If you want peace in your life Brandon Lake) – Graves Into Gardens, https://genius.com/Sinach-way-maker-lyrics, https://bible.com/bible/59/psa.103.1-3.ESV, Elevation Worship (Feat. I don't care where they may go I don't ... care what they may know Browse for Jesus Is A Waymaker He Made A Way For Me song lyrics by entered search phrase. He moves through believers via Holy Spirit living inside us (Acts 6:5, Romans 8:9-11, 1 Corinthians 3:16, 1 Corinthians 6:16-19, Galatians 4:6, Ephesians 5:18, and 2 Timothy 1:14). God’s truth is truth regardless of how we interpret, or misinterpret it. I love you - thank you for loving me. It is very clear that half of this song is merely just vain repetitions. TELL YOU WHERE MY HELP COMETH You’ve missed the point. Third, while I agree that pastors should use Scripture to confirm their music (that is what I do on this website, though I am not a pastor), the New International Version (NIV), problematic as it may be, is not a Catholic product. and through the word I, that I was there I’m here to say “it bothers me to!” And the above ramblings are my attempt to process out my current understandings of why this might bother me. He worked a miracle, He made a way In that worship setting the idea is that a person is not there unless they want to be touched by God (although we know this isn’t always the case). Nonetheless, I agree that those who want their hearts healed by God will not be disappointed! You can’t just assume the writer intended otherwise, knowing that songs are composed with lyrics in mind. Thank You!! The lyrics of a writer(s) can expose the depth of their knowledge of God and who He is and/or expose their stand on their beliefs on God’s Sovereignty, Man’s freewill and more. I found new faith for those specific people, believing that the Holy Spirit could break through their objections and cause light to shine in the darkness of their hearts and bring them to salvation. I, as a follower of Jesus, would say (or sing) this and it’s true. Only the righteous can worship God in spirit and in truth. All I need in this life of sin is me and my boyfriend Thank you for that! You gave it all for me She recorded it in 2015 and it resonated with me and millions others then as it does now. What I ... see in him If not completely healed in this world, believers will be totally healed in the next life. He is so good to me. Once you receive Jesus Christ he will reveal him self to you. I don’t think there is a song that perfectly does that. I suppose I could have been more generous in my review and assumed that “our” is believers only; However, based on the lyrics presented, it’s possible for unbelievers to be included in the mix, opening the door to universalism. Sinach also does not mention how God is healing every heart. 1. Don’t be shy or have a cow! For every heart that believes the lines of this song and seeks to glorify God through it, I believe they will encounter some form of healing. And the Lord knows, He knows just what how much you can bear, I know healing a heart is a walk in the park for my Jesus. Interestingly I came here to read your thoughts on the line “You never stop working” as this line irks my theology more than the healing every heart line, particularly because it is repeated so many times (especially in the Bethel Worship version). First, while it is true that Lucifer may use a false Jesus to further his goal, what I haven’t seen from you is how these lyrics are more likely satanic than point to the Scripture that I provided. Jesus is wonderful, He is marvelous. Interesting. I’m expecting for more of this. When I think he should So here we see a plain rebuke by the Lord. Jesus is on that mainline... tell ... him what you want I don’t see it inherit in the lyrics; However, it’s an appropriate warning to those who listen. I think Sinach sets the tone for this quite early in the song. That made it easy for me I think the review is great but taken out of context. Merriam-Webster defines this as “one that makes a road”. I know (I know he's a waymaker) It’s meant to show how an unbeliever might think about or respond to something like this. Thank you for your comment! I just want to say thank you for doing these reviews. Norcross, GA 30071. He opened doors I could not see. When your tiny ... heart I know (I know he's a waymaker ) (repeat) However, it has little effect on this song’s overall message. As I stated to another commenter, removing the word “every” would bring it in line with Scripture. When I am down ... he comforts me This does not diminish God’s ability to heal every heart. There were several requests for this song under various artist names. Plus I do know that He heals every heart that calls Him Lord. I didn’t exactly take to the “Jesus genie parallels either. For me, when thoughts come in that are pulling my away from God’s truth the best thing to do is go straight to Worship to comebate the lies of the enemy. is, was a lonely, lonely place that I used to know Bless the Lord O my soul, for today, this day, God almighty is visiting my house, and loading me, with benefits. Given everything in the world He came here for me John 3:16, KJV Yet, it someone else, another Christ-follower whose going through leukemia, reads it, they may come to it as prophetic. First, it is the combination of universalism statements and massive repetition that took away points. Recently, Pastor Greg preached a sermon entitled, A Living Way, that highlighted the need for each of us to have someone vouch for us that we may enter into heaven. These are not statements dependent on the person who makes the claim. Line 1: See commentary on Verse 2, line 1. Now, as for “touching every heart” I believe this ties in with prophetic declaration and is a better alternative to “touching my heart”. It’s also a common liturgical form that is put to music. this ... worlds in a mess I agree with your comments for the most part, however I don’t agree with your universalism interpretation. I too was bothered by the declaration that God “never stops working”. He is so ... evil ! The term “way maker” is the central theme given its prominence as the song’s title. is right First, given the reduced scope, I should have taken the word “universalism” off the table. Doesn’t matter how popular the song is. Just as we sing that God is a good Father or has never let go of us, this is readily understood for believers but might be difficult for non-believers. Lucifer uses the name ‘Jesus’ while he parades around like an angel of light. Calmly and politely state your case in a comment, below. 07/29/2020 – In light of some prayer and discussion offline, I’ve come to the conclusion that these “all” statements, though technically incorrect, are slight objections. Hallelujah, what a, loved her, it was easy to see God indeed heals every heart that comes to him. Second, overanalyzing is something I must avoid in my reviews. 3 And I will give thee the treasures of darkness, and hidden riches of secret places, that thou mayest know that I, the LORD, which call thee by thy name, am the God of Israel. Mike Montague got it right. I LOOK TO THE HILLS ... FROM WHICH COMETH MY HELP J.E.S.U.S. One comment that I have when we dissect any worship song is, “We don’t do that with the Psalmist. However, technically, these “all” statements are not true if we consider unbelievers who enter and exit worship services unchanged. started beating for mine He is holy. AND ... EVERY PROMISE KEPT. These include Leeland, Sinach, and Michael W. Smith. Sure. So I do see how you can view this as universalism, but I don’t believe that is the intent. GOD didn’t make the way but has given…, John 14:6, KJV Thank you for your insight Val & Vince! It works out for my good The promises of God are yes. Jesus (Jesus, he's a waymaker) The preface here is that this is new for me. However, it still has universalism application given the high likelihood of unbelievers who will walk away unchanged. I am humbled, thank you for your kind words! Knowing that the original 2016 version of the song does not contain this specific phrase also makes me extra curious. This song reminds me of what God has already done for me, he has healed me more than once, performed many miracles in different seasons of my life and so it gives me Hope in Him that the work He has started in me, He will finish. I also think that to an outsider listening, it may sound like God’s primary being is centered to fulfill all of our desires like a “genie”. Yes, many will have their lives transformed, but surely at least one will leave unchanged? Headin' for the train He's the one who ... puts the moon in the sky. This is quite a shaky defence of the lyrics though. He's so different when we're on, see you're like an steel shining on the field ... I take this as a worship song not an evangalist’s plea. Jesus is just all right As much as I like this song, I have to agree with you on the “healing every heart” line. Surrounded them with seas So the songs reference to ‘every’ covers every person who chooses to come to Christ.