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A report to council in January made the case for a separated cycling and pedestrian route down the centre of the bridge, which it said would be the most cost-effective option and avoid problems with the bridge’s ramps and the Granville Loops at its north end. “As the City’s population grows and climate-change concerns intensify, the need to offer sustainable travel options has never been more important,” continued Storer. It is a priority for CBC to create a website that is accessible to all Canadians including people with visual, hearing, motor and cognitive challenges. © 2019 Global News, a division of Corus Entertainment Inc. City of Vancouver unveils plans for Granville Bridge. The public is being asked to weigh in on the design options at a series of open houses in September, or through an online survey, which opens on Sept. 13 and runs to the end of the month. However, it has poorer water views, and comes with less public space than the east and west side options. The first phase of construction will be an interim design that: (City of Vancouver), The existing Granville Street Bridge road deck. If approved, construction could begin in 2021. Despite being a direct route to and from downtown for many, few people use the bridge’s sidewalks or bike or because they feel unsafe and uncomfortable or because it is not accessible.

Community Liaison A long-term master plan for the revitalization of Granville Island includes the construction of elevator to the Granville Street Bridge, an expansion of the public market, a renewed streetcar connection, and the conversion of several parking lots into new public spaces. This configuration on the west side of the bridge also provides the best views of the waterways, mountains, skyline, and Burrard Bridge. Pedestrians and cyclists could access the bridge from Granville Street, while a second pedestrian access point would be upgraded on the Hemlock ramp and a flatter cycle route would be added on the Fir ramp. To get additional details, utilize the following resources: The city has already begun seismic upgrades to the span, and is proposing major changes to the bridge that would make it more accessible to pedestrians and cyclists. Comments on this story are moderated according to our Submission Guidelines. You can see a detailed breakdown of all options, along with the city’s assessment of pros and cons of each here. There is also potential for features such as art, lighting, seating, and lookout stations to create a special place and enjoyable experience for … The city would install new traffic signals at the Howe and Fir ramp crossings. At least one lane in each direction will generally be maintained on Granville Bridge. The portion of the bridge constructed during Phase 1 will allow for two-way traffic to resume on SR 37/SR 661 during Phase 2 construction. Our plan provides a vision for how people and goods move in and around Vancouver for the next 30 years. “We overwhelmingly heard support for the project as a whole.”, WATCH: Bike lanes playing large part in redesign plans for the Granville Bridge (Aired: Jan. 24, 2019). Option 1: West Side. As the work progresses north, lane closures will shift to include either the center lanes or curb side lanes on the main span of the bridge. This may disturb the colony of Pelagic Cormorants nesting in the substructure of the bridge. Information. • Footage of the demolition of the second bridge and construction of the third Granville Street Bridge, 1954, City of Vancouver Archives City council will decide on the project’s final proposed concept and phased budget this spring, following public consultation by online survey and open houses starting January 24. She had been widowed between the two openings, and so had a different name. Closed Captioning and Described Video is available for many CBC shows offered on CBC Gem. As the city grows, even more people will live and work within easy walking and cycling distance of the bridge. Option 3 essentially inverts Option 1. Users of the new path would access the bridge from Granville Street itself. It was a 732-metre long low timber trestle.

The work is anticipated to be complete in the next few weeks. City of Vancouver looking at slashing number of car lanes on Granville Bridge. “West Side Plus was by far the most popular option with the public during two previous rounds of engagement,” said Paul Storer, manager of transportation design for the City of Vancouver, in a statement. A million cars would cross over the bridge in its first month. Daily Hive is a Canadian-born online news source, established in 2008, that creates compelling, hyperlocal content. We’re carrying out critical structural and seismic upgrades to Granville Bridge to ensure this infrastructure continues to serve us well. Due to the financial pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic, Council voted to reduce funding for the first phase of GBC design and construction to $12.5 million, narrowing the scope to focus first on much-needed pedestrian and cycling safety and accessibility improvements to the bridge. Option 1 comes with an estimated price tag of $20 million to $30 million. The city says crossings on the east side could force more traffic onto Granville street downtown. It would also see the widening of the sidewalk on the east side of the bridge. The first phase of construction will be an interim design that: In 2016, 18,000 residents and 17,000 jobs were within a five-minute walk of Granville Bridge and 90,000 residents and 125,000 jobs were within a five-minute bike ride. Our capital budget had previously earmarked $25 million for the first phase. Most users would access the bridge from Granville Street at both ends. This does not include an additional $8 million to $15 million for the suicide-prevention fencing component, which is separate from the project scope. It is part of Highway 99. The work on the bridge deck is anticipated to be completed by late 2020.

(City of Vancouver), Sign up for our newsletter to get exclusive content, contests, and perks direct to you. The navigation span, near the north end, was a trussed timber swing span, tied with wire ropes to a central wooden tower. The chosen design is expected to cost between $30 million and $40 million, but it will likely be constructed in phases given that the current 2019-2022 capital budget only allocates $25 million for this particular project. READ MORE:

A $35 million update has been underway for the past year to maintain the bridge's structural integrity and improve its seismic resilience by replacing expansion joints and bearings, and repairing concrete and steel. This may disturb the colony of Pelagic Cormorants nesting in the substructure of the bridge. Suicide-prevention fencing was also installed on the Burrard Street Bridge as part of its recent upgrades. The pathways link up to the proposed Drake Street bike lanes on the north end and the Arbutus Greenway and 10th Avenue bike corridor on the south end. The east sidewalk would be left as-is. There is also potential for features such as art, lighting, seating, and lookout stations to create a special place and enjoyable experience for … The Granville Street Bridge is an eight lane bridge in Vancouver, British Columbia. An improved pedestrian route would be added to the 4th Avenue ramp, and an improved and flatter bicycle access point would be added to the Hemlock ramp. On-street parking is unaffected along Granville Street at the north and south ends of the bridge. The city conducted a preliminary round of consultations in the spring which Paul Storer, Vancouver’s manager of transportation design, said was clear on one point. (City of Vancouver). The second bridge was completed in 1909.