Fargo City Assessor 321 4th St N Fargo ND 58102. Assessed values are subject to change by the assessor, Board of Review or State Equalization process. Please Note: The Assessor is not responsible for special assessments or establishing the property tax rate. (Except for Legal Holidays), To view property information, please visit. You assume responsibility for the selection of data to achieve your intended results and for the installation and use of the results obtained from the property data. Please enable JavaScript in your browser for a better user experience. In maintaining land ownership records, the assessor defines the boundaries of land according to ownership and assigns a unique identifying number to each parcel: the parcel number, parcel identifier or parcel identification number (PIN). Property records are continually updated through reappraisal, permits, sale review, or whenever change occurs. The entire address is not needed to retrieve results. Special assessment square footage is the total square footage of the lot. The Assessment Department is responsible for appraising the value of all property in the city as well as administration of all property tax exemptions for residents and businesses. These assessments will be levied within a year. This includes interest and principal. A thirty five foot offset is used in determining the special assessment front footage. The special assessment front footage is the number of lineal feet a property occupies on the street(measured across the front of a property). Print. NOTE: If there are no figures in the first set of appraised values, that means that this is a new parcel number that has resulted from a previous parcel being split, combined or re-platted. For information regarding Addressing, please contact Wayne Lorshbough by email or at 701.476.6745. Assessed values are subject to change by the City of Fargo. Un-certified balance remaining represents the actual outstanding special assessment levies against your property parcel as of this date. These numbers are preliminary and are based upon project engineer estimates and are posted here to inform you of upcoming special assessments. This is the current legal owner of this property according to our records. Final numbers are subject to changes in final construction costs, final determination of the benefit to your property by the Special Assessments Commission and final approval by the City Commission. set the total amount of property tax to be paid citywide. Special assessments and property tax rates are a function of Finance. The timeline from this stage of the process until final approval of the final special assessment levy will vary depending upon the when the project was first bid and when the project construction is scheduled to be completed. Get directions, reviews and information for Fargo City Assessor in Fargo, ND. Total attachment size cannot exceed 17MB. The Office of the State Tax Commissioner oversees the valuation of real property through a sales ratio analysis, which determines if a jurisdiction is maintaining their property valuations at market. In no event will the City of Fargo be liable to anyone for damages arising from the use of the property data. To search by address, type the house number followed by a space. Monday — Friday City of West Fargo 800 Fourth Ave. E., Ste. Assessment records are for the sole purpose of identifying the land being taxed. 1 West Fargo, ND 58078 Phone: (701) 433-5300 Once a property has been located on the site, there are also links to additional information through maps and a connection to the Cass County property tax bill website. The length and terms of the deferral amount are written in the deferral agreement for each individual parcel. Those valuations are certified annually to Cass County Government, which is responsible for levying and collecting the tax. Our office uses Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA) software to assist in the valuation process. You assume responsibility for the selection of data to achieve your intended results and for the installation and use of the results obtained from the property data. Then add the street name or number.