Within a few more miles, I am in Steptoe Butte State Park Heritage Site, at the base of this quartzite hilltop, and follow the road around in a circle as my van climbs 1,000 feet in elevation above the surrounding agricultural fields. It’s hard to believe that tomorrow—after another night in my tent at the small, first-come, first-served campground behind the falls overlook—I’ll be back in bustling Seattle. It is haunted by many a ghost too, including a woman in 1920s garb who walks along the mezzanine, peering over the railing to the lobby below. Check out the “Stay in Palouse” links on the right. The Coeur d’Alénes Indians are said to have named Lake Kaniskee, which means Lake of the Spirit. The area is well-staffed to make sure it’s a scary yet safe event, even helping people out of the haunted houses if they are overwhelmed. Ticket sales begin at 7:00pm each performance night, and ticket sales end promptly at 10:00pm. Don’t miss: Haunted Palouse ( visitpalouse.com ), a town fundraiser featuring entry to two haunted buildings and a hay ride on October 19–20 and 26–27 in Palouse. Great Halloween Date. The building was sold in 1968 when a new hospital was built. Provide food and snacks for workers. Participants must be 12 years old or older, no exceptions. According to legend, the ghostly older woman seen walking around the town park is looking for her home. There's a lot going on! Are there group discounts available? This Yakima haunt has had a permanent home for two years after many years roaming locations and even a one-year hiatus. Haunted Palouse is four nights of Halloween festivities which include two haunted houses and a haunted hay ride all included in the $25 admission. It is not uncommon to see at least 10 percent of the Palouse community coming out to help. And a clown decked in a yellow jumpsuit yelled at my car because I had dared to enter. Is there an age limit? From Rosauers in Moscow: Take Highway 95 North 9 miles (just past Viola), and turn onto Highway 66 to Palouse. Also, a large horned monster may lift boats out of the water from time to time. » Find museums in Palouse, WA. Snagging one of the eight first-come, first-served campsites, I set up my tent and eat a PB&J for dinner at my picnic table, steeling myself for the 3.5-mile Pine Ridge loop hike to Kamiak’s 3,641-foot summit. The haunted hayride has participants sitting on a trailer and hay bales, pulled by a tractor down Shady Lane, Paula Echanove, one of the founders of Haunted Palouse who has volunteered there for all fifteen years, said. The building otherwise appeared the same as it would in the daylight. ), The Walla Walla Corn Maze is one of the many Northwest attractions to enjoy this Halloween. Yes! “My favorite part of it is the spirit of cooperation amongst everyone who is working,” Barstow said. Getting here early is your best bet for whichever night you attend. Finding the best haunted attractions, movies, TV and books can be challenging. Palouse Falls, Washington’s official waterfall, cascades 186 glorious feet. Four deaths in two years is a clear sign the state would be wise to focus attention on making Palouse Falls State Park safer. Admission is $25, but groups of 20 or more can get a 25 percent discount.

In Room #6 of the hotel, people have reported seeing ghostly children playing and laughing who disappear suddenly. From Dissmores in Pullman: Take Highway 27 North 14 miles to Palouse. It’s hard to believe that this sleepy little town was one of Washington’s population centers in the late 1800s. Lindsay was thrilled because a deranged circus performer let her throw a — plastic — knife at a dartboard where a doll had been pinned.

Well heck yes! But I’m not someone who scares easily.

Last Friday night, I followed pitch black highways to the small Washington locale of Palouse, where the whole town had been taken over by zombies, ghosts and ax murderers for the 14th annual Haunted Palouse.

Locals report seeing a Native American woman walk around the lake's shore. Although there is an entry fee of $15, the event will not disappoint.

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It is unclear whether this historic inn is still in operation, but guests staying in various rooms have reported showers and faucets that turn on by themselves and quarters which appear out of no where. She laughed, but it was nervous laughter, her tone lilting with unease. I knew every startle was staged and all the blood was just corn syrup and food coloring, so all the horrors seemed silly and absurd. JOINT FIRE BOARD REPORT: Budget is looking good. Haunted Palouse started as a response to a flood that devastated the town’s Main Street in 1996.

The fire department also walks through the haunted houses, ensuring that there are quick escapes in case there is an emergency, Echanove said. Another hour behind the wheel melts away, and I turn south onto SR 261, destination: Palouse Falls. Who is going to work on Washington farms during the pandemic.

In the 80's, two young women who would have been ... Not much is known but sometimes at night you can here loud bangs coming from the building. Palouse’s only real link to civilization is little state Highway 27, which leads south in 15 minutes to Pullman (population 30,000), home of Washington State University. Along with various venues, Haunted Palouse includes the printing museum and the police station set up as haunted houses.

Help guide our reporting by submitting a topic, question, or one of your stories to our team. 6 EMS calls in August: 2 city, 2 rural, 2 non-resident. Tickets will be sold in the drive-through area of the PALOUSE BRANCH of Banner Bank (formerly AmericanWest Bank), 150 N. Bridge – right by the rail-road tracks – but ONLY on performance nights. Are you prepared to handle emergencies? To arrange a visit, please call – 509-878-1742. The business doors were shut and the building was condemned for many years until later reopened as a behavioral correction clinic.

St. Ignatius was the first hospital in Whitman County built in 1983. Home / City Hall / Events / Business / Things to Do / Local / Photos / Contact, Whitman Street Reconstruction and Revitalization, Palouse Discovery Science Center (offsite link).

