In the New Testament Paul shows a talent for gaining friends. If one can be a friend of God or of God's Son, this friendship can extend as well to others who are also friends of God. Hiram of Tyre's "friendship" with David ( 1 Kings 5:1 ) is actually a political alliance that may have little to do with affection but everything to do with treaty obligations. Say "shalom chaverim" to greet a group of people, as this means "hello friends." Ecclesiastes develops the theme of friendship in the "two are better than one" passage ( 4:9-12 ). A friend can even lead one to worship other gods ( Deut 13:6-11 ). According to Scripture there are three possible objects of friendship: another person, God or his Son, or someone else who follows Jesus. Abraham gains the title "friend of God" by his faith and obedience ( 2 Chron 20:7 ; Isa 41:8 ; James 2:23 ). As one can be a friend to another person, so one can be a friend of God or of God's Son. All Rights Reserved. The first involves human friendship based simply on common humanity with all the joys and dangers associated with it. But good news is that the difference is just grammatical and tiny: The Hebrew word for a male friend “chaver” Written this way: חבר. His open acceptance during his ministry of all kinds of people displays not simply a tendency toward human friendship but portrays the possibility of divine-human loyalty and affection. Paul expresses this loyal and affectionate relationship when he refers to or addresses several individuals with the language of family love. While Paul, for example, encourages special concern for believers, he does so in connection with encouragement to "do good to all" ( Gal 6:10 ). The "king's friend" ( 2 Sam 15:37 ; 16:16 ; 1 Kings 4:5 ; 1 Chron 27:33 ) serves as a royal advisor or, in the Maccabean period, as a member of a favored class of nobles (1 Macc 2:18; 3:38; 6:10; 10:65). Some people say that Names have a significant effect on the babies development and personality. The purpose of this list is to help Hebrew parents in choosing names for newborn baby. חֲבֵרְכֶן. Even if a friend does not lead one astray, the friend may cause grief through misunderstanding. In his letters he names many people as his special friends in Christ. Find unique names from the mixture of any two names. A friend can lead one into sin, as when Jonadab son of Shimeah persuades his cousin Amnon to rape his half sister Tamar ( 2 Sam 13:1-6 ). Christian friendship finds its basis in the friendship between each believer and God. Job's three comforters, although they try to be his friends, only make his suffering worse (2:11-13; 6:14-27; 19:21-22; 42:7-9).