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In this scene, the CORE was overheating and was falling apart as a result. While this form is not directly named, it resembles the Delta Rune, which looks like the "Angel of Death" from the prophecy. Despite this, he also criticizes the protagonist at the end of the Ruins if they killed any monster.

Soon, Sans, Frisk, Bete Noire, and Asriel go to Mettaton's first live performance. Gaster has worsened Sans’ state with Determination.

Sans with Bete after getting hit by Jessica's Anti-Monster Ray.

To escape, he uses a gaster blaster, killing a random pink butterfly in the process, to burst open the door.

If one backtracks a bit after certain points, they can catch a quick look at Flowey for a split second before he retreats underground, showing that he has been stalking the player, even up to the end of the game. Prince of the Monsters (formerly) His slippers are replaced with sneakers as well. Sans explains that resetting can cause adverse effects on the timeline to Frisk. Throughout the animation, Flowey and Sans repeatedly fought, with Sans winning every single time, which is likely since Flowey did not have the six souls absorbed, which ultimately made him lose. Papyrus had an idea and uses his Gaster Blaster as transportation. Skeleton boss monster Instead, he was nose to nose with Papyrus's pleading, open, hopeful face.

He walks up to a drawer and pulls out a picture. Bete quickly gets up and destroys a nearby building, sending chunks of debris towards them and attempts to escape. Gall Gassasu ♡ They fight Chara for a while, but during the fight, the DT extractor finishes the process of draining Frisk's DT.

Meanwhile, Gaster and Papyrus both feel his influence and rush to the battlefield with Toriel and Asgore. Consisting entirely of rendered images, Photoshop Flowey is stylistically different from anything else in the game. Chara vs Omega Flowey, Sans, Frisk & Gaster, Asriel & Bete Noire vs Frisk, Toriel & Asgore, The picture is a poorly-done drawing of him and Gaster with a smear at the right with a taped message that said: "don't forget.". Megalomaniac Type of Villain

Sans then witnesses the hands break as the blasts stop, and he notices how bad of a condition this left his father in.

During Frisk's encounter with Gaster, Sans soon appears and attempts to teleport away from Gaster; however, this fails.
As Gaster and Sans shield themselves, they watch Papyrus pursue Bete and block her off. Instead, he appeared in one of Gaster's flashbacks.

Since "Gaster" is actually Wing Dings' last name, it could be possible that Sans' full name is "Sans Gaster". As of HATE, Sans now wears a cyan-like shirt with a turtle top instead of his white t-shirt. He later appears as one of the most important characters who hasn't been in action for most S2. His structure has a white androecium, six yellow petals, and a light-green stem. This caused him to temporarily lose his powers and caused Jessica's soul to crack from the immense amount of energy it takes to use. As they again fired, Sans jumps in front of them and steps up his game by creating even more to combat her blast. Omniscient Mastermind, Flowey the FlowerYour Best Friend God of HyperdeathPhotoshop FloweyOmega FloweyYour Worst NightmareAngel of DeathFlowery (by Papyrus), Normal form:Flower mimicryBotanokinesisSoullessnessSelf-awarenessSoul absorptionBindingPellet attacksManipulationFourth Wall AwarenessPhotoshop Flowey:Nigh-omnipotenceSpace-time manipulationTemporal reloadMultiple soulsSelf-resurrectionBotanokinesisPyrokinesisBomb generationShuriken creationPellet attacksImmense magical powerGod of Hyperdeath and Angel of Death:InvincibilityImmense magical powerPyrokinesisSwordsmanshipGunmanshipElectrokinesisAstrokinesisAsriel:Child prodigyLevitationSoul manipulation. When Bete turns Sans' controlled Gaster Blasters onto Papyrus and Gaster, Sans counters with an even bigger wall of Gaster Blasters and saves them, however, at the cost of his life, showing how much deeply he cared for them. According to Gaster, Sans will no longer have a peaceful death, since the Determination would force him to be fully awake to experience it. Originally known as Asriel Dreemurr, he was born the child of Asgore and Toriel, the king and queen of the monsters. When the episode starts, Frisk wakes Sans up.

As Papyrus joins in for a group hug, Bete emerges from the rubble and goes for Papyrus, claiming that their chain was only as strong as the weakest link. Using this opportunity, Sans played a sadistic game of spare-don't spare with him and his petals. While Sans repeatedly attempts to murder his brother, Papyrus attempts to deflect his blows and insists that he will never fight back, eventually calling him his brother. Sans is seen with Papyrus in this episode with the majority of his screentime in it being seen unconscious, but his hands seem to be cracking and twitching. He proceeded to ask them when they were going to reset. It will also flash vague, distorted black and white images of a terrified human face. In the Underground, Sans had acted especially lazy because he knew that any progress he’d made would be reset.

They jump in front of him, saving his life. The Knight. Whenever he drops this guise of friendliness, he often calls the protagonist an "idiot". He promises his father that he will find a way to revive him without killing anyone. Sans then grabs Bete with telekinesis before she could touch his dad and slams her into a building.

It is evident through him taking a fatal hit to save Asriel’s life.

These jaws have floating eyes with moving and pulsating irises. He soon decided not to spare him and killed him as a result. Outcome However, when Sans arrives at Grillby's, he realizes that something is wrong; Frisk isn't with him.

Flowey is killed hundreds of times by Sans. In the end, Sans' second death is what motivated Gaster to kill Bete with everything he's got.

Gender Play with Frisk forever by continually resetting the timeline (True Pacifist Run, abandoned).Use all of the souls to become a god and destroy the world (Neutral Run, both failed).Join the Fallen Child's side and helping them kill as many as possible (Genocide Run, succeeded but backfired). However, Frisk came in at just the right moment. When they arrive, Bete decides to go talk to Mettaton. Aftermath of defeating Flowey in the Neutral Run. Bete then hallucinated Asriel into seeing Chara, causing him to freeze. Sides He has a pair of wings that continuously change color, and his lower body becomes sharp and heart-shaped. Thanks to Chara's DETERMINATION, they survived the attack and threw a giant cut at Flowey. This battle was set before the Glitchtale events and involved Sans and Flowey.
Sans begins to melt as he creates a bigger blast and finally gets rid of the controlled Gaster Blasters and hits Bete. Camila confirmed that Sans is actually dead, which is why Gaster’s blue eye is gone.

He is a greedy, arrogant, egocentric, manipulative, devious, sly, and cunning planner, who is subtle if the circumstances require it. Initially, Flowey operates under a façade of friendliness and politeness.

Sans decides to take them at Grillby's through a "short-cut" that he knows.

Sans and Asriel then went to AMD's recording room. When the episode begins, Sans is seen with Frisk at the Hotland and soon warns them not to reset. Powers/Skills However, Gaster spots Sans and remembers what he did to keep him "alive".