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The manufacturer’s trademark on this use of “fun” expired in 1998. 150 Pieces, Hershey's Nuggets Halloween Candy, Assorted Chocolate, Bulk Party Bag, 31.5 Oz, Taboom Bulk Chocolate, Individually Wrapped: 5 LB Box Variety Pack with Hershey's Cookies N Creme Bars, Hershey's Miniatures, Reese's Mini Peanut Butter Cups, Musketeers, Twix, Baby Ruth and Whoppers, SNICKERS, M&MS, TWIX, 3 MUSKETEERS & MILKY WAY Fun Size, Mars Chocolate Variety Mix (2 Pounds), Chocolate Candy Variety Pack - Mars Chocolate Minis and Fun-Size Assortment - 53.77 Ounce Bulk Bag (135 Pieces), Chocolate Candy Variety Pack - Fun Size Chocolate Bar Assortment Mix (84 Pack), SNICKERS, TWIX, 3 MUSKETEERS & MILKY WAY Full Size Chocolate Candy Bars Variety Mix, 33.31-Ounce 18-Count Box, Snickers, M&M'S Milk Chocolate, M&M'S Peanut, Twix & Milky Way Candy Variety Mix, Twix Full Size Caramel Chocolate Cookie Candy Bar, 1.79 Oz. We have all the favorites like Hershey’s, Jelly Belly, Laffy Taffy, and Junior Mints, and retro classics, too, like Chick O Sticks, Mary Janes, and Clark Bars. © 2020 Minnesota Public Radio. One of them was that the Curtiss Candy Company — most famously known for Butterfinger and Baby Ruth — began creating smaller versions of their candy bars in the 1930s, as writer Ernie Smith has detailed for Tedium. $50 - $100. “By the ’60s, [trick-or-treating] was a national event,” Benjamin says. If you are counting calories, these mini-size candy bars make a smart, portion-controlled indulgence. Now more than ever, your commitment makes a difference. Mars, Inc. — the company that created M&Ms, Snickers, Twix, Milky Way, 3 Musketeers and other iconic confectioneries still popular today — started to sell smaller versions of their candy bars in 1961. Hershey's Payday Peanut Caramel Snacksize Candy Bar Jumbo Bag, 20.3 oz 80 calories and 8.5 grams of sugar and 4 grams of fat, Amazon is rumored to be building its second headquarters nearby, That push led to a federal court decision, where I discussed the state of the napkin, recently called out both Nestlé and Hershey, tiny bags of Dole salad in “Fun Size” pouches, The response showed Dole’s claws for a brief moment. The company may not be the only one producing “fun size” sweets, but there’s no denying that Mars’ array of miniature candy bars continues to have a dominating presence in the sweets aisle — a fact that’s all the more obvious during trick-or-treating season. Mars was not as accommodating to a rival borrowing its marketing idea as Curtiss had been years before, and sued Curtiss over the term. Like what you're reading? 150 Pieces, AirHeads Candy Variety Bag, Individually Wrapped Assorted Fruit Mini Bars, Party, Non Melting, 12 Ounces, SNICKERS, TWIX, 3 MUSKETEERS & MILKY WAY Full Size Chocolate Candy Bars Variety Mix, 33.31-Ounce 18-Count Box, Chocolate Variety Pack Fun Size Mix - Halloween Chocolate Mix - All Your Favorite Chocolate Bars, 4 LB Bulk Candy, KIT KAT Halloween Candy, Snack sized Milk Chocolate Bars, 66 Pieces, 100 Grand Candy Bars, Fun Size, 11 Oz Pack Of 3, Snickers Fun Size Chocolate Candy Bars 20.77 Oz Bag, 20.77 Oz, Snickers Fun Size Chocolate Caramel Candy Bars - 2 LB Resealable Stand Up Bulk Candy Bag (approx. The company has to worry about M&M’s just as much as they do about Uncle Ben’s rice, Wrigley’s chewing gum, and Iams dog food. It’s certainly not a fun-sized effort, but it might eventually make Halloween candy a little less environmentally problematic. Really. By providing your email, you agree to the Quartz Privacy Policy. And really, come to think of it, what’s all that fun about a tiny piece of candy that’s surrounded in packaging, anyway? The concept of Halloween as a time for trick-or-treating started spreading in the 1920s. baby ruth, butterfinger, candy, chocolate, halloween, hershey, mars incorporated, milky way, snickers, Today in Tedium: If candy bars come in fun sizes, shouldn’t the largest size be the most fun? As a result, candy-bar makers experimented with new approaches to their products. For being one of the most prominent companies in grocery stores around the world, a firm whose goods are frequently sold in checkout aisles and promoted during Super Bowls year in and year out, Mars, Inc. is a surprising enigma of a company. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. Candy, which was replacing fruit’s role in the holiday, was one of them. In 1968, it launched new candies that were slightly larger than the “junior” ones, but still smaller than Mars’ traditionally sized bars. And there are often hundreds of pieces of candy in a single bag after a round of trick-or-treating. Only at Walmart. (Google Books), Mars wasn’t first to this concept however—it was actually, technically, late. In the years that followed, other candy makers, including Curtiss, also began to sell miniaturized candy bars labeled with the term “fun size.” Mars soon objected. People began to trust food products that came from machines. Strap in, sweet tooth.). And sign up for our newsletter—it'll make your inbox a little better every Tuesday and Thursday. 4.5 out of 5 stars 329. Those came out in 1939, long before Mars even had its own take on this iconic idea. (Pack of 12), SmartSweets Gummy Bears Sour 1.8 Ounce, Candy With Low-Sugar (3g) & Low Calorie (90)- Free of Sugar Alcohols & No Artificial Sweeteners, Sweetened With Stevia, 12 Count. Fun-size candy bars fall into a category of candy called “hand to mouth,” which are usually smaller, individually wrapped and more convenient for a quick sweet treat. 