A biweekly podcast answering listener questions about any and all subjects, from Art to History to Religion to Landscape Management to Pottery Resonance to Forestry Analytics to... you get the idea. The always hilarious Eddie Pepitone is finally on the podcast! The legendary William Shatner chats with Chris and Jonah about his upcoming show Shatner’s World in movie theaters around the country, his love of making people laugh and his thoughts on the future! Nerdist friend Brent Weinbach drops by to chat about video game music. Neko Case (musician, The New Pornographers) is back on the podcast! Neil Finn (musician, Crowded House) chats with Chris about starting his career in the late 1970's, how his music has evolved over the years and how his band Crowded House was formed. Matt gets a new job!!! He and Chris catch up with each other, they talk about the amazing world of wrestling and how wrestling has created such a connection with it’s fans. The ad was for a man who was willing to let someone stay in his home for free under the contingent that they wear a Walrus Suit. They also talk about working on Moon, the recent passing of his father and the responsibilities of being a director. It was an offshoot of CircaOldHouses.com, which itself has stunning (albeit more expensive) homes for sale, many of which are historical. Domhnall Gleeson (Ex Machina, Black Mirror, Star Wars: The Force Awakens) chats with Chris and Matt about spoiling all the movies he has been in, filming Ex Machina, and how surreal it was being in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. He joins Chris, Matt and Jonah for the live show in Toronto at the JFL42 festival. Jim Rash returns to the podcast! They also talk about Max’s newest book Minecraft The Island, how he got the idea for the book and playing Minecraft with his son! John Boyega (Star Wars, Attack the Block) chats with Chris about all Chris' Star Wars memorabilia, how he got into acting and going to theater school as a kid. Brian Posehn's infant son wiped out all of Springfield (schwaaa?). They also talk about their newest album Better Nature and they play three songs for the podcast! Genius! The guys recap their Comic-Cons, Matt talks about his trip to Finland and Chris went to Hearst Castle. Gabe Newell part two! ELEVENTH DOCTOR MATT SMITH!!! Corey talks about getting sober and healthy, his problem with the Grammy Awards and Slipknot’s new album .5: The Gray Chapter! The Office! Talk of leeches, Steven Moffat Muppets, Karen's love of Lt. Chris Hardwick grew up in Australia, traveled the world, and now lives in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. He talks about his new book Gun Machine, coming up with ideas for his novels and the monster that is social networking! Neil deGrasse Tyson (astrophysicist, StarTalk) returns to the Nerdist for a fourth time! Bill Burr returns to the Nerdist for a third time! Pete Holmes (comedian, You Made It Weird podcast) chats with Chris and Matt about how Pete really wants to believe in ghosts, his new show Crashing on HBO and their love of Shark Tank. Nathan Fillion joins Chris, Matt and Jonah to talk about people recognizing him from Firefly, Matt talks about what he wants to name his kid and they talk about the newest Fast and Furious movie trailer. Chris, Jonah and Matt return to Tom's house to see how things have changed since that first episode... Voice actor extraordinaire Tom Kenny comes on the show to talk about doing silly voices, getting out of speeding tickets and how crappy Christmas songs can make you feel! We also get her take on all things politics and have her read an excerpt from the book. Linda also talks about coming from a large family, she tells a story about a piece of artwork she lost and they talk about her new show Dead to Me, on Netflix now! Chrissy also talks about going from being an agent to an actor, the path she has chosen for her life and her new movie Breakthrough! Number 21: iPhone Announcements from WWDC10, Live @ Largo w/ Tom Lennon, Mike Phirman and Paul & Storm. Craig Ferguson (The Late Late Show, Join or Die) is back on the podcast! She & Him (Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward) talk to Chris about their favorite Christmas tree types, what they like about the holidays and how weird raising kids can be. Joining the show is Kevin Pereira, Judah Friedlander and the guys from RiffTrax, plus some very special guests! They also come up with the million dollar idea of Shitstagram! The legendary Alan Arkin (Kominsky Method, Argo, Little Miss Sunshine, Slums of Beverly Hills, Glengarry Glen Ross, The In-Laws, and a million other amazing things) is on the podcast! And then we take a picture in the bathroom! Darren also talks about interactive experiences he creates, how genre films are reviewed and his new movie St. Agatha! John Stamos (Full House, Grandfathered) chats with Chris about their love of Disneyland, their mutual friend Bob Saget and his time on General Hospital. She also talks about getting her show You Up with Nikki Glaser on SiriusXM, meeting Howard Stern and goals they have recently set for themselves! Chase Morrill--from your new favorite show Maine Cabin Masters--chats with Chris about life in Maine, how he built a home restoration company with his family and friends that became a show, the process of crafting renovation projects around personal stories, and how he wants to inspire people to build things. They also talk about their love of ghost hunter shows and their comedy special on a bus, Crash Test! Chris casts fire hands through Skyrim with his Dark Elf Mage, Jiene Wyldre, Jonah discovers rowing and Matt hates his middle name (but still loves Dave Matthews Band). He talks about growing up in LA without the intent of being an actor, taking roles he finds interesting, that elaborate dick joke on Silicon Valley, and his new horror film Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead. Matt walks everywhere now! Make sure to listen until the end for a couple songs from the sound check! Shane West (Salem, Nikita, A Walk To Remember) talks with Chris, Matt and Jonah about his character of John Alden in Salem, shooting the TV show in Louisiana, and what the world was really like during the witch trials. It was truly hilarious and I hope he continues to do it! Also, Jonah auditioned for a horror movie, they talk about going to Disneyland in the rain and more! The delightful Anna Kendrick sits down with Chris to discuss how they met shooting the Ben Folds/Fraggles music video, the anxiety of being nominated for an Academy Award and they talk about their different tactics for arguing! Lots of fun, interesting topics, and guests that suit my personality and style. They also talk about CG versus models, coming up with the individual characters and what to expect for season 2 on Stranger Things! He and Chris sit down at ASCAP to talk about his upcoming book about addiction called Gratitude and Trust, being the president of ASCAP and he sings a song just for Chris! Tom Lennon returns to the Nerdist for a third (check that!) Mild but not Earth-shattering spoilers ensue and in between jokes about using babies as camera phones the guys actually get into some uncharacteristically heavy relationship break-up talk. Maulik Pancholy (Sanjay and Craig, 30 Rock) and Chris have a Sanjay and Craig reunion! SOCIALS Twitter @LatinosOutLoud_ IG/FB: @WeAreLatinosOutLoud #Latinosoutloud Learn more abou…, The legendary John Cleese is back on the podcast! Elizabeth Marvel (Fargo, True Grit, new show Helstrom) chats with Chris about embracing technology, what following the Grateful Dead on tour taught her about performing, and what it’s like living on a farm during the pandemic. It's the first show from SDCC 2016 at the Balboa Theater! He and Chris talk about coming up with his show Magic for Humans, how he has found his voice as a magician and he talks about getting into magic as a kid. His performances as Vito Corleone, Stanley Kowalski, and Terry Malloy earned him multiple awards. The directos and star of the movie Zero Charisma (which is being distributed by Nerdist Industries! It’s some hostful goodness! A highly informative hostful episode indeed. Jonah is still obsessed with Ray Donovan, Chris dropped his lucky pen and there's a special appearance by Bruce Gutter's family!