Comments are subject to our community guidelines, which can be viewed, Lucky electrician, 31, is celebrating after winning £1 MILLION with his first ever go on the EuroMillions, Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). See how many times each ball has been drawn. EuroMillions is played in nine European countries and can generate jackpots in excess of €100 million. The first highest jackpot with €190 million was won by the Bayford couple from England on 10 August 2012, and they received "only" £148.6 million because of the strength of the euro. The results are published shortly after the draw on associated and independent websites around 23:00 hours. Effective 7 November 2009 new rules were put in place regarding rollovers. Although France is tied with Spain in terms of jackpot winners, players in France have won the most money on the Euromillions. Cookie Policy • This happened for the first time on 17 November 2006, after over €183 million had accumulated in the jackpot. Changes to Euromillions in September 2016 meant that two guaranteed Millionaire Raffle winners were made per draw, or 4 per week across the two draws. The participating national lotteries in the EuroMillions game have each established a EuroMillions Trust account. We are live on Facebook:Go like our facebook page: ( EURO MILLIONS - European Lottery ) Where you can check your ticket results of Lotto, Powerball, Strike & Set for life. The Sun website is regulated by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). The information available on the website is solely for the use of players and prospective players of The European lotteries. It is worth remembering, though, that the odds of winning are exactly the same regardless of where you play EuroMillions. ", Additional Draw Information 1365, 2020-10-20, THIS WEBSITE IS NOT OFFICIAL AND IS NOT ASSOCIATED WITH. Visit the EuroMillions Winners page to find a full table of winners by country. Super Draws and Event Draws are special drawings when the Jackpot is set to a guaranteed amount – often €100,000,000. The minimum age differs in some countries, e.g. On a Friday, it can be calculated as 1 in 2,950,000 but again the odds can fall to 1 in 3,400,000 in the events of a 4 times rollover. The National Lottery EuroMillions results are in and it's time to find out who has won a life-changing amount of money. How to Calculate EuroMillions Loto Winning Odds, Quick Introduction to Forex Trading Market. Some balls have been drawn together on multiple occasions, view information on the numbers which have appeared in twos and threes the most often. Join our jackpot list. If the Jackpot is not won, it rolls over to the next draw. The sum was shared between the winners of the second rank (there were 20 winners of €9.6 million each). Drawings are held every Tuesday and Friday night at 20:45 CET in Paris. General news Which Country has the most Euro Millions Winners . "The Sun", "Sun", "Sun Online" are registered trademarks or trade names of News Group Newspapers Limited. The cost of playing in the UK increased from £1.50 to £2.00 per line on 7 November 2009, due to the EUR/GBP exchange rate and automatic entry into its Millionaire Raffle. Could tonight's jackpot of £126million see you handing in your notice and swapping the daily commute for slurping champagne on a super yacht or lying back on a private beach in the Bahamas? Since November 2009 at least one UK player every week has won a guaranteed £1,000,000. To become a lucky jackpot winner, a player must match all 7 numbers on their card. Who Can Play EuroMillions, How Winners Are Picked, Payouts, and More. To see all content on The Sun, please use the Site Map. France, with its population of 67 million, only has one jackpot winner per 615,000 people. However, there is no prize for only getting 2 lucky stars. Privacy Policy • (Estimated prizes as per reverse of UK payslip). Lottery Network is a popular online news portal for all kinds of lottery news from around the world. This website is not an official website and is not associated with any European lottery company that manages any product for which their services are employed. The jackpot will continue to roll over until the Jackpot reaches or exceeds €185,000,000, the Jackpot will remain at €185,000,000 and any additional prize money rolled over will be added to the jackpot pool for the next lower prize level containing at least one winner (5 main numbers + 1 Lucky Star or possibly even just five main numbers). Luxembourg. This means that it is less likely than getting 2 main balls and one lucky star (1 in 49). The main numbers are shown in blue and the Lucky Stars in yellow. This can shrink to 1 in 2,250,000 in the events of rollovers. The odds of winning any EuroMillions prize are 1 in 13. How much money do you have to ‘sacrifice’ when you’re a lucky winner? When it officially launched, it included only the UK, France, and Spain but has since grown to include 9 European countries and 4 smaller principalities in total. For an extra €1 per line, players could enter the additional draw with the top prize each week of €500,000. It was established by the UK National Lottery (Camelot), France’s Francaise des Jeux and Spain’s Apuestas Del Estado. Mel B asks Eddie Murphy to pay more child support for daughter Angel, I’m A Celeb start date confirmed as Nov 15th despite Wales lockdown, PM apologises for painful 2nd lockdown but it's only way to 'brighter future'. The Winner Statistics page provides a number of tables which rank the nations for how they have fared in EuroMillions history. Belgium: France: Spain: Ireland: Portugal: Luxembourg: General Euromillions results Breakdown: Conclusion: To participate in the EuroMillions, there is the only requirement that the person should be at the age of 18 years. Top 10 Jackpot Winners. Forex Trading is not lottery, it is Business!!! 