4.3 out of 5 stars with 20 reviews. Ring Pop Lollipop Candy. The court in 1974 denied Standard Brands’ motion for the case to be dismissed, but granted their motion for a stay, meaning the proceeding was paused. For pieces of candy that are generally, on average, less than an ounce in size, we sure cover them in a lot of paper, plastic, and other materials. To go get the healthy fruit I would have to leave my desk, take the elevator downstairs go to the quick check store and hope they have a piece of fruit. “Defendants argue that since Mars could thus not establish proprietary rights in the word ‘fun’ for candy, nor in the unquestionably descriptive word ‘size,’ it certainly cannot be entitled to monopolize the combination,” the court decision reads. “Fruit was a really big part,” Susan Benjamin, author of Sweet as Sin: The Unwrapped Story of How Candy Became America’s Favorite Pleasure, tells TIME. All rights reserved. The response showed Dole’s claws for a brief moment, but ultimately put them away. Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know now on politics, health and more, © 2020 TIME USA, LLC. “They gained enormous popularity in the 1920s and ‘30s, during the Great Depression, because they were the original meal replacements,” Kimmerle told Marketplace. And M&Ms. The site Earth911 put it this way: Because plastic bottles can be recovered easily and economically, and there’s a healthy end-use market for their recovered materials, waste management facilities have an incentive for their collection and processing. GDP jumped 33%, but how about that output gap? Curtiss used the term “junior” to advertise the miniaturized, individually wrapped sweets. | Privacy Policy | Advertise With Us | RSS feed. left hand navigation Skip to Search Results. Today’s Tedium gives king size notice to Fun Size candy. 2-day delivery . Initially, the case was a quick loss for Mars, as the defendants were quick to point out that a company on the West Coast had previously trademarked the term “fun” for candy-related uses way back in 1926. If Curtiss was selling miniature Baby Ruths in the 1930s, that means it also beat out Hershey, whose Miniatures have a design that’s perhaps more graceful and properly-proportioned than the loaf-like designs of their main competitors. $10 - $20. Mars’s efforts to control “fun” were ultimately unsuccessful. A carefully cura... VINTAGE CANDY CO. CHOCOLATE LOVERS FULL SIZE CANDY BAR SNACK GIFT BASKET - PERFECT For Adult, College Student, Military, Teens, Woman, Man, Boy or Girl. Since the “junior” variations are cheaper, “you don’t feel like you’re really putting yourself out there financially and it isn’t a problem to have during the Depression.”. In the early 1960s, Mars began selling “Junior” variants of its popular candy bars, but then discontinued them in the late ’60s, deciding to come up with a slightly larger variant called “Fun Size.” The quick popularity of these morsels, particularly around Halloween, led many competitors to follow suit, including both Curtiss and its parent company, Standard Brands (which itself used “Fun Size” on its Planters Jumbo Block candy bar, making the entire concept of it being a “jumbo block” a complete misnomer). — Ian Bogost, a contributing editor to The Atlantic, making the case that full-sized candy bars, while often considered major wins for kids on Halloween, go against the spirit of the holiday, while the “Fun Size” candy bars highlight a certain novelty that generally isn’t experienced throughout the year. Be sure to check out the front page of the website, too—it's full of cool stuff. 4.2 out of 5 stars 712. “For many years, bigger was better because you got a bigger meal for your money,” she said. 50 pieces) - Bulk Filler Candy for Holidays and Parties, 3 MUSKETEERS Candy Fun Size Chocolate Bars 10.48-Ounce Bag, SNICKERS Fun Size Chocolate Bars Valentine's Day Candy, 10.59-Ounce Bag, MARS Chocolate Caramel Lovers (M&M's, SNICKERS, TWIX & MILKY WAY) Fun Size Candy Bars Variety Mix 33.87-Ounce 55-Piece Bag, MILKY WAY, Chocolate Candy Bar Fun Size, 10.65 Oz, Mars Favorites Halloween Candy Bars Variety Mix 53.77 Oz 135Piece Bag, Mixed, 53.77 Oz, KIT KAT Snack Size Wafer Bars, 10.78 Ounce, Hershey's Milk Chocolate & KIT KAT & REESE'S Cups, Halloween Candy, Gift Box of Assorted Full Size Bars 18 pieces, 27.3 oz, Milky Way Fun Size Chocolate Bars, 10.65 oz (2 pack), Snickers, M&M'S & Twix Fun Size Halloween Chocolate Candy Variety Mix, 31.18-Ounce 55 Piece Bag, CANDYMAN Chocolate Candy (5.6 lbs) Variety Pack Hersheys Nestles Reese's Snickers York Peppermint Almond Joy Kit Kat, M&Ms Peanut and Milk Chocolate, 100 Grand Bars, Milky Way, HERSHEY'S Bulk Halloween Chocolate Candy Variety Mix, (HEATH, HERSHEY'S, KIT KAT, MILK DUDS, REESE'S, WHOPPERS) 81.4 Ounce, Assorted Chocolate-y Candy Bars, Bulk Full Size Variety Pack with Butterfinger, Crunch, Baby Ruth & 100 Grand Bars, Christmas Stocking Stuffers (20 Count), Baby Ruth Fun Size Bars,Small 3 LB Bulk Candy, Candy & Chocolate HERSHEY'S Nestle M&M’S Variety Assortment Mix Bulk GIFT BOX Net Weight 5.85LBS (93.6 oz 160 Count ALL Chocolate), Hershey's All Chocolate Pieces, 150 Pcs, 90 Ounce Bag, HERSHEY'S Halloween Candy, Assorted Chocolate Miniatures (HERSHEY'S, KRACKEL, & MR. 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