"Joet was in there trying as hard as he could and still couldn't do nothing. Will Lopez beat Lomachenko? The Mexican actress shows off her fight choreography in her new action-packed movie. When Jajaira went away for basic training and did not carry a phone, she would write letters for him. Jose could not contain his emotions as he tearfully said, “I lost her. The couple first met when both of them were 16 during the Junior World Team Open in Reno. BY ", "Sometimes you got to do hard decisions," he says. GLENDORA, Calif. -- Jose Gonzalez told the boss he needed time off. Monica Tirado, The Bloodshot actress remembers her dad with a sweet portrait of the two, BY During her teenage years, she was one of the most promising young female boxers and even won two national championships. He wouldn't know how. She loves to spend time with her pet, who is very close to her heart. That ain't no style. To Shakur, Joet was "a hater" -- jealous of his talent and the hype he received as an Olympic silver medalist. "I would read them and I just -- I don't know, I just -- I know I loved her because I would miss her so much. Both the duo had anything but a normal childhood. Joet Gonzalez sister Jajaira Gonzalez. "He's the one who controls everything," says his father. "She's my daughter but she chooses that way. EARLIER THIS YEAR, while working out in Los Angeles, Shakur showed up at the Gonzalez' gym. All rights reserved. In 2018, a year after winning her last national championship, she was eliminated in her first fight. "I lost her," says Jose, weeping. And 12-year-old Jason provides ample motivation whenever Jajaira needs a boost. Again, he wanted some sparring work with Joet. A third brother, JonJairo, also fights, and their youngest brother, Jason, cheers on the family from home despite cerebral palsy. AT 26, JOET is already a seven-year pro. "Shakur really is my bestfriend," she tweeted. Sabrina Salazar Gómez, The Hollywood actress effortlessly merges sexy with glam, BY ", He has a vision, away from the Glenair Mobile Home Park: "I see myself happy... my hard work paid off.". Shakur Stevenson with his GF Jajaira Gonzalez. The sparring partner, a kid from the gym, was 17 or 18. Reportedly, her net worth is $1.8 Million in 2020. But it was Joet who'd wake them up to run. In February 2016, a distraught Jajaira enlisted in the Army. HOLA! The father gave his children distinct names, as he never much liked his own. Source: Jajaira Instagram. Here was a confluence of both. Jajaira’s brother Joet did not hold back either. The purebred Yorkshire Terrier puppies start from $5,000. She just says she loves me. "That's when me and her started clicking," says Shakur. USA AT 26, JOET is … "I think the girls at trials aren't ready," said Joet, an 11-0 pro preparing for his fourth fight in seven months. She subsequently quit the army, as well. Do you know? Amir Bageria rose to prominence… Amir Bageria Plays Siddhartha in Grand Army – 5 Quick Facts! If you want nicer treatment I guess you have to go to nicer places. Her father, Jose Gonzalez was the man behind her success who started her boxing training when she was 8 years old. Boxing wasn’t the priority anymore. The ESPN Daily delivers the biggest sports news and moments every weekday. Not now. She even bagged a Youth Olympic medal in China. When a boy in the gym told her that girls couldn't box, Jajaira demanded to spar him, and she punished him so viciously that he never returned. Two years later, she joined the U.S. military service and became a more solid athlete. Courtesy Shakur Stevenson. He is still guiding Jajaira while taking her under his arms for the next Olympics games. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, It was personal for him but business for me. "Jajaira remembered a lot of stuff, things I don't remember.". He's breaking now. Shakur Stevenson is dating his GF Jajaira Gonzalez since 2016. The lopsided nature of the result coupled with the heightened rivalry appeared to cause bad blood to spill over into the ring following the fight, as representatives of both camps tussled in the aftermath. "She said I was too hard on her, that I care more of Joet," he says. Soon after that, they became good buddies and started sharing their quality time at the boxing training. Jose had no problem allowing his daughter into the hurting business. She returned from a tournament in Taiwan two days before doing a jetlagged graduation walk in May. Then, on July 9, Joet appeared on the Talkbox Podcast with Michael Woods. Cristina Noé, The actress is keeping cozy in her home in Los Angeles, BY Jajaira Gonzalez. So don't let Instagram fool you ladies. "She changed. "I don't want them to be no Jose Gonzalez," he says, reflecting on his own meager childhood in Guadalajara. Jose Gonzalez. Source: ESPN. he says. By May 2016, the couple was dating despite neither of them being able to comprehend the feeling of romantic interest they carried for one another.