Firework Launcher

SP1 as I called it is a firework launcher / gun made by me as cosplay combined from HALO game and DISTRIC 9 movie. No Simply type the URL of the video in the form below. No It has moderate damage, good fire rate, low capacity, and low-average mobility.

Gameplay Information One of our favorite 37mm ammo kits. American-Chinese

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87 XMAS Firework Launcher/Gun. Simply browse for your screenshot using the form below. Gamemodes

Of curse I thought about components as well, I drilled some holes to put on the top 5mm LEDs for the effect and a homemade linear motorized axe to make the next effect as opening channels. 05/16/20: Given a new firing sound and another damage buff. Gallery number The Firework Launcher is a decorative building which can hold up to a maximum of 2 monsters. Fireworks It has a low capacity so try to conserve as much ammunition as possible.

Weapon type Only ones I didn't get were in instances. Fireworks Themed It was later removed from Ammu-Nation, but would remain in the player's inventory if purchased and could continue to be used until the player's supply of ammunition ran out. The weapon appears to be made out of wood, cardboard, PVC-pipe, and random bits of junk. It shoots fireworks with different colors that perform similarly to the rockets of other weapons like the Rocket Launcher and the Armageddon. Fires a projectile, meaning that timing is key. This is rarely seen in game modes that are not.

No animals harmed in the making of this project. Fireworks Launcher Put the flair back in flare with this firework launcher, guaranteed to raise some oohs and aahs from the crowd.

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Compared to most explosive weapons in Arsenal, the Firework Launcher deals lower self-damage, has less ammunition, reloads longer, deals less damage, and cannot jump as high, but it fires slightly faster. Miscellaneous Information It also spawns in the player's inventory after Franklin and Lamar, but will have a maximum of two rockets. The Firework Launcher launches fireworks from a 4-round magazine, acting somewhat like a Rocket Launcherwith faster firing, longer reload time, and less damage, taking 2-3 hits to kill a player.

The Firework Rocket Launcher is designed to look like a cross between the WWII-era Panzerfaust and Panzerschreck, with a skyrocket loaded instead of the standard Anti-Tank Shell. It will also launch nearby players on impact. The rockets have a slow bullet travel time and have an impact of a firework. Rocket Jump GTA V & GTA Online Weapons Database & Statistics, GTAOnline 1152 IndependenceDay FireworkLauncher.

35 So, what are you waiting for? 4 Users can kill themselves if not careful. From there, select any monster you want from the menu. However, unlike the Flare Gun, the Firework Launcher lacks both Simple and Complex display reticules. It's not perfect though. The Fireworks Launcher is a Heavy weapon introduced in the 10.1.0 update. Precision and accuracy with the rockets are required for a successful kill. The blast shield is also simply mad… This project is not ready yet, working in progress hopefully i will finish it till xmas/new year and test it.