Metacritic Reviews. Children's books featuring bold and brave girls are both becoming easier for parents to find, and also cover a large range of... To see what your friends thought of this book, Not long ago, we watched the 1963 Walt Disney film Savage Sam. | It's a very good children's film, but its a "Movie that all audiences will love" If you like Old Yeller, and Where the Red Fern grows, you will love this movie. It is NOT a children's book! 13 "Savage XXX-mas" Julie Thacker: Julie Thacker: December 17 , 2004 () 6.54: When Nick informs them that he wants them to get jobs, Sam, Chris and Jack get work at a lingerie store as stock boys. Families can talk about how Native Americans are portrayed in this film. There’s a handful of mentions that the Apaches strip Travis & his little brother. Always a good story like this about dogs makes me love my dogs more. The Coates boys from the first film have grown up considerably and Tommy is fully into puberty and thinking about York's daughter in a different light. We're updating our reviews to better highlight authentic stories and accurate, diverse representations. That's it for similarities. Fred Gipson writes with a feeling of authenticy that immerses you in the story as you accompany Travis and Savage Sam across the Texas vastness. I think that everyone should give it a chance, after all Savage Sam is Old Yeller's pup. While certainly not the notorious tearjerker Old Yeller is known for, Savage Sam could be seen as the embodiment of the kinds of children's films made in the 1950s and early 1960s where dogs are gifted with both supernatural sensory abilities and remarkable understanding of human speech, where the lines between "good guys" and "bad guys" are clearly delineated, where archetypes and stereotypes don't go far enough to break their predicted patterns. The Way of the Dog written by Sam Savage ISBN 978-1-566-89-312-1 A Book Review On the refrigerator: Chao Chou was asked, "When a man comes to you with nothing, what would you say to him?" Loved it when I was 6-love it more at 53. My word! Your heart will burst in so many ways for travis, lizbeth and arliss. The characters are relatively in sync with the animals around them, and the climate and environment in which they work. Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox. The book Savage Sam by Fred Gipson is a book about a dog. The main problem is the frequent intrusion of the Arliss character, who has morphed from mischievous/ornery in Old Yeller to deranged/homicidal in this film. Lost Treasures -- "Ranch Of The Golden Oak" Old Yeller Trailer. Not sure that they really believe the story because no one saw any Indians, Travis and Lisbeth head out to round up Arliss and Sam anyway, but all three are captured by the Indians, who knock Sam out cold. Why do you think this is, and how would it be different if they spent less time outside? Gibson doesn’t whitewash the hardships of being an Indian captive, nor the habits of the Apaches. The production seems cheap for Disney, and the tribe of Indians who battle our heroes are like relics from a 1940s b-western. Subject material is too mature and graphic for any child under highschool age. As Travis said, he was all man. "Savage Sam" is not cowboys and Indians, it's about people and places that we never knew in spite of all the books and movies. oh yes, but nope, no crimes against women, unless you count kidnapping (3 children were taken from their home in Texas and subjected to a wild ride across the plains, with dad and other Indian hunters close behind) - Savage Sam is the family's dog who manages, against all odds, to track the children dow. Brian Keith portrays well the rugged frontiersman, demonstrating courage and offering avuncular wisdom. It made me think; and it made me feel. See something that needs to be addressed? I do not know how the story particularly ends, but this film was not nearly as engaging as 'Old Yeller', nor did it have the suspense and the emotional tear-jerking struggle at the end...or, if it intended to, it did not work. Disney's 'follow-up' to "Old Yeller" from 1957, adapted from the book by "Yeller" author Fred Gipson by Gipson and William Tunberg, happily reunites Tommy Kirk and Kevin Corcoran as the feuding Coates brothers, but this time they're not given anything special to do. This book is as real and haunting as it predecessor. Indian killings? | I fell in love with the Texas drawl and Travis and all his fifteen-year-old courageous boy-man bravery. But when Arliss ventures out to a cave to help Savage Sam fight a bobcat, Travis pursues him (with the help of neighbor and love interest Lizbeth) and the three are taken captive by a band of Native Americans. Common Sense and other associated names and logos are trademarks of Common Sense Media, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (FEIN: 41-2024986). Disney really cleaned up this story for the movie. Searching for streaming and purchasing options ... Common Sense is a nonprofit organization. I have a Disney anthology with an abridged version of this, which I loved as a child, but having finally gotten to read the original, it's everything I want out of a dog/Old West/Indian raid story.