As an old time pro wrestling fan, I got a kick out of those photos on the wall of Linda's (Janet Agren) establishment; you had to be quick though, to pick out Bruno Sammartino and Terry Funk, most likely matinee idols for the likes of Raul Morales (George Eastman) and his arm wrestling buddy Anatoly Blanco (Darwyn Swalve). Because he had a change of heart and left the old man alive, and now Paco is the target of both the authorities and the organization who hired him. If you were to have watched this film when it was released, you'd have probably thought it was OK, or been a little disappointed. Hands of Steel takes some time finding its footing and that is what hurts the movie for me. Code Red even goes out of their way to provide interviews with some of the cast and discuss Sergio Martino’s pseudonym and the death of one of the actor’s who died tragically in a helicopter crash. Oh, man. The film could have used more blood, boobs, or excessive violence to push its exploitation boundaries. In return, he gets a place to sleep and a meal to eat. Will put this on the fast track to watch\review! I have rarely witnessed a scene more affecting than the torn-off head of the female cyborg grating out "THEY WILL DEE STROY YEW" in her atrocious accent, an even worse accent than that of Paco's nemesis Raoul. I mean, there's no exploding tanker truck falling over the edge of a cliff and there's no lazers being shot out of helicopters. That is why it is great. Let me summarize the insane premise: An evil CEO sends a cyborg to assassinate a scientist. I remember the awesome stereotype bounty hunter character (long white hair, long white beard, black leather trenchcoat, sawed off shotgun), I remember the arm wrestling match where the loser gets his wrist pinned in a shackle to be bitten by a poisonous snake, and how the cyborg beat the former champ (who had much bigger arms, by the way), but then saved him from his own snake, I remember the acid rain scene where the cyborg must quickly drive through the acid rain road section, and how you see the hood of the car start to dissolve, and more. This motion picture is insanely enjoyable and one of the best Italian post-apocalyptic, “knock off everything under the sun” movies. And guess who programs him? I’m a sucker for anyone screaming and delivering devastating blows to craniums. It wouldn't have been so bad if the screen writers explained how Paco's circuitry couldn't possibly have been damaged by taking direct machine gun fire to the chest, or survive getting waterlogged while completely submerged. And you support Code Red’s ability to bring more obscure titles when you watch and buy. I mean, he ripped off something that didn’t yet exist! We know the score of these kinds of science fiction flicks. I have to give him credit - he always does his best, Just being a workmanlike performer as he is, in comparison with the poor acting of every single other person in the film, makes him look like Sir Laurence Olivier or Richard Burton.