0.0 595,226,319 Spain. Belgium. You must have Javascript enabled to be able to see this graph. The Euro Millions is the largest euro lottery to date and has had a whopping 2 470 649 582 winners across all tiers since its first draw on Friday 13 February 2004. So if we look at France with its approximate 66 million inhabitants and Luxembourg with its approximate 580 000 inhabitants – although Luxembourg has the lowest number of winners it actually boasts one jackpot per 295 333 people whilst France has only one win per 777 425 people. As of February 2014, a non-optional addition called "My Million" in France adds €0.50 per line, while in Portugal it is called "M1lhão" and represents €0.30 of the whole €2.50 bet. You have to match all five main numbers and both Lucky Stars to land the jackpot. Tourists/ Non-residents are eligible to participate in the EuroMillions lottery as long as they aged 18 or over. In order to limit the jackpot from growing higher, the rules of the game in the period from 2006 to 2009 stipulated that after the twelfth draw without a winner before the jackpot amount would be rolled down and shared between the winners in the next prize tier. To win the jackpot, players must match all five main numbers and two Lucky Stars drawn. In this case, the country with the most successful EuroMillions wins per person is actually Portugal, with one jackpot winner for every 156 205 people. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. It was established by the UK National Lottery (Camelot), France’s Francaise des Jeux and Spain’s Apuestas Del Estado. 0.0 667,206,730 UK. The first huge jackpot of over €115.4 million was won by Irish lady Dolores McNamara on 29 July 2005. There is good news and bad news. This means no small payments every month for years on end. The 50p was added due to weak exchange rates between the pound and the euro and to cover the expense of the new Millionaire Maker. More than €10 billion has gone to winners in France since the first draw. If you are in the country on vacation or for business, you can buy a ticket. Two French people and one Portuguese received €61,191,026 each. The first EuroMillions draw was held on February 7th 2004, by three organisations: France's Française des Jeux, Loterías y Apuestas del Estado in Spain and the Camelot in the UK. The figures for the estimated prize are just a guide, and the actual amount varies according to the total in the prize fund and the number of winners for each prize. Ireland has an exclusive option called Plus, which adds €1.00 per line. The top 10 EuroMillions Jackpot winners have won between €163 million and €190 million. Which EuroMillions Country is the Most Successful. Looking for a system to help select your EuroMillions numbers? Prizes Breakdown, draw: 1365, 2020-10-20. no winner. News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. A jackpot of €190 million (£170.2 million) was won by a single ticket holder in the UK bearing the winning numbers - 7,10,15,44,49 and the lucky numbers 3,12. The frequency data from the table above is visualised in the following graphs. The first draw was held on 13 February 2004 in Paris. France, Spain and the UK have also participated in more draws than the other six countries. EuroMillions has created billions of prize winners and given away hundreds of jackpots since it started in 2004, with all nine participating countries claiming a share of the glory. Contact • Regardless of how and where you play, you can set your sights on the next jackpot now and take part online for the chance to win. Spain follows closely in second place with 77 whilst Portugal and the UK are third and fourth with 59 and 58 respectively. This is used for the settlement of all amounts due, and for holding amounts in respect of future prizes. The Winner Statistics page provides a number of tables which rank the nations for how they have fared in EuroMillions history. Mickey Carol, Also known as the lotto lout, 5 lotto winners who (quickly) lost it all, What were the results for Irish Lottery on the 21 July 2012. Draws take place at 20:45 every Tuesday and Friday in Paris. Until now, jackpots in a Super Draw have rolled over to the next drawing if not won. Which draws do you want to view statistics for? With around 620,000 residents, Luxembourg has roughly one jackpot winner per 207,000 people. In June 2007, with the success of the main EuroMillions game, the Irish National Lottery launched EuroMillions Plus. However, it may be too simple to say that those countries which have had the most winners have actually been the luckiest. Which shops can remain open during second national lockdown? It was launched on 7 February 2004 by France's Française des Jeux, Spain's Loterías y Apuestas del Estado and the United Kingdom's Camelot. A standard EuroMillions ticket costs €2.50, £2.50 or CHF3.50 per line played, but this depends on the local currency. What are non essential shops: full list of retailers closing in 2nd lockdown, ©News Group Newspapers Limited in England No. The new rules introduce the Jackpot Pool Cap. This table displays the total jackpot winners from each participating country. The odds may also fluctuate during a super draw or a special event in the UK Millionaire Raffle. One UK ticket-holder has won £114.9m in the New Year's Day EuroMillions draw. With the introduction of the Tuesday EuroMillions Draw on Tuesday 10 May 2011 there were 2 Millionaire Raffle winners each week. It is perhaps not too surprising to see the UK, France and Spain at the top of the rankings for EuroMillions winners. HAVE you bagged yourself a life-changing amount of cash? Initially, only the UK, France and Spain participated, with the Austrian, Belgian, Irish, Luxembourgish, Portuguese and Swiss lotteries joining for the 8 October 2004 draw.