Death of the Family tie-in issues, a Joker event running in core issues through Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s run on …

Additionally, Damian just met the young Jonathan Kent -- Superman's similarly super-powered son -- in the pages of Tomasi and Gleason's current "Superman" run.

Slade is later visited by Terra, who is wearing makeup and see-through pink nightgown to seduce him.

He dies an absolute hero".[64][65]. The Heretic was waiting for him. Behind cover, the two briefly reminisce about their time together as Batman and Robin before resuming the defense. Raven dispatched the Corruptors then teleported the Titans to Azarath and told them about her past.

Nightwing realized Bruce Wayne supplied Talia with the location of the secret vault and the encrypted drive they recovered from the convent. Because of the deaths of his parents at Ra's's hands, Tallant has completed following his father's tragic path as Batman.

2) #37 which saw Batman take his son's corpse to Apokolips to revive him. Near the end of the episode. To the contrary, his feelings for her remained stronger than ever and several times he showed his hidden kinder side through his concern for her ailing condition. [40] When Grayson hangs up his Nightwing mantle to become the newest Batman, he chooses Damian to assume the mantle of Robin by his side.[41]. The century's greatest crimefighter, the daughter of its greatest crimelord. He encountered the Dollmaker. However, since Dick considered the then-current Robin, Tim Drake, an equal, he felt it would be best to take Damian under his wing -- thus giving us the first appearance of Damian as Robin in "Batman and Robin" #1 by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely. Batman then arrives, having learned of his son's actions, declaring that the Teen Titans are finished.

This revelation sent Talia over the edge, branding him an enemy of House Al Ghul and marking him for death. However, they then find themselves in a horrific encounter with the parents of Dick Grayson and Tim Drake reanimated as Black Lanterns. Damian then reunites with his father and his family team. As a result of his rebirth, Damian was given super-strength, much like Superman's, though those powers went away rather quickly. going forward, so it's best to know a thing or two about the character if you don't already. Damian is also a capable businessman despite his young age, being involved with Wayne Enterprises and its board members.

Dick and Damian take the entire army down and begin to form a brotherly relationship. However, he is shown to possess healing abilities and powers in the future. Talon let him keep a sai as a gift and a device to communicate with later when the decision was made. He is buried next to Bruce Wayne's parents, Damian's paternal grandparents. In Justice League vs Teen Titans, Raven explains to Damian that during her time healing his wounds she learned about his life and explained to him that although he was insufferable he had a kind and generous soul, this was something that Damian did not know about himself. In truth, Damian has been trapped in a wall in Deathstroke's lair by Terra. However, Dollmaker's whimpering made Robin hesitate and he was spared.

It was about doing what is right because it's right. Justice Society of America vol. Unfortunately, because of how he was raised, Damian lacks any sort of common sense in regards to social behavior and believes that in order to be accepted by his father, he must kill any rivals, which included Tim Drake.

Talia is unaware that a former servant of Ra's, named White Ghost, plans to use Damian as a shell for the soul of Ra's to return to Earth.

Freeze's gun. Hacked the Bat-Computer, also hacked into government mainframes at age 8. Upon entering Wayne Manor, Damian attempts to relay to Tim Drake the fact that Ra's has returned. The villain intends to use Damian and Dick in his fight against their common enemies: the Black Glove. The Dynamic Duo back in action, Damian constantly began to rely on his powers, much to his father's chagrin.

The investigation leads to Gotham Zoo where Damian is captured by Joker. On the way to the cave, Dick's body is possessed by Deadman, at whom Damian lashes out in confusion. When the two had a moment to themselves Damian finally confessed his feelings for Raven and the two became even closer as their love for each other grew. The fight led to the other end of Gotham where Damian was about to kill Ubu with his sword if he refused to talk.

Upon the start of Batman: Battle for the Cowl, it appears that Damian is now residing in Gotham, and living under the command of Nightwing (to an extent). So it was easy for him to leave the already dead clone in Robin garb there on the ground before fleeing off into the night. Setting up their dynamic, the arc sets out to establish the rapport between the two characters before they headline their own series, "Super Sons," launching in February. Robin threw a Batarang at him but the Scarab shot it down. He is stubborn and has a hard time listening to others when he has done something wrong, he also has a hard time understanding sarcasm but plays it off as if he knew. When the various Bat-family members fight over the mantle of Batman in the "Battle for the Cowl" storyline, Damian is among the contenders. As Damian and Batman embrace, Batman collapses from exhaustion. Delivering passionate and comprehensive entertainment coverage to millions of users world-wide each month. Beginning of comic. They engaged Heretic's gang in the secret sub-level 3 vaults. Ra's flees with the bodies afterward. [82] This new team faces initial difficulties because of Red Arrow's criticism and the individualistic tendencies of several members. "Genetically perfected, and grown in an artificial womb, Damian was engineered to kill and replace his famous father."

Pennyworth broke up the heated discussion with news he discovered Batman's file on Batwoman. -Narrator. It was something he anticipated. Morrison, Grant. Although shot by Todd, Damian recovers and saves Tim Drake from falling to death inside Jason's Batcave. Batman apologized and asked Damian to forgive him. The most essential comics on Damian Wayne continue here. Bruce Wayne had a heart-to-heart with Damian back at Wayne Manor. Starfire vented her frustrations with Dick Grayson on a video chat. Damian then escapes, dons a variant Robin costume made of Jason Todd's old tunic and mask and assorted League of Assassin gear, and gets into a fight with and decapitates the villainous Spook. facility and take it out. Damian and Batman arrived at the Gotham Coliseum where Batman told Damian of how his father used to bring him here for ball games and took him to the amusement park afterward.