Best bit: The green, spinning rave circles. It’s one countless awards and is even on permanent display at New York’s Museum Of Modern Art. Last night on Saturday Night Live, Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping debuted the music video for “Finest Girl (Bin Laden Song)”. Best bit: When the octopus man thing wakes up. A run-on, well oiled, love-in scene that would make Aphex Twin blush. Best bit: The yellow jumpsuit at the start — the most retro piece of clothing you’ll ever see. The musical ‘teenage riots’ that The Youth pay tribute here range from Patti Smith and Dennis Wilson to Minor Threat and Nick Cave. Best bit: When the listener smashes the speaker at the end. Many of the characters in the music video are also in the cast of Brooklyn NINE-NINE. Best bit: When the happy family get dragged skywards into a black hole sun. In which the band all cram into a wardrobe on a cliff, as you do, to play miniature instruments along to the track before finding themselves at the bottom of the sea surrounded by creations as if in some goth pop version of The Little Mermaid. Best bit: When Jenny flees the wedding. Best bit: The message of victory at the end. A simple idea; getting people to listen to the track and gage their reactions. The comedy goes behind the scenes as singer/rapper Conner4Real (Samberg) faces a crisis of popularity after his sophomore album flops, leaving his fans, sycophants and rivals all wondering what to do when he’s no longer the dopest star of all. This FAQ is empty. It’s precisly these kind of dress-up-and-muck-about-in-a-city vids that make us want to form a band, chuck on some aviators and make our own comic promo. It works really well and, depending on your disposition, will either make you well up or reach for a bucket. Title: Artists, actors, directors and producers often appear at the beginning or end of music videos (or both). Today, you'll find that most video post titles keep that order intact — as on YouTube and Vevo. But this video earned her band the Most Stylish Video award at the 1999 VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards. View production, box office, & company info. Best bit: The final close up on the pyramid of scary ladies. Hard to replicate without breaking your torso. The brilliant interactive promo, which uses Google Street View and Maps to allow fans to watch as an animated figure runs through the area where they grew up, was a huge online hit. Best bit: When one of the guards says “I told you she didn’t have a dick”. Best bit: When the couple make out – which is most of it. Make sure the people who worked hard receive the credit they deserve. As a story it is fairly simple but kudos to it for not going overboard on the faux lesbian side – which with 2 very attractive leads, it could easily have done this and played everything a lot more sensually. Director: Chris Milk Some might say it makes the song quite a bit more interesting than it deserves to be. OK Go, who are known for their wildly inventive videos, partnered with Double A Paper to create this eye-popping music video. Could make quite a good Tim Burton film. Where can we pick one up? (It’s a mental asylum isn’t it?). The high budget, high impact, rapid-edit filled video for Pearl Jam’s ‘Jeremy’ saw worldwide acclaim. Watch it on Youtube. The music video title format is changing, but the same principles apply. Marshall Mathers would never be this carefree and slapstick again. There’s a police chase, as the cops try to arrest the members of N.W.A. Best bit: The bits where people fall out of cars and off freeways. A notorious thief is plucked out of the prison to serve a Pharaoh obsessed with maintaining power. YouTube isn’t experiencing technical difficulties. At the time this felt like a brilliant mix of comic set pieces and social commentary, before they went too ‘Lahandan’. Best bit: Yea, it’s a great video. Download your free music video title card below. Appearance By re-editing scenes from the 1970 film ‘A Swedish Love Story’, we get a promo and story-line that totally fits into Summer Camp’s John Hughes- in debt aesthetic. The template comes with 3 unique styles. Slave to the algorhythm. Best bit: When Patti Smith gets ready to leap out, cat like, from the screen. It’s a touching video, simply done. Spoofing every music video cliché, Blink 182’s promo for ‘All The Small Things’ takes inspiration from the likes of Ricky Martin, Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears – and then rips them apart. It features a SWAT team, actual dolphins and a massive Slash guitar solo. The template comes with 3 unique styles, each one customizable with only a few clicks. Best bit: When the geek in the jumper tries to pull an MC Hammer and ends up ass over tit. Click the button below and wait for a message from our Facebook bot in Messenger! Made for video creatives, new media and film. Those dancers in the background are repeating most of their moves. You'll see the partnership credit at the very end of the video. If Kanye set out to make himself look like a monster, then it definitely worked. Fred Armisen Best bit: How many of you wish your lessons were taught by Matthew? Beats the original concept of an alien hotel and alien-elephant masks. Watch it on Youtube. Watch it on YouTube. Popstar opens June 3rd. (Video 2015). You know, when MTV and VH1 actually aired music videos. One of the 90s’ most depressing anthems gets a suitably epic yet morose screen partner. Best bit: Dave Rowntree and Alex James as the couple that never was. Conner didn't catch on first, but after the girl teaches him what she means, they proceed, ending with Conner throwing her body into the ocean. