Amazon Echo Dots have become so popular, it seems most homes have a couple lying around. He has been co-hosting Live with Kelly and Ryan on a permanent basis since May 2017. Steven Spielberg In 2017, he became the first rapper to be honored at the songwriters Hall Of Fame in 2017.

Sense and Sensibility sold well, so Austen published Pride and Prejudice in 1813, a novel she completed when she was only 21.

Joe Cornish Paula Maxine Patton is an American actress born on 5th December 1975 in Los Angeles. Made of 100 percent polyester, this rug would be right at home in your bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom. He was born on 1st December 1935 with a career spanning over six decades as a Director, Writer and Actor. Jean-Luc Godard Christina Aguilera, Jake Gyllenhaal

Taylor Hackford Jennifer Connelly.

Lars Ulrich LeBron James Actress Vanessa Hudgens, born Dec. 14, 1988. Famous People Born On December 12th.

She released her first Studio album Pink Friday in 2010 which peaked at number 1 on the US Billboard 200. Tracey Ullman Actress Raven-Symoné, born Dec. 10, 1985.

He received Emmy award nominations for American Idol from 2004 to 2013 and again in 2016 he won an Emmy for producing Jamie Oliver’s food Revolution in 2010. Jennifer Carpenter Actor Anthony Hopkins, born Dec. 31, 1937. The foundation has nine centers all around America and in 2012 he name Selena Gomez as the Ambassador to the foundation. DMX AnnaSophia Robb, Judi Dench These honest and trustworthy individuals are unassuming and amicable, however they often tend to be a little short tempered. Jordin Sparks, Harry Shearer Jackson Rathbone, Adam Brody For his role in the movie, The Wolf of the Wall Street (2013) he received Academy Award nominations for best supporting actor.

Her music has an influence of Electronic music genres especially Electropop.

Julie Taymor Actress Hailee Steinfeld, born Dec. 11, 1996. Augusta Ada King-Noel died at the age of 36, but she managed to make a serious mark on humanity in her short life. Keith Richards

Julie Delpy, Ralph Fiennes Actress Felicity Huffman, born Dec. 9, 1962. She is also an ardent supporter of women’s rights.

Musician Jimmy Buffett, born Dec. 25, 1946. Alison Brie Schermerhorn was born on December 29 1982. Dominic Monaghan

TV and radio personality Ryan Seacrest, born Dec. 24, 1974. Nicholas Sparks. The iconically elongated ears will brighten up any Star Wars fan’s room and get them ready for the new season of the show. Kristy Swanson

Chuck Liddell Miranda Otto 1. Golf pro Tiger Woods, born Dec. 30, 1975 . Denzel Hayes Washington has received much critical acclaim for his work since the eighties including his portrayal of real life figures such as South African anti-apartheid activist Steve Biko in Cry Freedom (1987). Two more novels followed, all published anonymously. Rob Sheffield of The Rolling Stone defined Britney’s singing style by saying- , “Britney Spears carries on the Classic archetype of the rock and roll teen queen”. She went on to write several more well-received novels, mostly horror and some humor. It's not just that Baby Yoda's grinning on the box; the cereal itself also has marshmallow pieces shaped like the character. She is well known for the use of extravagant costumes and wigs in her Music Videos.

December 3 Amanda Seyfried Julianne Moore Jenna Dewan-Tatum Jean-Luc Godard Ozzy Osbourne Daryl Hannah Brendan Fraser Holly Marie Combs Anna Chlumsky. Jennifer Beals

Steven Bauer

CelebrityBorn.Com brings you the information about all famous celebrities/personalities/people sharing your birth month. Andy Wachowski A brilliant mathematician, she was up to the task, and developed the world's first computer software, a century before there was an actual computer to use it. He is the recipient of three Golden Globes awards, a Tony award. Steven Bochco

Theresa Randle This 1023-piece LEGO set allows you to recreate the vessel brick by brick. When his record sales flagged, Sinatra became a record company executive, but ultimately made comebacks with his music in both the '60s and the '70s, while constantly adding to his acting credits.

