of Albany, where there is a downward step in the plateau. 2 Nov. 2020. Two years after Altered States, Barrymore took on the role that was the catalyst for her acting career and her downward spiral into booze and drugs. The soil, it appears, is suited to the seed, for it has sent its radicle downward, and it may now send its shoot upward also with confidence. Advantage is taken of this slight upward and downward movement of the top rollers to automatically regulate the flow of water and oil upon the material. Immediately beyond the forest, on a downward slope, lay a field of spring rye. If the wing of a gannet, just shot, be removed and made to flap in what the operator believes to be a strictly vertical downward direction, the tip of the wing, in spite of him, will dart forwards between 2 and 3 ft. As you press your leg downward against the pedal, your quads activate to extend your knee and your hamstrings to help you perform this movement with control. It's difficult to see downward spiral in a sentence . His eyes searched toward the spot where he'd last seen the white vehicle speeding downward. His downward spiral removed him from the acting world for a number of years and in 2001 he was the subject of an E! The more fully analysed movement, that which proceeds downward from less determinate to more determinate universals, is named Division. From high in the air, with a wail of despair, She fell in a downward direction. It is furnished with springs at its root to contribute to its continued play, and is applied to the air by a direct piston action in such a way that it descends in a downward and forward direction during the down stroke, and ascends in an upward and forward direction during the up stroke. Chances are about 50 percent that the wine has passed its prime and begun its downward slide. The awe-inspiring Mogollon Rim brings the Colorado Plateau to a halt with an impressive and precipitous drop-off which plunges two thousand feet downward, from forested highland to arid Sonoran desert. It contains nerve cells, supporting cells, and long nerve fibers (axons) that connect to the brain and carry signals downward from the brain along descending pathways and upward to the brain along ascending pathways. Even a modest hit from sanctions or pullback by … They are often used in formal weddings and consist of a central arrangement that has flowers aggregating downward to give the appearance of a cascade - and hence the name. As you use the squeegee, make sure the water flows downward by ensuring the bottom edge of the squeegee points in the direction you want the water to go. A depilatory cream should be applied on clean, dry skin, left on for the recommended amount of time and then wiped off with a towel in a downward motion, taking your hair with it. For (4) may (� 43 (iv.)) This type of neckline draws the eye downward and helps one's figure look longer. He stole a glance downward for the first time but found he hadn't cleared the edge far enough to see below. The downward causation observed in physics or biology does not have such a strong impact. Susie's ears had an unusual fold in the middle so they basically pointed downward. This confined sea-water is gradually being displaced by the downward sinking of the rain-water through the rifts of the strata, and thus finds its way to the surface: so that these springs offer to us a share of the ancient seas, in which perhaps a hundred million of years ago the rocks of Kentucky were laid down.". spiral example sentences. Apply the foundation in downward strokes, not circles, to avoid lifting and accentuating any small hairs on the face (everyone has them!) Wipeout: From the summit of Wild Rivers Mountain, journey 400 feet downward with a 200 gallon water shoot. The gas must be collected either by downward displacement, since it is soluble in water and also attacks mercury; or over a saturated salt solution, in which it is only slightly soluble. This resulted in downward pressure of fee levels with people becoming even more defensive about their charge out levels. In the fat years, agricultural prices are pushed downward by the abundance, often below the cost of harvesting and transporting the crops. It was not too late to arrest the Galatians on their downward plane, and the apostle, unable or unwilling to re-visit them, despatched this epistle. This plan of structure, apparently evolved out of the rhachitomous type by suppression of the pleurocentra and the downward extension of the neural arch, leads to that characteristic of frogs in which, as development shows, the vertebra is formed wholly or for the greater part by the neural arch (14). Her eyes were cast downward, and her glass still in place on the table. Take a deep breath, get into the downward facing dog position and feel your stresses eased away. But the entire industry has been in a long downward spiral. the diameter of the tube) and of the lower pivot (which must be perforated by a hole at least equal in diameter to the photographic field of the telescope), conditions which involve very refined arrangements for relief of friction, and (2)ythe less comfortable attitude of looking upward instead of downward. While he's sitting, touch near his chest and make another downward motion. These covers are angled downward and cover all of the gutter except for a small area near the front. Finding their comrades did not return, Irala and his companions determined to descend the river, and on their downward journey opposite the mouth of the river Pilcomayo, finding a suitable site for colonizing, they founded (1536) what proved to be the first permanent Spanish settlement in the interior of South America, the future city of Asuncion (15th August 1536). The former represents a slide upward while the latter represents a slide downward. subway entrance beyond the canopy struts, which now has a downward sloping roof. To confer on the wings the multiplicity of movements which they require, they are supplied with double hinge or compound joints, which enable them to move not only in an upward, downward, forward and backward direction, but also at various intermediate degrees of obliquity. 