You Decide! Food is a theme that never goes out of style. The police are looking into this closely. He crouched all of a sudden, picked up a rock, and sprinted forward, looking satisfied with a smile on his face. Plant trees in Eternal Forest in order to revive it. Since we need an additional day to search for the missing teams, our departure will likely be delayed for a day. ", "It's my passion to search for ways to fly. Players may also get Clues, Fragments and other rewards, not to mention Spring Festival Portrait Frame as the ultimate reward for checking in. This accessory will add more special effects in terms of the quality. Burke completed his part of the race and thanked Mary when they met. We look forward to his performance in the race, as well as his new invention. 400 Elves Attracted - [Potrait] King Flower, 600 Elves Attracted - "Emote Unlock Card" (Event), 1000 Elves Attracted - [Costume] Axe Boy - Death of Eurya, (Every tree planted and fully watered will earn the player 100 Elves attracted. William completed the race with ease and wanted to participate more. Kreacher did well on Day 2 and completed the second part of the race with excellent results. We can't wait to see her amazing performance. (April 30 - May 5), During the Deduction Star Voting Event, players can collect May Day Medals by logging in every day and obtain Voting Tickets by participating in matches with characters dressed in Deduction Star costumes. Who will be selected as the new 2020 Deduction Star? Exchange Monocoins obtained from quests or obtained through Echo exchange for exclusive rewards. You're not getting away with this. Having obtained Sheet Music, players can explore them at the Eternal Forest event interface for rewards and stories of concealed events. Monocoins could be exchanged for Danganronpa Event Essences (used to try your luck at obtaining a Danganronpa skin, graffiti, or portrait) at a rate of 96 Monocoins:1 Danganronpa Essence, or to upgrade the Mono Mono Machine accessory equippable by Guard 26 (Monokuma). Find the character infected with misfortune to obtain rewards. Curiously, one of the contestants brought two swords with them. ", "It's just a money transaction after all. Eache racecourse is a long way to go, so please be generous with your applause and supoer which will certainly inspire the contestants to achieve greater results. However, the theatre director suddenly hit the wall in terms of creating. We arrived at the forest on schedule. Tap the photo in the upper right corner of the interface to search for the character you want to splash. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She completed the fourth part of the race all by herself. ", "Teach the cursed girl to utilise her shackles and put them to good use. 1. ", "Do you have anything you'd rather forget? The Mono Mono Machine is an accessory for Guard 26, intended to be used alongside the Monokuma costume skin. A tree had fallen and blocked the racecourse. ", "Poetry and dessert are a perfect match! Playing in a team with someone wearing a Deduction Star costume will award the player, Logging in to the game daily will award the player. To kick off the 10th anniversary of Danganronpa, we're thrilled to announce that Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair AND Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony are coming to mobile devices. During the first crossover period, the mysterious essence on the logic path will be replaced by the Danganronpa crossover Essence. ", "God shut a door on me, but he has also opened a window for me. Throughout Southeast Asia, people celebrate the Songkran Festival in the forms of carnivals and performances. But no one heard from him since. Robbie completed his part of the race with ease and passed on the baton to Joker. I'll take the lads out for scouting tonight! Complete the assigned quests to claim the exclusive B accessory for Guard 26 - Mono Mono Machine. People flocked for this last show, and a ticket was hard to come by. The amazing thing is that this didn't seem to have slowed him down. It's rumoured that one of the Japanese contestants had once lost in a competiton, so she's making a comeback to reclaim her victory. ", "The end of a journey deserves utmost the respect. Helena was determined to finish the race on her own. She liked meeting powerful people, but her temper was fluctuant. ", "Though the Dovlin is strong, it's delicious nonetheless. I'm a famed survivalist. Log in for 4 consecutive days to receive 4 Resounding Triumph, and use them to redeem 4 COA3 Club Graffiti at the limited-time event shop. It's time to bring out the good old memories and witness their glory once again! Even without my mingling, those greedy eyes will be consoled. Don't miss out! If the Mono Mono Machine accessory is upgraded to SS-Tier, it unlocks a special skin for Guard 26's Rocket Chair (a prop which is used to eliminate Survivor players from the game) to resemble the rocket used in Jin Kirigiri's execution from the beginning of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. Elves will guide you to find Clues. A contestant who was clearly injured managed to advanced with great results, receiving applause from everyone in the audience. Would you like to try? Today at noon, a van transported a large number of horses o the racecourse to kick off the upcoming equestrian event. ", "When will I create my greatest invention? Let's work together to repel the Nian monster and bring joy and happiness back to the Manor! Nian Monster's Descending (Jan 18-Jan 24): The Nian Monster has descended quietly in the Manor. We trust that she will complete her part of the race with excellence. Available Period: From June 18, 2020 (after maintenance) to June 25, 2020 23:59:59 (server time). I'm no longer needed. Vote for characters in the voting interface. After obtaining the essence, please open it as soon as possible. All visitors are eligible to claim rewards upon reaching the corresponding sharing count. ", "I'm not deceitful, but simply well-versed in optical illusions. People engage in water fights to dispel misfortune, atone for their sins, and welcome the new year. ", "The rain comes splattering down. The first major announcement came in the form of a special segment in the Famitsu/Dengeki Game Awards 2019 online stream on April 18th, 2020, in which the three main-line Danganronpa video games were announced to be ported to smartphones[2]. Would you like the "Banquet Butler" costume or the "Banquet Maid" costume? Players can also read about the progress of the games in the sports newspapers and discover hints about upcoming essences. Oh right, these idiots are still missing, so I'll have to search the forest. [Prologue - Welcome to the Golden Rose Theatre]: [Notice of Reward! Grow trees and attract elves to gain rewards. The event is divided into 5 stages. Make-up Check-ins are available at the cost of 10 Inspirations. ", "Intricate mechanism are the most intriguing art in the world. Stay away from me. Danganronpa Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Let's cheer for Helena! He has always been quiet and kept to himself. The package contains 20 Inspirations, 28 Clues, [Temporary Costume] General A Costume (3d) x1, [Temporary Identity] Hunter (3d) x1, and [Temporary Identity] Survivor (3d) x1. I'm used to living in danger. The first day of the relay has begun! ", "Spending time with machines is always pure and joyful.