cried. 4.5 L x 0.13 inches dia. Set your target temperature with the up or down buttons, insert the probe in your food, and DOT beeps when it gets there. Drippings Works exclusively with ThermoWorks Signals, Smoke, Smoke X, ChefAlarm, BlueDOT, and DOT, 6-inch length with bend, handle and strain relief, cable withstands 700°F, commercial quality. a small, roundish mark made with or as if with a pen. Measure two thermocouple probes simultaneously on your smart device via Bluetooth® Wireless Technology. In this way we know the consumer is fully protected and we can protect our reputation for treating customers fairly. Extended Info. Scald: To heat liquid almost to a boil until bubbles begin to form around the edge. Skim: To remove surface foam or fat from a liquid. IP65 - No ingress of dust (6); Protection from water ingress: Low pressure jets of water (5). The Center is an educational entity that exists to provide teen girls and young women with carefully researched health information, health education programs, and conferences. Stew: To cook covered over low heat in a liquid. Baking soda: The main ingredient in baking powder, baking soda is also used when there is acid (buttermilk or sour cream, for example) in a recipe. To prepare or treat by heating: slowly cooked the medicinal mixture. Designed for commercial food service, DOT beats houseware brands for intuitive usability and survivability. 1. This guide lists the most common cooking terms along with the definitions to help you follow a recipe and learn new cooking skills! Use DOT for Sous Vide, roasting, baking, smoking, breads, pastries, candy making, home brewing and lots more. Mince: To cut into tiny pieces, usually with a knife. A food process involving the placement of small bits and/or pieces of food ingredients over, within, or around the food being prepared in order to evenly distribute particles or components that are to be melted, absorbed, or added to enhance the flavor. All prices USD. Super-Fast 2-3 second readings, top rated by leading Cook's magazine. Many terms are used exclusively in cooking. See more. Most common type is double-acting baking powder, which acts when mixed with liquid and again when heated. All rights reserved. Glaze: To coat foods with glossy mixtures such as jellies or sauces. Baste: To moisten food for added flavor and to prevent drying out while cooking. Steep: To soak in a liquid just under the boiling point to extract the essence—e.g., tea. Thus, from January 1st of 2016, technical support and warranty coverage are only available on ThermoWorks products that are purchased direct from ThermoWorks or from ThermoWorks' Authorized Dealers. Must-have kitchen tool. Usually refers to pastry. DOT is a professional tool designed for commercial use. Broil: To cook on a rack or spit under or over direct heat, usually in an oven. (For use with Signals, Smoke, Smoke X, ChefAlarm, BlueDOT, and DOT). Always mix with other dry ingredients before adding any liquid, since leavening begins as soon as soda comes in contact with liquid. To bind: To add a liquid ingredient to a dry mixture to hold it together.. To blend: To process food in an electric blender or mixer. Drizzle: To pour melted butter, oil, syrup, melted chocolate, or other liquid back and forth over food in a fine stream. Fillet: A flat piece of boneless meat, poultry, or fish. DOT uses any of the Pro-Series probes designed for our popular ChefAlarm. 8 rings (2 ea of 4 colors). © 1998-2020 | Center for Young Women's Health, Boston Children's Hospital. v.intr. Baking powder: A combination of baking soda, an acid such as cream of tartar, and a starch or flour (moisture absorber). Truss: To tie whole poultry with string or skewers so it will hold its shape during cooking. Visit our Help Center For more information and troubleshooting tips. (35.6 L x 8.9 mm dia.). DOT is designed to track temperatures over an extended period of time with moderate-heat cooking methods such as smoking, oven-roasting, deep-frying, homebrewing, and Sous Vide and to be used while grilling. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. (For use with Signals, Smoke, Smoke X, ChefAlarm, BlueDOT, and DOT), Fits Pro-Series Probes, attaches to side of pan (included with ChefAlarm), Fits Pro-Series Probes, attaches to grate of smoker, grill, or oven rack (included with TX-1003X-AP Probe), Longer lasting, dependable battery trusted by professionals. Drippings: Juices and fats rendered by meat or poultry during cooking. 3. No complicated programming, no flashing piggies, chickens or cows. Cooking at home is often healthier and less expensive than eating out, however sometimes recipes contain terms that can be confusing. Dot definition, a small, roundish mark made with or as if with a pen.