Then we landed at the second haunted house. For the sake of those who dare to take on the terror, I’ll say no more than this: If you want to be scared, you will be. This is not accurate.

There have been reports of a Woman standing outside of the hotel late at night. By the time we exited the building, my tally was up to two, but Lindsay and I had laughed through most of the spooky site. Rolling green and beige hills swoop and peak across the landscape, punctuated by the occasional hay barn or tractor-riding farmer topping a mound. No exceptions. The maze features family friendly hours and a “Spooktacular” version later this month.CREDIT: T.J. Tranchell/NWPB. Inside is an intricate mix of new haunted house technology and old-school scares.

Check with the numerous people working on completing their projects. The Walla Walla Corn Maze is one of the many Northwest attractions to enjoy this Halloweenseason. It’s that spooky time of year again, and aside from costumes and pumpkins, Halloween attractions like haunted houses are popping up all over the Pacific Northwest.Read On. season. Haunted Palouse, 7-10 p.m., downtown Palouse.

Terms of Service #. The waiting area is outdoors. Tickets are $20 and sales begin at 7 p.m. and end at 10 p.m. Getting thereThe Palouse region of Washington is about a four-hour drive east from Seattle.

Do you take credit / debit cards? Others are still the products of small towns getting together for a good time. A little-known secret of landscape photographers for decades, the Palouse draws thousands of visitors every year looking for nothing more than peace, quiet, two-lane country roads and spectacular vistas.

Haunted Palouse The town of Palouse, Wash., has been getting into the Halloween spirit for 17 years. Cut to the present, and the rolling hills of the Palouse are draped in green, beige, yellow, mauve and other all-stars of the agricultural rainbow. Roy M. Chatters Newspaper and Printing Museum Open Saturdays from 10:00am - 2:00pm, or by appointment.

We spend many hours planning and scheming to get maximum heart rates, screams and giggles. Group tours welcome with advance notice.

As I drive onward and upward, the views only get more dramatic as the afternoon sun starts turning the wheat fields below from beige to gold.

Absolutely! The holiday brings many activities for revelers of all-ages. Designated as the state’s official waterfall by legislative decree in 2014, this cascade doesn’t disappoint, horse-tailing itself 186 feet into a huge basalt punch bowl. Folks say the woman was reported missing several years ago, and her body was discovered outside town. The ghosts of a woman and her two children are said to walk the hotel halls, frightening guests and causing mischief in the guest rooms.

All sightings have happened in or near the 2nd floor bedroom on the south end of the house. Will your monsters touch me? After about an hour of hiking and more than 600 feet in elevation gain, I summit the butte and watch in awe as the sun bathes the landscape in pink and purple hues. Taking cues from the Disney Channel movies Halloweentown and the NBC show Grimm, which films in nearby Portland, The Spirit of Halloweentown features several events, guests from the movies and shows they highlight, and the opportunity to get married at the same time as other like-minded folks. (Submitted by Callum Swift).

One is called Ollie and is said to be a prankster.

The two women who have been running it since the beginning are retiring. We got in line for the haunted hayride. The Palouse RV Park offers full hookups. There are claims of a spirit named Maggie that is said to give hugs, touches on the shoulder and pats on the back. The town of Palouse, Wash., has been getting into the Halloween spirit for 17 years. I’ve seen lots of farmland in my day, but none has looked like this. For Cougs, it’s a sign we’re not far from home.”  Alanna Wight editorial assistant, Where to stayKamiak Butte County Park (with eight first-come, first-served campsites and 5 miles of hiking trails, including the 3.5-mile Pine Ridge Trail), 509.397.6238; (check website for directions), Where to eatFonks Coffeehouse, Colfax, 112 N Main St.; 509.397.3784; Facebook, “Fonks Coffeehouse”, What to doPalouse Falls State Park (105-acre park with 10 tent-only first-come, first-served campsites), Starbuck; 509.646.9218; Discover Pass requiredPerkins House and Cabin, Colfax, 623 N Perkins Ave.; 509.397.2555Steptoe Butte State Park Heritage Site (a 150-acre day-use park), Colfax; 509.337.6457; Discover Pass required, Spend your next weekend getaway in the Great White North, Art, good food and cozy adventures are just a ferry ride away, Explore hidden gems this season from the Cascades to the Oregon Coast, You won’t find hotels, restaurants or shops on Red Mountain. Bustling Seattle, less than 300 miles to the west, may as well be halfway around the world. Lewiston couple lands on “America’s Funniest Home Videos”, Spooked: Readers share their true ghost stories, Cult Corner: Nightmares of a new millenium. Learn More >.

Cutting through basalt outcroppings—the rolling loess farmland now long in my rearview mirror—I turn into Palouse Falls State Park and drive up to a fenced ledge overlooking stunning Palouse Falls. As legend has it, a gunfight occurred in the late 1800s over the hand of a local young woman.

Dress warm and bring appropriate clothing for inclement weather. The building then became St. Ignatius Manor and housed developmentally disabled adults until 2003. He is believed to be a former house member. Unfortunately, due to the very dim lighting inside the houses, you may occasionally come into contact with one of our staff. As I stand there gazing into the gorge, a yellow-bellied marmot emerges from the rocks underfoot, whistling to make its presence known. Your email address will not be published.