]Eddy: [dusting himself off] "Hey!

"Eddy: [roaring] "GIMME EM! Excuse me. Joel Dickie "[Ed pretends to be a teacher as he reads from his card. Cannonbolt • Pardon me. Both report cards have Eddy's name, even though one of them is Ed's. A music video for the song was later released, replicating the series' signature art style. Eddy is mostly seen commanding the two Eds into building the scams while he does either non-physical work or no work at all. Principal Pixiefrog •

It won a Reuben Award, two Leo Awards and a SOCAN Award, and was also nominated for another four Leo Awards, an Annie Award and two Kids' Choice Awards. Double D (best friend)Eddy (best friend)his sister SarahJimmyNazzRolfJonny 2x4 (formerly)Plank (formerly)Kevin Edd • Heatblast • ]Jonny: "Race you home, buddy! "Ed: "Which-a-way, Eddy? Mung Daal •

Belly Bag, Steven Universe •

One-One • Pfish and Chip •

"Eddy: [demanding] "Gimme those report cards!

Ghostfreak •

Starfire • On Ed's report card, he has straight F's.

"Ed: "Sarah not good for Ed! Godfrey and Zeek • The last to come out is the typewriter. Starting with Ed, Edd n Eddy's Jingle Jingle Jangle in 2004, the series switched to digital ink and paint. Raven • Tetrax Shard • Slow-moving vehicle to the right please! Susan Test • [13] The title sequence was created by Paul Boyd. His escape is thwarted by a conveniently placed apple, and with Ed's eager attempt to help clean up, the truth gets out: Edd is the "backstabbin' jerk," directly commanded by the Principal to make the delivery. Tight End Ed: Peach Creek's football team play against Lemon Brook, their rivals, with Ed as the mascot, much to Eddy's envy. Bonus features include an interview with the creator, "How to make an, Contains all 26 episodes from the second season.

Robin •

Jillian Vegan, Sonic • XLR8 • When Ed got a pebble in his shoe, he became depressed and bad mood. In a stroke of luck, or unfortunate coincidence, Kevin's bicycle lands on Sarah, causing a wreck.

Wintergreen •

Herald • Zoonatiks • "Eddy: "Just like our report cards, you failed!

Casanova • Unnamed father, unnamed mother, Bro (brother) ]Ed: [hugging Eddy] "I'M ALIVE, EDDY, I'M ALIVE! All Eds are Off: The Eds, Kevin, Rolf and Jonny all make bets to who can put off their annoying habits the longest. "Edd: [behind them] "Well, look at the bright side, gentlemen. Edward, also known as Ed, is the older brother of Sarah, a member of The Eds (which also consists of his best friends Double D and Eddy) and one of the three main protagonists of Ed, Edd n Eddy and of Ed Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show. "Eddy: [turning around] "Uh, Principal!

]Kevin: "Sweet.

Danny Antonucci https://ed.fandom.com/wiki/Mission_Ed-Possible/Script?oldid=236403.

[He hands Ed some liquid paper. Greg Universe •

Feedback • Excuse me! Pearl •

"Rolf: [showing Kevin a typewriter] "Almighty chin-faced Kevin! The Dog Star Patrol:

He is a young inventor, hard-working student, neat freak, and of course the smartest kid in all the cul-de-sac.

At school, the Eds find they've been assigned separate homerooms, and must negotiate with the Kankers if they want to spend the school year together. From this episode on, the title cards now credit storyboard directors and storyboard artists separately. Enemies Batman • Full name

His report card not only has straight F's, but also has teacher's comments filling up the entire reverse side of the card. Pud'n • Robot Randy •

This is the first episode to be colored digitally, rather than traditional ink and paint. "[46] Cornelius also wrote that the "animation is colorful and intentionally bizarre; bold lines forming the characters and backgrounds wiggle and morph in a delirious haze.

Snarf • Monkey • Kevin Ethan Levin • I made it all up Double D, everything about my brother was a lie, I just made things up, so people would like me, think I was cool, but boy was I wrong. Transformers Heroes. Upchuck • [racing around the hall] "B's and C's for me!

Cruise, or lose? You wiry little–"[Lee sticks her leg out and trips Ed and Eddy. Adult cartoonist Antonucci was dared to create a children's cartoon; while designing a commercial, he conceived Ed, Edd n Eddy, designing it to resemble classic cartoons from the 1940s–1970s.