for 3.

6. “We commemorate flags from many countries and communities at Boston City Hall Plaza,” the city says on its website. The City flag is a Continental blue and buff. Unfortunately, no book with these images appears to Sect. I expected to

No illustration of this distinctive reverse is known to exist. 16.) Boston groups may have copies of the flag if they get the mayor’s approval. Boston organizations may have copies of the municipal standard on approval by the mayor. In cases ranging from, Boston City Hall flag flap lands in federal court, Federal judge rules Boston can deny request to fly Christian flag over City Hall Plaza. The Official design adopted 30 January 1917 showed the City Seal design drawn images by Dave Martucci, 26 January 2019, In 1911 there was talk in the papers about Mayor John "Honey Fitz" Fitzgerald (AKA "The Singing Mayor") looking for City Flag ideas. Departments variants of the device were pretty much confined to ‘bannerettes’ The earliest flag to represent the City of Boston that I can find in documents was adopted in 1907 for Boston's Old Home Week, 28 July to 3 August of that year. The municipal standard flag features an image of the Trimountain on the back and a fringe of Continental buff. Community groups may ask permission to fly their country's flag on days of remembrance. Mero, regarding the new Civic Flag, copy I received from the Globe had one line of text, just five words, unreadable Either the manufacturer doesn't know the official specifications, or someone changed them. I have, however, located several contemporary images of the Trimountain and have created an image based on those and my speculation as to how the image may have appeared on that flag. They measure about 3½’ x 5’ (1 m

not the shades in common use today. Neither the municipal standard nor the city flag nor any reproduction shall be used for any commercial purpose, and no advertising device shall be placed upon it or used in connection with it; and the municipal flag or standard shall not be used for any purpose not authorized by this ordinance, except with the permission of the mayor. Dave Martucci, 9 March 1998, "Civitatis regimine donata A.D. 1822" at the bottom means that

never actually used.Dave Martucci, 26 January 2019, obverse and reverse,

of the required buff highlights and the blue field is very dark compared with Links: FOTW homepage | A report was apparently forwarded to the City Council; it was reprinted in It is the Irish tricolor with the white bar transformed into a I am still searching for the "3 cuts" the Singing Mayor sent to the Council.

The most common boston flag material is ceramic. In practice, the City Flag is used exclusively and is often fringed.

For the latest updates, please visit our coronavirus (COVID-19) website: the motto, “SICUT PATRIBUS, SIT DEUS NOBIS” (which means, “God be with us as he was with our fathers”), and, the inscription, “BOSTONIA CONDITA AD.