This activity is a simple poetry activity, but also just a words activity to help kids think about different words and build vocabulary. My kids love figuring this one out and I love the variety of jobs and the sweet illustrations. This fun book is the featured book for this week’s Virtual Book Club for kids. Click and purchase through a link and you send a few pennies towards My Storytime Corner at no additional cost to you. 2. They love learning how community helpers serve and protect their community every day. In part because your kids will want to read it again and again. Introduce Community Helpers. Written by Andrea Zimmerman and David Clemesha If you are planning a community helper unit check out these amazing resources…. This book is not just about community helpers but it does have poems about many things we see daily. Their uniforms, their jobs, their trucks – it is all super interesting to toddlers and preschoolers. You can also have your learners complete the workpage included in the link below as an extension to the poem. 1.The first stage of this activity is an exploration stage and that was what my kids did as their morning activity. Since we are deep into a month about poetry for kids so I had to tie in some poetry to our story time. Written by Kathryn Heling and Deborah Hembrook We did this activity after we had already read all three of the books above. If you’re looking for ways to extent all those fun poetry read alouds you are doing – here are some more fantastic ideas. Community Helpers (to the tune of "Oh My Darling Clementine") Community helpers, Community helpers, Community helpers, All around, They are people we rely on, To help make a great town. Again, if you’re doing this with a younger child they will need more support. This poem can also be used to introduce new community helpers. By reading the poem with a new helper each time, they are building their accuracy, fluency, practicing new sight words, concepts of print and more without even knowing! Children have very kind and compassionate hearts. This week were are going to explore this interest of Community Helpers. Join our community of over 6,000 creative parents, teachers, and childcare providers! Discover (and save!) Note: bananagrams tiles are quite small so I wouldn’t leave them out with kids who tend to mouth things or with kids under 3. I love introducing units in a fun and engaging way and this community helper interactive poem is perfect for the job. This activity is a simple poetry activity, but also just a words activity to help kids think about different words and build vocabulary. Home » BLOG » Community Helpers Interactive Poem. Community Helpers Poem and Craft- Five Little Firefighters October 10, 2014 By Deirdre Creating a paper doll chain of firefighters to go along with the poem “Five Little Firefighters” would be a great way to celebrate these community helpers. You can focus on reading strategies or how each helper works in our community to explore the poem in more detail. When they were happy with their poem they read it aloud to me. Are you a member of the amazing Weekly Virtual Book Club community on Facebook? Each page has clothes hanging out to dry and the reader is invited to figure out what occupation they belong to before they turn the page. If they were still happy and didn’t need to “edit” it then we glued it to the construction paper with a glue stick. They opted to cut out their words. Stay in Touch! Don't forget to subscribe! I can’t wait to see what you do with our bookclub book this week. Having them dictate words and watching you write are helpful for developing literacy skills as well. They played around with the words – what order they wanted them in. Sing-along to today's featured song \"Community Helpers\"Watch more here: Beats \u0026 Basic: Numbers \u0026 Me: fun and excellent educational tool during your child's formative and growing up years--truly a priceless gift.This song is from \"Well Loved Educational Songs\" album, a part of the 150 Songs: Kids Sing Along Collection. They played around with the letters and looked at the books. My twins focused on the books and made a few words with the tiles. Illustrated by Dan Yaccarino. Next my kids each chose a truck (an object would work) and we sounded out how to spell that truck. Here is a collection of songs and rhymes for a Community Helper theme, for preschool, pre-k and kindergarten lesson plans and curriculum. your own Pins on Pinterest I re-read Trashy Town and a few of the poems. I laid this activity out on Saturday morning as a Morning Invitations for my twins. They love being the “teacher” and having control of the helpers they add to the poem. I spelled out the word TRUCK on the table and then left the rest of the letters scattered around on the table. Teaching little learners about our community is one of my favorite units! All product recommendations and opinions are honest and my own. Whose Hat is This? Illustrated by Andy Robert Davies. I love the way this books shows different ways to play with words on paper and it helped inspire our activity below. Young children are often fascinated by these people. These are the activities from our team of co-hosts this week! Please read our disclosure here. Community Helpers Poetry Morning Invitation This month’s A Read A Day theme is Poetry for National Poetry Month so we definitely have poetry on the brains. Depending on the age of your child they may put the letters in order, sort them, try to spell some words, or maybe just build a tower out of the tiles. They are the mail carriers and fire fighters and garbage collectors and construction workers that help build and deliver and fix our neighborhoods and communities every day. We frequently use the tiles for working on sight words because it gives them some tactile input and interaction with materials that helps one of my kids internalize words more. For younger kids, you will need to write these words down for them. Community Helper Vehicles Count and Clip Cards, Community Helpers Write and Color the Room. If you click the link and make a purchase a small percentage of your purchase will go to My Storytime Corner at no additional cost to you. They cut them down to just the words.✔️ Join us on Facebook:✨ If you like this video click on the link for additional playlist ✨‍ 21st Century Teacher:▶️ Jubilee 2000 and Beyond: Sing-Along for Kids: #KidsSingAlongCollection #WellLovedEducationalLoveSongs© 2020 Children's Corner Trucks and Letters. Together a team of co-hosts (including yours truly) share a favorite children’s book and related activities each week. I chose poems that were laid out in interesting ways like the Popsicle poem and the roller coaster poem. This month’s A Read A Day theme is Poetry for National Poetry Month so we definitely have poetry on the brains. There are doctors, And nurses, Firefighters and police, Emergencies are why we need them, Any day of the week. For example, my daughter spelled T A X I with her tiles. This post may contain affiliate links. In the exploration stage there really is no wrong way to use the materials as long as they aren’t harming them. 4. We will definitely be repeating this with other themes in the future. Then I asked my kids to think about some more words that help describe their vehicle. Site links for these products are included on this site. Collected by Lee Bennett Hopkins It pulls particularly from Trashy Town and from Incredible Inventions so I laid those two out on the table with our Bananagrams letters. Words. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Our twins proudly read their poems aloud for daddy when he got home and then we hung them on our art wall. After you complete this form your freebie will appear in your internet browser.