"Promotion due to the death of a crewmate is…commonplace on Klingon ships." Riker comments that Data's emotionlessness did not prevent him from stirring strong emotions within others, and after recommending Worf to take Data's place at Ops, he leaves. He continues by saying that if only Data's programming allowed him to feel rage over Varria's death, he could kill him and stop it – but he has no feelings; he is only an android. On the Enterprise, La Forge is sleeping, he goes over and over again what Data said, waking up with the realization that he did miss something. She realizes that Fajo does not value her no matter how loyal she is. When transporting a dangerous material to the Enterprise, Data is kidnapped and the crew is led to believe he is dead when the shuttlecraft he was piloting explodes enroute. Later in Picard's ready room, La Forge tensely informs Picard and Riker that he has investigated the shuttle explosion and can find no explanation. You're much more fun than Fajo's new toy!" As Data is viewing the "Mona Lisa" on the Jovis, attempting to imitate her smile, Fajo enters quickly and again asks Data to sit in the chair in which Fajo intends to display him, and Data refuses. It’s a poignant piece given the back-story, but a pleasure to watch. "You're suggesting he created the problem just to solve it?" Data later visits Fajo in the brig, where Fajo tells Data not to expect him to beg for mercy or repent for his actions and how their roles are now reverse with him in a cage. Data replies that it appears he has them both. A presumed routine transport of material from a Federation-friendly planet to the Enterprise goes suddenly wrong as the shuttle craft explodes. This makes Data need to change. Use the HTML below. Director of the episode, Timothy Bond stated, “[T]here was a story going around that they had found him in his car with a tube running from the exhaust. Worf points out that promotion due to the death of a crewmate is common on a Klingon vessel and adds that he honors the death of those he is replacing by performing the duties as well as his predecessor. Meanwhile, Varria comes to Data's aid. On board Lt. Mr. Data, scan… (It suddenly dawns on him – and the rest of the bridge crew – that Data is not there) my apologies, Mr. Why?" Data says this cannot happen because he is a Starfleet officer. You can watch the announcement in full through the video below: This is the first time this footage will have been seen by fans after being buried away in Paramount’s vaults for over two decades. "I don't find this amusing. The episode's title comes from a popular saying found on bumper stickers and T-shirts in the 1980s which read, "He who dies with the most toys wins." TrekCore’s Tom Bateman was there at the scene to bring us full coverage and shot some great footage. The away team find several holes in their investigation: tricyanate is not indigenous to the planet and the only counteragent is the rare hytritium compound conveniently provided by Fajo. Addressing the computer, Picard requests a bio on Fajo, and it includes a list of priceless artifacts in his collection, which include numerous "rare and valuable objects". However, Data soon finds he is unable to escape as the door is too heavy and is keyed to galvanic skin responses and DNA patterns. However, on May 2, 1990, Rappaport's third suicide attempt was successful, as he shot himself in the … Fajo takes Data on a tour of the gallery, viewing a Salvador Dali painting, The Persistence of Memory, looking at a sculpture from the late Mark Off-Zel, feeding the thought-extinct Lapling and sniffing the bubble-gum scent of the Roger Maris baseball card. Data says that's unlikely as all the items he stole from others have been confiscated and are now being returned to their rightful owners. Fajo shows his true colors as a vicious, cruel, and immoral creature. Chief O'Brien detects the weapon in mid-transport as having been discharged and remotely deactivates it as a precautionary measure. When Data continually refuses to sit in the chair, Fajo threatens to kill his assistant Varria with the weapon, even though she has been with him for 14 years. Directed by Timothy Bond. ", "Fajo was in the right place at the right time, just when we needed him most." Add the first question. At yesterday’s Wondercon Convention in Anaheim, California, the Blu-ray team (consisting of Mike & Denise Okuda, Brannon Braga and VAM producers Roger Lay, Jr. and Robert Meyer Burnett) were out in force to discuss the upcoming release of TNG Season 3. "It doesn't seem particularly sentient right now." The seller is a trader named Kivas Fajo, his ship, the Jovis. Data, however, concludes that he has to stop Fajo, and, seeing no non-lethal option, draws the disruptor at his suddenly-panicking captor, but is beamed back to the Enterprise. KGF Vissers. STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Warps Ahead to Season 4, Production Resumes in Toronto on November 2, New STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Season 3 Cast Photos Arrive, STAR TREK 2017 Confirmed to Film in Toronto, Ontario, TNG Remastered: “Genesis” HD Comparison Video, Paramount: Two More STAR TREK Movies in the Works.