The Official Congressional Directory (also known as Congressional Directory) is the official directory of the United States Congress, prepared by the Joint Committee on Printing (JCP) and published by the United States Government Printing Office (GPO) since 1887. their Capitol Hill connections to represent private interests has a powerful incentive: money. The document ID of the "package" as originally specified on the former GPO Access website. A In the past week, LegiStorm added: Need to contact key decision-makers? Section. Published: Mt. Metadata fields and values are used throughout govinfo for, Metadata fields and values can be entered into the Basic Search box using field operators. Directories since the 104th Congress (1995–1997) are available online from the Government Publishing Office. The language code of the original document, from the ISO639-2b standard. Washington, The media type for the document, typically "text". Except for the Revolving Door section, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License by Congressional Directory 2020. For information on forming an organization, please see the respective Congressional Members Organization or Congressional Staff Organization information page. Elections, Meetings, Apportionment and Redistricting Following the 2020 Census (CRS IN11360), Citizen's Handbook to Influencing Elected Officials, Forbidden Citizens: Chinese Exclusion and the U.S. Congress, Congressional Operations Briefing – Capitol Hill Workshop, Drafting Federal Legislation and Amendments, Writing for Government and Business: Critical Thinking and Writing. The date the document was first made available to the public. Using Advanced Search. We no longer rely solely on historical salary data to determine where someone works. Per federal statute (44 USC 721) the Directory is published and distributed during the first session of each new Congress. How the record was originally generated. House Telephone Directory PDFs. Congresses last for two years, so for example, the 110th Congress was in session from 2007 through 2008. Note: In the absence of a district number, 0 is used. Search by Congress Number – For example, the 109th Congress. Includes state maps and delegations outlining congressional districts, major cities, home towns and more. members of Congress shown here have the greatest number of staffers who either came to Capitol WASHINGTON - The U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) makes available the authentic, digital version of the official directory of the 115th Congress. publisher:"u.s. government publishing office". Congressional Contact Lists; Transition Updates. Refine Search Results - After executing a Basic or Advanced Search, use the filters on the left to refine the results. If you want to see the entire Directory, visit the Browse page, or do one of the following: Search by Congress Member Name – For example, Nancy Pelosi. Search by Section – For example, the Senate Committees section. The 2020 Congressional Directory is wire-spiral bound for flat-fold reference and durability. Vols. … Brownson. Each order for the 2020 Congressional Directory placed on our web site includes FREE copy of our. For sample pages and secure online ordering, see DC We supplement our salary data with sophisticated methods and shoe-leather reporting. See more contact download benefits that annual Pro subscribers have. Subsequent to delivery of the printed 1997-1998 Congressional Directory, the JCP established the practice of producing periodic online interim issues to ensure the public's economical access to current Congressional information. Typically "machine generated.". After every election, the Revolving Door spins a little faster, as headhunters for lobbying firms and interest groups snatch up departing government officials and aides. According to the U.S. Code (44 USC 721), the Congressional Directory is made available as early as practicable during each new Congress. Individual documents can be searched using the title field operator. The table below lists the metadata values which can be used when limiting your search using the Section advanced search field or the section: field operator. The government organization who publishes the document or publication. See the Leadership and Committees of Congress at This page was last edited on 1 November 2020, at 16:11. While some congressional staffers may instead make their way into Find your member of Congress by name or zip code. Or look up committee, leadership, or agency staff. Laurie Neider, Executive Director Phone: (202) 707-4801 | Email: [email protected] Joyce Turner, Administrative Assistant: Phone:: (202)-707-2601 | Email: [email protected] FEDLINK Fiscal Operations Business Manager's Office. Not typically the Government Publishing Office (who serves as the printer and distributor), except in the case of Congressional publications. Business Manager (Vacant) Phone: | Email: Shun Fong Seto, … 116th Congress, 2nd Session. The section of the Congressional Directory to be searched. In the past week, LegiStorm added: LegiStorm now tracks congressional staff in real time. [1] It is a designated essential title distributed to Federal depository libraries and the current edition is available for purchase from GPO. In Basic and Advanced Search, only the smaller sections of the most recent edition of the Congressional Directory will display in results. Search over just the Congressional Directory by: Advanced Search – Click here to select a date or date range, collection, and up to 5 fields to search in. It presents: GPO's govinfo contains directories for the 104th (1995-1996) Congress forward, as well as interim editions (online-only revisions). These filters correspond to the metadata available for the documents. To be most effective in communicating with Congress, it is helpful to know the titles and principal functions of key staff. for lobbying firms and interest groups snatch up departing government officials and aides. 