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Sort of like an extreme take on ‘Bittersweet Symphony’, Glazer directs this haunting picture of urban dystopia featuring a man walking through traffic. Bin bag coats, fish-eye lens tomfoolery, sunglasses bigger than most faces; a generally bonkers opening salvo from Missy E. Best bit: The picture within a picture stylings of ‘Good Missy’ Vs ‘Bad Missy’. It was based on the tale of Wilhelm Reich, the Austrian scientist who tried to alter the weather with his cloudbuster. Although the music video lower third is antiquated, sometimes it’s good to go retro like the old school music videos. Enigmatic Radiohead at their finest. Other tracks on the soundtrack include ‘Equal Rights’ (featuring P!nk), ‘I’m So Humble’ (featuring Adam Levine), and ‘Ashley Wednesday’ (featuring Seal). Best bit: Is he meant to look like a chicken with that fluffy yellow jacket and hair? Best bit: When he stands up to reveal why he’s lying there, but the subtitles cut out at the worst moment. Best bit: The satisfying moment he gets to finally sit down in that deckchair. Best bit: The little dance he does on the steps which light up. Featuring female impersonator Rickard Engfors lip-sinking to the track as the entertainment at the annual meeting of a local Swedish football club, this mesmerizing video is tense, beautiful and haunting. Best bit: When it’s revealed that Tori isn’t , apparently, a very desirable car companion. Where to begin? Lots of hipster nakedness on show, on this before ‘Born This Way’ take on birthing a new nation. There’s something in the punch, babes. Best bit: The dolphins don’t want Axl to kill himself. Watch it on Youtube. In the tune, Connor4Real (Andy Samberg) relates the story of a girl who wants to get nailed like we nailed Bin Laden. The surreal video, which was one of a series made for every song on the ‘Savage’ album, sees Lennox play an oppressed housewife who breaks down, transforming herself into a Marilyn Monroe-esque vixen. Best bit: The bit where a fake Kurt shows up. Watch out too for an appearance from Jack Black as the guy who put the pot in the coffee. Using simple but effective techniques like sped-up stop-start animation, blue filters and fishy finger puppets, Jennings created a short but sweet clip which complements Vampire Weekend’s jerky world punk better than tea complements biscuits. Best bit: When Taylor sits up in bed and starts drumming. At the dawn of music video, lower thirds stamped the beginning and end of each video. Something’s not quite right in this boarding school. Best bit: When the band get covered in paint at the vid’s climax. 3 of 11 people found this review helpful. If you’re feeling reminiscent of the ‘90s, watch this video – it’s full of bowl haircuts and Dr Martens. A brilliant and long overdue piss-take of the hundreds of inane boyband vids we’ve been subjected to over the years, this sees the cheesiest bunch of buffed up twats get methodically zapped by the power of a genuinely decent tune. It looks like the cast of Jersey Shore were barfed up on the set of a music video, only to be classed up by a camero from Ron Jeremy. The nicest guy in rock gets his funny on in several different guises. Some parents thought this video, filmed at the abandonned London Underground tunnel of Aldwych, would be too scary for their kids to see, so it was banned from a few channels. Too many unpleasant funnies to mention, including references to ‘The Brady Bunch’, Marilyn Manson and Bill Clinton. They are also a huge selling point for the song and video so make sure you take advantage of these name drops. Not much happens, but it’s enough to leave us bewildered. Recreate the look from everyone's favorite MTV music videos. The Lonely Island guys are back with a new digital short that debuted on the season finale of NBC’s Saturday Night Live which aired on May 21, 2016. Best bit: Meg smashing plates as she drums away with hammers. Our editorial content is not influenced by any commissions we receive. We all know Gwen’s become a fashion icon, especially since launching her own clothing label. Best bit: When the full horror of what Mr Martin has walked away from becomes apparent (and no, it’s not Gwyneth’s Goop website). Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. You’re thinking ‘Those are some brilliant dance moves,’ but, hang on, something’s not quite right. Music videos have mostly migrated from broadcast TV to the web. Their explosive debut track was so uncompromising and unique that it coaxed legendary director Chris Cunningham out of a six year semi-retirement. Showing a single, unbroken shot of a speaker – supposedly playing the track – The Replacements should be celebrated for their simple, anti-big-budget-promo stance. Thanks for your input. Directors: Jonathan Dayton & Valerie Faris. Seems more suited for Thom’s haunting vocals, anyway. You might remember the music video credits format — in that classic MTV music video font — in music videos. The simplicity of the promo, just Polly Jean dancing and swimming, proves what a gripping performer the NME Award winner is. Bring back those old school music videos! One of the most controversial on our list, it features s&m, animal cruelty and religion – and sees Reznor shackled in a creepy basement. Big and bold: a new way to open or close your music video. High octane depictions of sex, drug, and violence-fuelled night outs don’t come much more hyper-real than this, a classic mid-nineties shocker shot in brilliant first person perspective. Chainsaws, cross-dressing, monsters and metamorphases combine for devastating effect.