"I was happy to pass the exam, the high mark was just the icing on the cake.". To flatter someone to try to get their favor or friendship. To be pregnant. That's it. I rang dad for some help on something, but he had to go away and check something - so he passed the phone to mum and said, just say bread and butter til I come back. “…Bakers who were found to have shortchanged customers (some variations say that they would sell hollow bread) could be subject to severe punishment including judicial amputation of a hand. For example: “Half baked” means “incomplete” or “not thoroughly planned or conceived.” ", "Frank got another bite at the cherry when he resat his exams.". 25. butter phrase. I, aged about 5 years, am watching animated cartoons on TV. “Fishing is the bread and butter of the friendly people I met on the island last summer.” 56. Definition of butter in the Idioms Dictionary. I've waited my whole life for someone to raise this question. What does bread-and-butter expression mean? For example: Maybe because custard is yellow. ", "Bring home the bacon." A question or argument that is controversial and difficult to settle. putting all your eggs in one basket.". Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! For example: ', 'Stop complaining about your lost pen - there's no use crying over spilt milk.'. Now, how often have you heard, “The proof is in the pudding,” instead of, “The proof of the pudding is in the eating?” My brother, particularly irked by this one, claims the misquote conjures an image of a master sleuth digging into a pudding to produce a tightly folded paper with Whodunnit’s name on it. "It's no good crying over spilt milk, what's done is done.". It means that people can’t survive without food. : : : I've read an explanation of the "bread and butter" custom that went like this: It's symbolic. 'He's very controlling - he has a finger in every pie.'. : : : : : Walking hand in hand with someone...and then something comes between us(like a pole or a person)and we have to let go of hands.....Then I say to the other person I am with,"bread and butter" and then they are to say toast and jam. This expression is used in the negative: 'It's not my cup of tea'. ", "Even though they had made a profit, they laid people off, because the bean counters told them they would make more money. Something “as easy as (apple) pie” is very simple to do or understand.