All teams and players mentioned are registered trademarks of the NFL and its respective teams. Donte Whitner was born in Cleveland, in July 24, 1985. How do I feel about women being in combat. All you have to do is read Donte’s words to see that Grant was wrong. First play of the game. The only problem that I see with this article is the headline. Plus, let’s not forget about recent rule changes which have favored the passing game at the expense of aggressive play on the defensive side of the ball. Parsing words like did he “rip” Spoon is a waste of time. The content and information from other sites is the property of their respective owners. Wait, does that extend to Saleh? Bad technique from the get go. That’s right…2-8, they deserve it, cry babies don’t like it…vacuous pablum, lol. Cassie I shake my head because you take the littlest thing out of context. Please take a look at rule changes over the last few years which appear to favor the passing game. Another DB of sorts to consider is Deone Bucannon ((AZ)…dude’s a playmaker no matter where he lines up. He is not only ripping Spoon but the coaches and Sherman. Donte Whitner, Buffalo, NY. We don't know how much the 49ers have tried to negotiate a deal, but I went into this offseason a little bit skeptical that a deal would get done. (Or is he an Opinion Writer?) Grant being Grant… Just can’t resist tossing a grenade into the mix. Remember NFL stands for Not For Long. Sounds like you are the cry baby. See Grant, there’s a difference between being critical of someone (Whitner on Spoon) and ripping on someone (you on Spoon). Give me some courage out there.”. And he was correct on that. Are they special, damn right they are…I raised them. Whitner can still contribute quite a bit to a defense, but with the 49ers facing a variety of big contract extensions this year and next year, somebody was not going to get paid. In a bizarre admission, he said he was happy Witherspoon didn’t tear his hamstring. Some of you guys are as bad as Grant. 4h If it’s not personal, it could be one of two things: a) ENVY, Witherspoon probably makes more income per game than Grant makes on an annual basis, b) GENERAL DISTASTE, for everything related to the 49ers. “Don’t be looking in the backfield.” – Did anyone see Jimmy Ward on OBJ’s first touchdown. Maybe he forgot a word… Your worthless…comment, vehicle, opinion, Christmas gift? He is nothing more than a shock journalist deliberately being contrarian. Look at this effort (Witherspoon is jogging across the field). I would give the upper hand to Grant on this one. . "Audiences at professional sporting events will not be allowed anytime soon in Santa Clara County, and theme parks will not resume operation." My daughters in some respects are more man then a whole lot of young men and they are a lot more woman then you will ever hope to be. . He is not even associated with the Niners anymore. Don’t be looking in the backfield. Any other 9ers worthless at their profession? If I were him I’d check myself off the field and let a real DB step in to show the team how it’s supposed to be done. Hmm, Rams ran the no huddle with quick snaps. Let’s face it, the new NFL is becoming the No Friction League. Worthless Witherspoon? Niners do not need me to tell them what to do, they should just emulate the Rams. He was drafted by … The use of any team names, words, trademarks, logos or photos have been used for descriptive purposes only. Truth hurts lots of times but its still truth. Donte Witherspoon will become a much better CB when the currently non existent pass rush improves. What makes you think you are any better at your profession than he is in his? So they run and run even though they don’t have great success. Well, let’s see how this receiver attacks you first play of the game. What’s the agenda? Sounds like a line straight from Game of Thrones…. Physical. He played for the San Francisco 49ers from 2011 to 2013 and signed with the Cleveland Browns in 2014. No jam. And then watch what the receiver does to (Witherspoon). He told us how critical Joshua Garnett’s success would be for the 49ers this year, ends up he never could beat out journeyman Mike Person, who has been decent this season. Everybody else is reacting but you. Despite being the most explosive back on the team Breida is off the field quite often. Santa Clara County has squashed those hopes. Sloppy Saleh? Pettis the …. Ruling Planet: Donte Whitner has a ruling planet of Sun and has a ruling planet of Sun and by astrological associations Saturday is ruled by Sun.The Sun is about vitality and is the core giver of life. He's always there for his teammates, no matter if it's on the field, off the field... if you need him to do something for you, he'll do it." and ripping on someone ….. . Niners do not need me to tell them what to do, they should just emulate the Rams. I am sure that Spoon hears the very same thing form the coaches and Sherman. And you were accurate.”, DonteHitner31 NBC Sports Bay Area’s Donte Whiter, a former standout 49ers defensive back in his own right, put the blame initially on defensive coordinator Robert Saleh. However, it also helps having a decent O line. The injury-plagued cornerback has endured mostly challenging years since entering the NFL in 2014. If they were 8-2, I could see your point. Or did he just pull back? It should be your job to be fair and objective. I accidentally posted more in response to your question below. No such thing. On top of the route.”, WHITNER: “Another play showing effort. AW is on a 2-8 team, and AW is partly responsible for that record. As a former sports writer, sports editor, journalism instructor, faculty advisor, free-lance writer and broadcaster on radio and TV unfortunately Grant is at the mercy of somebody located miles away cranking out a headline or two. Off the top of my head and can point out a number of players he’s done this with recently: Grant tried to do it with McGlinchey this year, pointing out a few struggles in camp. What are you going to do? Pretty much agree. I thought we were thinking along the same line on this one…. Greg Robinson LT was a bust for the Rams. Former 49ers safety Donte Whitner spent Monday afternoon posting critical Instagram video clips of current 49ers cornerback Ahkello Witherspoon.