Among these are his military outfit and a large picture of himself with Hector and Ghastly. He hates Nigel Planter with a passion, and goes to various lengths to remove him from his school. Due to Billy's foolish desires, which he orders Grim to bring about, he is often the cause of Grim and Mandy's mishaps. Similarly, he uses exclamatory phrases which are different, but recognizable from their original form. He is a husky boy whose preferred method of terrorizing other kids is by administering his lethal wedgies. Billy has a wide curiosity which gets him into situations he often can't get himself out of without Grim and Mandy coming to his rescue. Grand-mama (her real name being Tanya) is Dick's mother and Irwin's paternal grandmother. Like most other characters, Grim greatly is afraid of Mandy, but is able to openly rebel against her when she becomes too obnoxious and abusive. Mandy smiling is shown to be the end of the world; in the episode "My Fair Mandy", after entering a local beauty contest against the queen bee of her classroom, it was revealed that all of reality would be humorously, psychedelically distorted, resulting in the series swapping premises with that of The Powerpuff Girls, another Cartoon Network animated series. In his first appearances, Nergal was one of the main enemies of Billy, Mandy, and Grim, but now as a member of Billy's family because he married Billy's Aunt Sis, he is a friend of them and Billy's uncle, by marriage. Ironically, it is the same dimension to which he sent Billy, one filled with spiny plants and a creature similar to the plants. However, he lives in a house and is a next-door neighbor and a good friend of Billy. Phil is Mandy's father. Irwin is a pudgy, nerdy boy and a close friend of Billy's. Dracula's appearance and mannerisms are patterned after the blaxploitation movies of the early 70's, most notably Blacula while also taking inspiration from Fred G. Sanford of Sanford & Son. General Skarr first appeared in the show Evil Con Carne, where he was Hector Con Carne's paramilitary commander. More The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy Wiki. ", "A Dumb Wish", "Something Stupid This Way Comes", "Tickle Me Mandy" (via title card), "Dream A Little Dream", "Crushed", "Mandy the Merciless", "Five-O-Clock Shadows" (though it was only her shadow self), "My Peeps", "Test of Time", "Scythe for Sale", (almost), "Billy & Mandy Begins", "My Fair Mandy", "Billy & Mandy Save Christmas", "Heartburn", and the TV movie Billy & Mandy's Big Boogey Adventure, where she (even barely) does crack a smile. After John Vernon's passing, Toadblatt's voice and entire character design was entirely changed for the next cartoon. Mandy is thoroughly emotionless; however, has sometimes been touched in a few scenarios, such as at one point when Billy was thought to be dead and Mandy's reaction appeared quite nervous and partially mournful. He attempts to distract himself and channel his hunger for power, usually by gardening. On Grim Adventures, he voices Hector Con Carne, Irwin's Father, Dracula, Grandmama, and Judge Roy Spleen. Dracula Must Die!/Short Tall Tales He and the whole Underworld Court first appeared briefly in the episode "Home of the Ancients", but had a greater role in the episode "Keeper of the Reaper". This could perhaps be credited with her combined strong desire to top those who she perceives as inferior and her love of winning. She was a spinster who had experienced four-and-a-half-minutes of love in her "pathetic, lonely life" before finally finding her match in the equally-lonely demon Nergal. Harold was very intelligent and laidback in the Grim & Evil era, but has grown in stupidity as the series progressed. Oddly, though, she keeps Billy as her companion and makes clones of him whenever he is killed accidentally due to his stupidity. Jeff blames himself for Billy's hatred toward him and constantly tries to win his fatherly love and affection. Harold resembles his son in appearance and personality, sometimes displaying even more stupidity than Billy himself. Harold is also known to be afraid of Santa Claus. Gladys has reddish-orange hair and is usually seen wearing a floor-length lavender dress, and red shoes. (voice). Being very self-important, Mindy snubs her peers and possesses a powerful competitive edge. Earl (father), Mindy shares a rivalry with Mandy, whom she looks down upon and considers to be unattractive and inferior in comparison with her. Search, discover and share your favorite Billy And Mandy GIFs. Velma then finds Grim with the ballot box, assumes that he is trying to cheat and runs away in tears.