This begs the question: to what extent has efficiency been prioritized over safety and security? Once the Granville Bridge Connector is completed, all three False Creek bridges will offer safe and accessible options for walking, rolling, and biking to and … The following map shows some of these key connections. In a situation few cities find themselves in, Vancouver, B.C., is exploring how to best use the extra vehicle capacity on the 1954-opened Granville Bridge. In an effort to apply a lens of equity to this project, the city organized a Mobility Equity workshop, facilitated by the ever-insightful Jay Pitter. © Copyright, MediaEdge Communications Inc., All Rights Reserved, 2001 Sheppard Ave E, Suite 500, Toronto, ON, M2J 4Z8. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Can we define accessibility and belonging as it relates to the Granville Bridge? However, I do not identify as Indigenous, a minority or immigrant. The new building will replace the iconic Saddledome. Storer said staff don’t have a lot of concern about the signal lights affecting the flow of traffic because they could be tightly co-ordinated with upstream and downstream signals. Last week, the City of Vancouver hosted a free public workshop on the Granville Bridge Connector project. In an effort to apply a lens of … Streets have been designed or re-designed for the efficient and high-speed movement of vehicles, often at the expense of people. We're developing conceptual plans for a new walking, rolling, and cycling path across the Granville Bridge. The proposed design of the bridge will cost $30-40 million, excluding means prevention fencing. The city’s current capital budget includes $25 million for the Granville Bridge Connector. “This project will give people more travel options to and from downtown that don’t contribute to congestion or pollution.” Officials expect as the city grows, even more people will live and work within easy walking and cycling distance of the bridge. In that form, the project should get people on foot, bike or wheels across the bridge safely, and that’s about it. Design firms HOK and Dialog have been selected to design Calgary's new $550 million event centre. In terms of “inviting people to the table” some considerations are as follows: All that said, I commend the City for dedicating an entire workshop to the discussion of equity as it relates to one of their projects, and for involving one of the foremost on inclusive city building – Jay Pitter. Connect with friends faster than ever with the new Facebook app. “People also shared ideas, many of which we’ve been able to incorporate, for improving the design to ensure it offers the best possible experience for users.”. Saddledome demolition plan bucks transparency, Claiming research and development tax credits, Real estate flies red flags of money laundering, Alberta enables long-term property tax breaks, Improve cash flow strategies in construction, Some drag in buoyant 2018 investment returns, Protecting equipment, employees and properties, Attracting a new generation of construction workers, GPS tech can help businesses stay efficient, Sights and sounds of proposed code changes, Pay raise, slowing volume, shortage of workers, IAQ standards dissect freshness of outdoor air, Landmark Walterdale Bridge defines Edmonton, Calgary’s first Bus Rapid Transit corridor opens, Challenging projects earn Graham VRCA Awards, A unique launch for the new Vedder Bridge, Urban pressures arise in step with proptech, Plans for first net positive energy office building, Top contractors earn transportation project awards, Design team named for Calgary’s event centre, The importance of gender specific PPE in the construction industry. Achieving quality in roofing installations, CLT offers seismic durability against earthquakes, Time to pick up the pace on building retrofits, Alberta won’t rescue energy efficiency programs, Energy efficiency primed for climate action, A First Look at Alberta’s prompt payment legislation, BCCSA updates best practices for presumptive cases, Alberta introduces prompt payment legislation, Prepare for project risks driven by COVID-19, Vancouver doubles mass timber construction height, Vacant homes in Vancouver down 15 per cent, Construction of unique childcare centres underway, Vancouver to phase in 75% hike on empty homes tax, Timber has strong ties to tourist attractions, How IPD can transform design and construction, Shop Canada's Best Mortgage Rates at But $12.5 million is only the first part, and longer-term upgrades could cost as much as an additional $26.5 million, according to a report to council . This spring, staff will present to council a conceptual, phased budget for the project that will include the first phase of work that falls within the 2019-2022 capital budget. Lastly, to what extent do our streets provide for mobility and improve upon accessibility (e.g. All Rights Reserved.