(Note: While I discuss gameplay elements in this review, it will be pretty much spoiler-free in terms of story.). Im Gegensatz zum Vorgänger ist das Spiel kein reines Action-RPG, sondern beinhaltet zusätzlich Elemente eines Sammelkartenspiels. The game itself is still easy and now the platinum is not as time-consuming. Sleights are powerful attacks Sora can use when he stocks 3 card with the. So always get CP and Sleights when Sora levels up. When used that way, you can heal and get your Sleights back at the same time. Since 0 cards are a valuable and expensive resource in this game, and I was happy to see that sometimes I could actually just dodge roll away from certain attacks without having to block it. Replenish HP when you have less than 5% HP. However, unlike Sora, Riku has no useful sleights in his normal form and his decks are preset for every world. 111 User Favourites. These cards provide passive effects when activated during battles. You can use Enemy Cards placed in your deck by pressing, The 100 Acre Woods, there's no boss here and you can even skip the mini-games. This is a platform for User Generated Content. You can activate 1 Enemy or Boss Card at a time. Use this to your advantage when you encounter swarms that move in a curved pattern and collect balloons to replace the ones that you've lost. Keep selling your cards until the trophy pops. Riku’s narrative was much more fast-paced, as his decks are prebuilt in each world, taking away from the tedium of deck-building while adding a challenge factor to some worlds as some of the decks are full of low-costed cards that are difficult to work with. You shouldn't have many problems with this trophy, since Riku's deck are preset and you will obtain each world card eventually by progressing the story. Premium Rewards are randomly dropped after battle, however the Premium Room and White Room map cards will make a Premium Reward drop after every battle. Zur Sicherheit könnt ihr auch etwas leveln, aber dann geht’s auch schon zum Schlüsselraum (3*). Break every box and hit everything you can with your Keyblade to obtain HP orbs and cards. Keep 1 enemy alive and escape the battle so the waves reset, this way you can fight enemies infinitely. Immune to Fire, but stunned by Ice. Get a score of 150 points or higher in the Veggie Panic mini-game. The Lexaeus enemy card's power is warp break. If you don't have this trophy after obtaining. Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories (PS4) Trophies. Even though Riku's decks are pre-built, you can still spam stocked cards in all non-boss fights. Balloon Glider is the second mini-game in the 100 Acre Wood, you can play it by talking to the balloons by a tree. To escape a battle you must go to the invisible barrier between the battlefield and a road and keep running towards it. You should obtain this trophy some time in Sora's story. In most Boss fights, all you have to do is get into dark mode, use Jafar and use Dark Aura if you can. If the cards are of equal value, both cards are broken, allowing no attack for that action. Causes attacks to confuse enemies at a certain rate. Riku can't learn Sleights when leveling up. Chance to instantly kill enemies with a combo finisher. Enemy Cards provide passive effects when activated during battles. Grind Moogle Points in Agrabah (with the Sandstorm Sleight) if you need to buy card packs. Enemies will drop experience after they've been killed and it will disappear after a short while. Repeat steps 3 through 6 until you obtain the trophy. Breaks enemy cards no matter what the value is. Kingdom Hearts Chain Of Memories (PS4 PRO) Suzy Lu; 31 videos; 92,810 views; Last updated on Jun 24, 2018; Play all Share. Nun könnt ihr in eine der Welten reisen. It was actually quite jarring to have this game to be my first hardware test of my PS4 Pro. This is a guide to getting the platinum for the PS4 version of KINGDOM HEARTS Re:Chain of Memories. Nach dem Kampf bekommt ihr vier weitere Weltkarten: Das Wunderland, Kolosseum, Agrabah und Monstro. As long as your stocked cards and Sleights are valued over 10, none of the normal enemies can break them. Collect all Character entries in the D Report.