2016 Phonebook ; General Support Services ; House Commissions ; Party Organizations ; Congressional Member Organizations ; Congressional Staff Orga GPO's govinfo uses two key pieces of information to construct predictable URLs to documents and Details pages. [2], Official directory of the United States Congress, This article is about the directory to a single Congress since 1789. Congressional Contact Lists Need to contact key decision-makers? Committee memberships, terms of service, administrative assistants and/or secretaries, and room and telephone numbers for Members of Congress. House Staff Directory (beta, Sunlight Foundation) LegiStorm Information about salaries, travel, financial disclosures, and foreign gifts for top Congressional staff; Congress+ for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad For sale from iTunes. After every election, the Revolving Door spins a little faster, as headhunters Search options are available by clicking the orange SEARCH button in the top right of any page across the site. Related Items Vols. Editor: 1959-1988, C.B. {Package ID}-{Section}-{State Abbreviation}, {Package ID}-{State Abbreviation}-S-{Sequence Number}. Often, email formats are standardized among staff. The branch of Government responsible for the document's contents. Also referred to as a congressman or congresswoman, each representative is elected to a two-year term serving the people of a specific congressional district. Note: Additional filter options will become available once you refine the search to just the Congressional Directory by selecting Congressional Directory from the "Collections" section under "Refine Your Search". Lists officials of the courts, military establishments, and other Federal departments and agencies, including D.C. government officials, governors of states and territories, foreign diplomats, and members of the press, radio, and television galleries. The state or territory appropriate to the section for congress member biographies and district maps. The members of Congress shown here have the greatest number of staffers who either came to Capitol Hill after representing private interests or left the member's staff for a lobbying position. managed his or her contact with reporters as press secretary or worked in any number of official Select Congressional Directory under Refine by Collection first! K Street is still booming through the pandemic, NextEra Energy hires Dem aide as election approaches, Law firm with growing lobbying arm adds GOP chief, Ex-congressman moves to new lobbying firm, Rep. Morelle picks up his first federal lobbyist, LegiStorm releases 2nd quarter 2020 House salaries. The SuDoc class number from the U.S. Senate Freshman Members; House Freshman Members; Freshman Member Hires; Transition Subscriber Features; Find Staff. Note: Sequence Number is either 1 for the first senator listed in the state or 2 for the second senator listed. View a list of all Former Members of Congress who have been through the Revolving Door, View a list of all Members of Congress whose employees have been through the Revolving Door. If you want to see older editions of the Congressional Directory, from the search results page, check the box next to "View Historical Results" or visit the Browse page. The document ID of the article on the former GPO Access website. To help us improve this information: Click Feedback at the top of any page, Jump to: Sample Searches │ Sample URLs │ Metadata Fields and Values │ Related Resources. Sign up for our newsletter to track money’s influence on U.S. elections and public policy. Type type of congress member. Or look up committee, leadership, or agency staff. Verified, complete congressional staff directory and relationship management tool. The URL where the document or the document in context (the content detail page) is located. To request permission for commercial use, please contact us. The Congressional Directory is the official directory of the U.S. Congress, prepared by the Joint Committee on Printing (JCP). The frequency of these online revisions will be determined by the volume of changes submitted for incorporation. Advance locator for Capitol Hill. Former Members of Congress who have been through the Revolving Door, Members of Congress whose employees have been through the Revolving Door. Then, fields custom to the Congressional Directory will populate automatically in the box under Search In. Short biographies of each member of the Senate and House, listed by state or district. Congressional Contact Lists; Transition Updates. {Package ID}-{State Abbreviation}-H-{District}. The metadata fields available for the Congressional Directory are listed in the table below. We provide contact information, including office phone, fax and email so that you can always keep in touch. Anyone can download a list of all staff within a particular state's delegation or who occupies a particular role in the office (i.e. No printed counterpart will exist for these online publication revisions. The collection to which the document belongs. Search by Congress Member State – For example, members from California.