Probably, every person has a favorite simulator. Sometimes there are different troubles like a bear who takes away the player’s animals, livestock deaths of crop damage. Get rid of Pandora's Boxes in the levels by popping bubbles. Google Play offers hundreds of such games for mobile devices. Atlantis Adventure is a match 3 style Free Facebook Game, follow the adventure and see if you can get to the final secrets in this magical place. Hyper casual games are in trend. The rise in these “Snackable” games is clear to see and we see no slow down of demand any time soon. Now such games can please not only the fans of the genre, but visual persons, too. Play Indy Cat the stunning match 3 game played free on Facebook. All racings, football, basketball, golf, tennis games and even fightings fall into this category. Others prefer construction projects where you get to erect houses, accumulating the resources necessary for ths purpose.

As a rule, you play for some group of animals or people who have found themselves, say, on a desert island that they need to get away from before they die of hunger or start fighting among themselves.

I do not pretend to have made a full review of all existing kinds of casual games — I think it is practically unreal — but you all have certainly played these games.

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Sortierung: nach Zugriffen. Attention games — where you need to find a lost object or spot differences — appeared long before the “Computer era”.

Once in a while the buildings bring profit to the player. Modern romantic minigames are distinguished by high-quality graphics, a great variety of plots and gameplay. Early-2000s categorizations by Big Fish Games and Gamezebo, a casual game review site named seven popular genres in casual games: Puzzle games: Bejeweled series, Collapse! The Farms are among the world’s most popular mobile games.

In general, there is something for everybody. In the market there is a big variety of such games, executed in the classical style, as well as featuring unusual design, gameplay and original plots. One of the freshest games to take advantage of the iPhone and iPod Touch’s multi-touch screen, Zen Bound has you wrapping a length of string around wooden figurines carved into various animal and geometric shapes while Finnish downtempo electronic artist Ghost Monkey’s soundtrack tickles your eardrums. We know, we still haven’t told anyone that you spend at least an hour every day tending a little plot of cartoon farmland that exists in your Facebook account. Play match 3 like never before with the help of the gods themselves. Arcades are the ones that we like and have played since childhood — at first on Dendy, then on a schoolmate’s PC, next on a smartphone bought by parents as a birthday gift. Thematisch handelt es sich z. In some of them you need to find some things and fill “circles”, while only locations vary in others, yet others remind you of quest games. I have singled out this genre of simulators because such games, as a rule, combine the elements of economic and building simulators, and at times comprise the elements of arcades. -, In order to perform that operation, we need to use cookies. Casual Games (englisch Gelegenheitsspiele) ist ein Modewort für einfache elektronische Spiele, die sich durch eine besonders leichte Zugänglichkeit, intuitive Eingabemethoden, das kooperative Gameplay sowie schnelle Erfolgserlebnisse auszeichnen. Many of them go with the 18+ mark.

Examples include draughts, chess, backgammon and a considerable number of “gambling” games — cards, roulettes, poker, slots and what not. All Rights Reserved. During this time arcades have progressed strongly, the visuals have became more clear-cut and beautiful, the plots and gameplay — more original. The gameplay is so enjoyable that World of Goo’s cheeky art style and endearing story seem like brightly colored icing on an already delicious cupcake. With nearly a billion downloads, Voodoo only lost to Facebook and … $29.99: City Simulation---To The Moon--Windows, Linux, Mac: See Full List. Twitter:, Discord:,, From Indie to AAA: Notes from a Video Game Writer, UX Analysis of Marvel Contest of Champions, Clash of Clans: An Econ Teacher’s Guide To Clan War League Theory, SXSW: How gamers are taking over AI and blockchain & rewriting the future.

There is a large number of games devoted to romantic relationships — the otome genre and date simulators.