It reached a point where I had to push past it because it just wasn’t worth it. She also served as a voice actor for Susie. How important was your education in getting you to where you are now? These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Cartoon Network Summer Camp Island is charming with just the right amount of twee style, but it’s clear that … You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Tallahassee, FL 32306, Questions or Comments “I was, as a kid, so obsessed with spooky things and ghosts and believing that everything could potentially come alive when I left the room,” Pott says. Injecting the uncanny into a story can bring back that childlike love affair with the unknown, it resonates because I think there is this place inside all of us that loves that feeling and needs to have it nurtured. “Leaving your comfort zone is scary at first, but then there’s like a five-month window — or at summer camp, a two-day window, because time is different for children — and then you learn the patterns,” Pott says. My first two career choices were a balloon and a spy, and then from around six I told people I wanted to work for Disney. before it, Summer Camp Island does have a deep lore and backstory, but there’s no rush to reveal that aspect of the series. When the film is finished, I go to film festivals and meetings and I look forward to them because so many positive things come out of those experiences. That is still my career goal. And how does a young professional go about establishing credibility in today’s working environment?”]. I didn’t need to rely on other people to create my work, if I needed to I could do it entirely alone and I relished that level of control. “We’ve been trying to piecemeal it out so slowly because we want to bask in the more character-based episodes.”. There are two types of people: camp kids and non-camp kids. She continues to entrance audiences with her films and illustrations, which could be described as perfect balances between a childhood nightmare and sugar rush. “As I got older, I believed that less and less, and I wanted to get back into that mindset of thinking everything is possible.”. Summer Camp Island’s entire 20-episode first season will air on a loop for 48 hours starting on Saturday, July 7 at 6 a.m. Eastern on Cartoon Network and Boomerang. Student Julia Kunberger Interviews Julia Pott. When I graduated I worked in a store during the day and on animation at night and on weekends, and I was so exhausted I often wondered if a traditional career path would be saner – I dreamed of a consistent income and evenings and weekends to hang out with my friends like a normal person.I am so glad I stuck with it though, as the pros far outweigh the cons. The workload never goes away but you learn to balance it a little better. 'Summer Camp Island' creator Julia Pott. Pott says she’s always been drawn to shows like this (Rugrats was a favorite cartoon in her youth, because the babies acted like real people, not just wacky joke-machines), and those instincts were only strengthened during the time she spent as a writer on Adventure Time, perhaps the most influential cartoon of this era. A lot of audiences now relish happy and resolved endings. People are seeing how smart and motivated young people are and it no longer has this stigma. How do you feel about this expectation?”]. There’s an instant connection with Julia’s work and it’s probably because she lives what she creates by … Other films work as little vignettes, a moment in time with an ambiguous ending. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Yet, somehow, the creator of Cartoon Network’s new series Summer Camp Island nailed that feeling, even though she never went to summer camp herself. When I first began making films they were a kind of therapy – a way for me to work out the problems I was having in my day-to-day life. → © Florida State University Cupcake Loves Squash! Nice Face Logo © It’s Nice That Designed & Developed by Bureau for Visual Affairs, Get “a visual hug” from the work of illustrator Scotty Gillespie where “the odd meets the cute”, Turbulence, tranquility and teamwork: Katy Wang and Charlotte Ager create a serene animated collaboration, Join illustrator Aurélia Durand’s “joyful parade to catch people’s attention”, Ridiculously detailed and always a little trashy, we can't get enough of Bridget Meyne, Illustrator Joshua Winston Scurville's inspirations vary from Japanese graphic design to jazz. 850-644-2525. “Obviously, there’s a backstory as to why the world is like this and the magic of everything. I was under the illusion that working for Disney meant that you could be a princess in the morning, animate in the studio in the afternoon and control the roller coasters in the evening.