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Yeah I suppose it might help, though at the same time I think my tracks have a recognizable character to them. Post a comment. It won an Emmy every year. His tracks and edits have found their way into sets from DJs as diverse as Space Dimension Controller, Mr. G, The Revenge, his heroes Sasha and John Digweed, Tasker, Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve and B.Traits. Twitch streaming is a booming business! I don’t know how I came across the James Holden mix – I remember seeing it on my recommended videos on YouTube, and at that point it had 2,000 views and now that link has like 500,000 views, and I listened to it, and I listened to it again. Your email address will not be published. by Julia Connor. I’ll have a drink. Before doing it I looked at it, and they’re brutal. “If you spoke to me when I was 20 – I think I got it out of my system. The scene sounded so vibrant and I couldn’t wait to get over there. What have been your top three live performances? And then the week I moved to Berlin was my first time playing at Panorama Bar, which was also for CSD [Christopher Street Day], essentially Gay Pride, so the pressure was on! I usually bring vinyl as a backup to the CDJs, tonight I have four USBs – I was joking this morning, what if I brought all these CDs and tripped everybody out? It all will surface this year and I’ve never been more excited or proud of a project. His musical upbringing and classical training clearly permeate all of his work and there are even more strings to his bow, as he sits on a range of unreleased material including ambient, techno and deep house EPs. His exhaustive DJ schedule sees him play everywhere from Panorama Bar to giant student unions. Rewind to the Toronto native’s pre-Aus days and his first releases ‘Over & Done’ (Infinite Machine) and ‘Baby Let Me Finish’ (Somethinksounds) of 2012 fall somewhere into the post-dubstep genre, with tracks like ‘Nami Swan’ and ‘when there’s nothing left’ putting you right at the heart of a stirring and expansive soundscape. I don’t know, I tried to convey the story as well as I could.” Did you go in and explain yourself? There are a few nasty comments, but I think mine has more comments than any of the other ones. So then I took that record off, tightened the needle, put on the next record and it only came out of the left side! After you went through that mugging ordeal in the park how long were you out of action for? It’s one of the best shows ever. )“Yeah, I’m not big on involving myself on the internet.” Well as long as you’re not being outrageously homophobic or advocating that people take knives into clubs… Those are the two big ones that have happened recently. I didn’t know anyone in Berlin, and then Avalon moved I guess a year ahead of me. One is with him, my friend Alex. He’s also been busy producing a live show based on classic anime film ‘Akira’. I either would have had to bring a translator to come and help me do the whole thing, or have an app listen to every piece of dialogue; I don’t know if you saw my phone but I barely have the CPU to do Google Translate as it is.” The reason I ask is that I saw you did leave a comment on the RA piece that Andrew Ryce did. The nightclub has unveiled its programme for the first three months of 2017. So I was like, where can I go? The kids can sleep on the couch.”. “There’s one YouTube comment where someone got on my case about using a particular dub, I’m just like, that’s the dub I grew up with. So right now in my apartment, I’ve got my vinyls, and this growing stack of CDs that I’ll never use except for ripping them. It’s about a samurai who has to fight this giant evil thing named Aku, and he gets flung into the future, like the year 5000, and at that point Aku controls the world, and he’s trying to get to the past. That mix, I started with the same track that James Holden’s Balance mix starts with, that’s sort of an ode to the greatest mix of all time. podcast review opinion elite dangerous news bwana twitch fortnite battle-royale warframe bestof switch nintendo h1z1 apex-legends ps4 stream monsterhunter subathon save-the-world first post spider-man minecraft pubg ffxiv drama inktober art welcome It wasn’t really a conscious decision and I’m definitely not only focusing on things influenced by prog house.

On the other hand, you’ll go on Reddit and see me get destroyed by Akira fans – like ‘how can you not use the Japanese?’ Well I don’t speak Japanese so I would have butchered the language. What are the key differences between producing and performing in Berlin compared with Toronto? 01:42 - Ninja Leaves Twitch for Mixer! I guess because my online persona people think I don’t drink because it’s a fitness thing, but really it started mostly because I have to take codeine occasionally for migraines, and I just don’t want to mix the two. It was a complete accident that I ended up there, it was the only place I found an apartment, but it ended up being great ’cause I think I work harder – not harder – I definitely get a lot more done than everyone else I know in terms of writing music, and I think a lot of that comes down to – ‘Hey we’re going to the club!’ I’m 25 minutes away…” Twenty-five minutes is nothing! It was a real pain in the ass to buy! I believe that versatility leads to longevity. I remember writing that out and immediately after I was like ‘oh god were there spelling mistakes? They probably have those CDJs that don’t take CDs. I don’t know. “Living in Berlin has been great because I moved there like ‘let’s go for this music thing’ without any fall-back plan. Playing at Panorama Bar a few times has definitely helped my confidence and led me to taking more risks. They introduced me to a lot of great music and helped to introduce me to other people in Leeds. It was a time when dubstep had a well-established scene but the house and techno now affiliated with the city was beginning to emerge. Do you think it’s ever going to be necessary to be more stylistically restrictive in order for people to be able to recognise the ‘Bwana sound’, for example for your first full-length? James Brown with a 15 piece band. Did the city’s musical reputation influence your decision to spend a year here? It was definitely a learning curve – I don’t want to be a DJ forever, so that’s the goal afterwards. “Obviously a lot of trance is 140+ bpm and you can’t really pull that off unless you’re playing at 4am in Berghain, but in a lot of my sets I slow it down to 115/120.

He died of some rare eye injury, but I’m starting to dive into the American stuff, and there’s just so much. Maybe it’s because of the scarcity of releases, I’m sure as much or more was being released, but I guess the exposure of a thousand promos a day, whereas back then it was like, oh my god, this CD, I’ve been waiting for months, whereas now it’s like, oh, this mp3 mix, whatever.”. It’s so typical, and I spend so much money on these records I’d rather just rip them and you know it’s going to work. I get up in the morning and just work work work. Our lengthy conversation moved from trance to Capsule’s Pride and in a host of other directions, including future projects, his move to Berlin and his friendship with Avalon Emerson, who remixed the title track of his latest EP. Thu, 08 Dec 2016. I spend a lot of my time digging and when you start finding so much great music it’s hard not to play it. Enjoy the show! Welcome to Episode 304 of Tech Talk with Bwana. It’s safe to say: expect the unexpected from Bwana. It’s fun to try new things and I have no idea how some people can just write the same sounding things for any given number of years. Anyway, it ended in 2000/1 without any closure, and they’re just doing a new show now on Adult Swim.