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Sitemap | With this Baby Yoda stand, you can make sure you'll always know which one is yours. C. Thomas Howell The models include a vacuum bottle with The Mandalorian logo, a trigger-action mug showcasing The Child, and an insulated tumbler with Mando's helmet on it. Shane Black

Regina Hall The magazine was flooded with calls and letters, people canceled their subscriptions and others still, believing it was nonfiction, inquired as to how they could witness the ritual in the story. Two more of her novels were published posthumously.

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Jay-z has an individual net worth of 900 million making him the richest Hip Hop artist in the world. Steve Buscemi Daryl Hannah Samuel Leroy Jackson born December 21 1948 is an American actor and film producer. 12 Hollywood Celebrities with Birthdays in December. Ray Romano

Britney Spears And since these are from Stanley, you know your drinks will be kept at just the right temperature for up to 24 hours. And there's plenty of that available for the series' sophomore season on Disney+, whether you want to invest hours in a new LEGO set or just want to kick back and have a drink out of a Baby Yoda-shaped tiki mug. Contact Newsday | John Amos So, here is a list of 12 Famous Hollywood Celebrities who graced this month with their birthdays. Singer Christina Aguilera, born Dec. 18, 1980.

Felicity Huffman However, some of the negative traits of these people are that at times they can be blunt and aggressive and tend to lose their temper very easily.

Onika Tanya Maraj, professionally known as Nicki Minaj was born on December 8 ,1982 in Trinidad and Tobago and raised in Queens, she is an American rapper, songwriter, actress and model.

Her service impressed Red Cross officials in Europe, and Barton spent the next several years lobbying for the United States to open a chapter—the American Red Cross—which was established in 1881. Marla Sokoloff, Jonah Hill

Lucky! Jay-Z is also one of the world’s best selling music artists. Jimmy Buffett Tom Wilkinson JoBeth Williams

Also Read : Everything You need to know about Jackie Earle Haley. 5 of Spears’s singles have reached number 1 in the United States.

Ray Walston, Amanda Seyfried CCH Pounder Screen Reader Users: To optimize your experience with your screen reading software, please use our website, which has the same tickets as our and websites. Wendie Malick Tony Todd Mekhi Phifer Whether it’s a wordy epic that chronicles the show’s backstory or an orchestral piece that lends itself to. Check out some of our favorite products below. In his clutches is Baby Yoda, and the pair strikes a pose that's perfect for displaying on a desk or bookshelf. Britney Spears, Jay-Z, and more: Find out which of your favorite stars have birthdays during the holidays.

Sammy Davis, Jr. was destined for show business. Actress Jennifer Connelly, born Dec. 12, 1970. Jane Austen wrote her heart out from an early age, but did not publish her first novel until 1811, when she was 36 years old. Get exclusive deals, product news, reviews, and more with the Mental Floss Smart Shopping newsletter.


In just two hours she produced the short story "The Lottery" [PDF], about a small town where every year, residents draw slips of paper, and one unlucky "winner" is stoned to death. Jonah Hill Feldstein born on December 20, 1983 is an American Actor, Director, Producer Screenwriter and Comedian.

Emily Browning He assigned young Ada with figuring out how to input data to make the computer, well, compute. Singer and Actor. Kit Harington The second season of The Mandalorian is here, and that means a tidal wave of new merchandise is already on store shelves for eager fans to devour. Jane Fonda Known for their good sense of humor, these individuals detest any sort of restrictions and take high pride in themselves. Bette Midler Earn 125 points on every ticket you buy. Kiefer Sutherland Great thinkers and blessed with great teaching skills, the individuals born on the cusp, love children and are extremely loving and caring towards their partner. Jay-Z (49) American rapper, producer, and actor, co-founded Roc-A-Fella Records. (28). When his hearing began to fail at around age 30, he stopped performing and dedicated his life to composing.

He has also won two Academy Awards-one for Best Supporting Actor for the historical war drama film Glory (1989) and Best Actor for his role as a corrupt cop in the crime thriller Training Day (2001).