Other criteria may arise as a result of community discussion or policy (more details appear at Wikipedia:Did you know/Supplementary guidelines), but the following criteria account for most cases: Individual special date requests should be made on the nomination template at the time it is created, or at WT:DYK. An April 2004 "archived copy". The choice of articles is subject to a series of criteria (see DYK rules below). Editors may nominate their own or someone else's work for a DYK appearance. (edit this page). Articles intended to be held for special occasion dates should be nominated within seven days of creation, start of expansion, or promotion to Good Article status. A smaller-scale version of either featured content or Good Articles, though selected Good Articles do appear in the DYK box. Let's get smarter together! Mattresses probably don’t seem that interesting to the average person. Sintelly - Psychology & Emotional Intelligence. Download the app :). Mind-Blowing Psychology Facts That You Never Knew About brain & human behavior. True facts that you may not know and will be surprised by them. The following admins are not actively involved, but are willing to lend a hand if needed. Mind-Blowing Psychology Facts That You Never Knew About brain & human behavior. The proposed occasion must be deemed sufficiently special by reviewers. The timeline limitations, including the six week maximum, may be waived by consensus, if a request is made at WT:DYK, but requests are not always successful. Did You Know? Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu. Lifestyle & travel writer. Or may be that your mattress could be home to 10 million dust mites? It is not a general trivia section. Editors whose articles appear in DYK will receive an acknowledgement on their user talk pages. Amazing Facts - Did You Know That? Just Facts: Did you Know? On average, people move house every 7 years. So read on to feel your quality of life rise. In practice, articles longer than 1,500 characters may still be rejected as too short, at the discretion of the selecting reviewers. Learn more about psychology, intelligence (IQ), mind and expand your knowledge! box on the Main Page. True facts that you may not know and will be surprised by them. Unless food is mixed with saliva you can’t taste it. Interesting Facts That Will Amaze You. For upcoming special commemoration dates that would include multiple nominations, the request should be made as early as possible at WT:DYK. The other sections of changeable content on the Main Page are coordinated at In the news, Picture of the day, Selected anniversaries, Today's featured list (currently Mondays and Fridays), and Today's featured article. More general discussion of the main page takes place at Talk:Main Page, and errors are reported at Wikipedia:Main Page/Errors. Any user may nominate a DYK suggestion; self-nominations are encouraged. The following admins are (or would like to be) actively involved in the DYK process. The good news—which we could all use right about now—is that some things are worth knowing a lot more than others. FIRE SHOOTERS. Thus, to nominate something to appear on DYK, an editor must either write or identify new content (see below for what qualifies as "new") and propose an interesting "hook". It is not a general trivia section. And It's All Free... Amazing facts you should know and some of them might surprise you learning.. It is fine for articles to be incomplete (though not unfinished), to have red links, to be capable of being expanded or improved further, and so on. Ideally, a QPQ should be submitted within a week of a nomination. For help in learning the reviewing process, see the, Qualifying QPQs need to be full reviews, and not simply a "check mark." The article, pencil sharpener, was developed by Raul654. Installed so many times by people from all over the world, it helps everyone better understand that things around us are beautiful. A female dolphin will assist in the birth of another’s baby dolphin. Turn On Your Screen Learn Interesting Facts. 1000+ Psychology Facts & Life Hacks - Crush,Love.. Sintelly - Psychology & Emotional Intelligence, Psychology Book - 1000+ Amazing Psychology Facts, Cookies help us deliver our services. Just Facts: Did you Know? The first hook should be modified to include. In the case it has to be removed, try to replace it with another hook from the suggestions page. Our eyes are always the same size from birth. Knowledge is power: Learn daily interesting facts. 20 Random Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Canada. The world is full of interesting things and you may not have realized them. In celebration of Canada Day, here are a few things about Canada that may surprise you. shows DYK located in the space now occupied by In the News. The review discussion should address both the usual DYK criteria and the appropriateness of holding the hook for the requested date. Our mattress facts will tickle your curiosity. The tongue of a blue whale is as long as an elephant.