13. In this way, when you create other sets, those rubies above can fall downward, and help set you up for a trio of red gems, effectively turning the tiles beneath a gleaming gold. 6, consisting of two downward sloping branches meeting in the eutectic point, and that of thallium and tin, the upper curve of fig. Result in downward troubling findings Ada the plan is. In the quarrels of the priesthood under the Empire it was St Bernard, the great abbot of Clairvaux, who tried to arrest the papacy on the slippery downward path of theocracy; finally, it was in Sugers church of St Denis that French art began that struggle between light against darkness which, culminating in Notre-Dame and the SainteChapelle, was to teach the architects of the world the delight of building with airiness of effect. In this case the turner may have to apply some downward force in order to keep the bevel in contact with the wood. It is worse than a vicious circle, which is self-sustaining in its current state. We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. The country's economy is on a downward spiral. Sometimes, especially in women, a tongueshaped projection downward of the right lobe is found, known as Riedel's lobe; it is of clinical interest as it may be mistaken for a tumour or floating kidney (see C. H. The stock is headed off by an oblique transverse cut as shown at a, a slice is then pared off the side as at b, and on the face of this a tongue or notch is made, the cut being in a downward direction; the scion c is pared off in a similar way by a single clean sharp cut, and this is notched or tongued in the opposite direction as the figure indicates; the two are then fitted together as shown at d, so that the inner bark of each may come in contact at least on one side, and then tied round with damp soft bast as at e; next some grafting clay is taken on the forefinger and pushed down on each side so as to fill out the space between the top of the stock and the graft, and a portion is also rubbed over the ligatures on the side where the graft is placed, a handful of the clay is then taken, flattened out, and rolled closely round the whole point of junction, being finished off to a tapering form both above and below, as shown by the dotted line f. The wing is so constructed that the posterior margin yields freely in a downward direction during the up stroke, while it yields comparatively little in an upward direction during the down stroke; and this is a distinguishing feature, as the wing is thus made to fold and elude the air more or less completely during the up stroke, whereas it is made to expand and seize the air with avidity during the down stroke. By 1864 the proportion had fallen to 27.5%, and except for a temporary slight recovery after the close of the war there has been a steady progress downward since that time, until in 1908 only 9.8% of the commerce of the country was carried on under its own flag. Dean tried to isolate the sound, looking frantically in all downward directions, trying to see a trace, a telltale puff of smoke in the gathering dusk. Look for shelves with an upturned edge or shallow trays, which can be hung tilted downward without paper sliding off. Yoga fans will find some familiar poses, like the downward facing dog, tree, and warrior. Rotation of the box round CC is prevented by downward pressure of the spring Z on a projection attached to the side of the box. With a strapless, attention is focused squarely on the slender shoulders and collarbone, while the A-line shape will continue to draw attention downward. wide were jumped downward from it in the intended plane; this prevented a skew fracture (PT. This downward trend started in the early 80s and is still continuing today.Home buyers in the 1990s were able to get mortgage rates in the 7-9 percent range. The jaundice usually appears first on the face and progresses downward to the chest, abdomen, legs, and feet. Set a firm, downward trend in under 16 conception rates by 2010. wail of despair, She fell in a downward direction. The coast north of Pembroke and Merioneth has been worked into the grand sweep of Cardigan Bay, its surface carved into gently rounded hills, green with rich grass, which sweep downward into wide rounded valleys. Before his return to the show, it was believed that Dennis' father was killed by order of rival mob boss Jack Dalton. Even as there is some disagreement about how to approach one, or two, or three issues …. The lavishly packaged The Downward Spiral was a delicately produced concept album, bearing a refined and more original sound for NIN, and is still widely considered to be the bands best album. Downward the eagle and his burden fell, and in the epic of Gilgamesh we find Etana in the nether world. This mat of timber forms a roof under the protection of which the mining of the ore proceeds downward floor by floor. They help the straps combat the downward pull of the breast tissue. the buoyancy of the of the displaced fluid, and acting B, the C.G. Examples of downward spiral in a Sentence, Images & Illustrations of downward spiral. Apply to neck and décolleté using downward strokes. 12. Where surface water is banked up against the land, as by the equatorial and Gulf Stream drift currents, it appears to penetrate to very considerable depths; the escaping stream currents are at first of great vertical thickness and part of the water at their sources has a downward movement.